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The 16 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 2000 Dollars

Well on your behalf we have gone through painstaking research to find the 16 best floor standing speakers under 2000 dollars of all time.

You are here because you need to get floor standing speakers on a $2000 budget or below, the odds are you are finding it hard to make a choice due to the plethora of floor standing speakers put out in the market by different brands.

This list is based on product quality, performance and most importantly customer’s preference.

By the end of this article, I am certain that you would undoubtedly find the perfect floor standing speakers that would cater to your every need.

best floor standing speakers under 2000 dollars

Klipsch RP-280F Reference Premier Floor Standing Speaker

If you want nothing less than the best sound experience, then the Klipsch RP-280F is for you.

This floor-standing speaker will provide more than you anticipate in terms of sound performance3 and quality.

The RP-280F is the largest in size when it comes to this series, permeating your room with amazing sound.

The RP-280F comes with an updated and improved hybrid tractrix horn.

This design enables great audio performance giving you an improved high-frequency response and astounding undistorted sound.

One of the most prominent features of the RP-280F is the linear travel suspension tweeter. The tweeter delineates distortion and gives the speaker a crisp and clear sound.

The RF-280F speaker cabinet is equipped with flared openings which controls the sound, preventing it from spilling out unevenly and ensuring clear, natural and quality sound.

The Klipsch RP-280F Reference Premier Floor Standing Speaker has a modern and lovely design which would blend in perfectly with the décor of your home.

The RP-280F has two colors; ebony and cherry. The speakers are designed with spiked and rubber feet.

If you are a music lover and would like to enjoy your favorite songs in the full capacity of their sound quality, then the Klipsch RP-280F Reference Premier is your best bet.

  • One of a kind audio quality
  • Well-constructed
  • Lovely modern design
  • Not suitable for little rooms due to their size

JBL Studio 290 Dual 8-Inch 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker

JBL is a big dog in the audio industry. Their products can be found virtually anywhere in places like; movie theaters, night clubs, concert venues, sports arenas and stadiums.

The company has been in audio device production for more than six decades.

With the kind of pedigree JBL has, there is no way we would not feature them on this list of the best floor standing speakers under 2000 dollars.

The JBL studio 290 has a black matte wood-grain design on every side with the exception of the glossy black finish on the top.

The 290 has slightly rounded edges, giving it a unique oval appearance.

The JBL 290 is not exactly “pretty” so if you want a “beautiful” floor-standing speaker, the 290 may not be your cup of coffee.

The dual bass drivers of the JBL 290 produce splendid powerful sounding bass. The 1 inch tweeter features a horn like covering that is placed to disperse sounds of high frequency evenly.

The JBL 290 would undoubtedly permeate your apartment with sound. The voice sounds apt and realistic, higher frequencies are clear, and a lot of power comes at lower frequencies.

One thing to look out for is that the JBL 290 sounds a bit edgy at extremely high frequencies, aside from this; the JBL 290 has a perfect sound.

  • Natural and clear sound
  • Classy and beautiful design
  • Incredibly balanced sound
  • Frequencies may sound edgy when pushed harder

Polk Audio Tsi400 4-Way Tower Speakers

Polk is renowned for manufacturing affordable high quality products.

The Polk Audio Tsi400 would permeate your apartment with a beautiful and powerful sound and they take up very little room space.

For floor standing speakers this product is quite portable and would fit any room space perfectly.

Regardless of the price Polk Audio still made this product with high quality materials. Density fiberboard is utilized in the manufacturing of the Polk Audio TSi.

The cabinet has a refined and elegant appearance as a result of its wood grain vinyl finish.

For those who gravitate towards vintage stuff and vinyl records, this floor standing speaker is your best bet, and if you do not fancy the vinyl finish, you have the option of ordering the one with a cherry finish.

The Polk Audio TSi offers deep bass without sounding hollow adding to its amazing sound performance despite its price.

The speakers are designed with sturdy stabilizer feet, so you need not worry about them causing any sort of damage to your floor.

The Polk Audio delivers powerful and astounding sound performance to your apartment. Regardless of your taste in music, it will sound great via the Polk Audio TSi.

  • Easy to use
  • Amazing design that comes in two colors
  • Deep bass
  • Doesn’t perform very well with acoustic music

Martin Logan Motion 40 Tower Speakers

The Martin Logan Motion boasts an amazing high-frequency performance due to its folded motion tweeters.

Top-quality aluminum was utilized in making the mid-range and dual bass drivers which accentuates the stiffness of the cones without making them weighty.

The Martin Logan Motion 40 delivers sound clarity with mild distortion in low frequency.

The cabinet is aptly crafted with minimal echo and no sound coloring.

You have the choice of rubber, dome or spiked feet. I strongly suggest you go for the spiked feet.

The Martin Logan Motion 40 would certainly deliver in all your desired areas.

The sound produced by these floor standing speakers is amazing across the frequency range, it sounds natural, clear and loud.

  • Beautifully designed cabinet
  • Sound clarity
  • Multiple feet options
  • An amplifier is required to build sound performance in larger rooms

SVS Prime Tower Speaker

If you require a standing floor speaker that is visually pleasing and also delivers in the sound department, then the SVS Prime is your best bet.

The SVS Prime speakers are not just eye-catching, they produce astounding sound.

They are light and easy to move (if you like changing up your house arrangement from time to time, then this is for you)

The treble of the SVS prime does get better with regular use.

  • Sounds great with music and movies
  • Beautifully designed
  • Lightweight for a floor-standing speaker
  • You may not like it
  • They do need a bit of breaking in

Fluance Signature Series HiFi  5.0 Surround Sound Speaker System

The Fluance Signature is one of the best floor standing speakers under 2000 dollars because it comes with more than two speakers.

The sound produced by these speakers is amazing and gives you a wonderful music and movie experience.

The low frequency bass performance is controlled, clean and deep due to the powerful 8 inch woofers.

The audio that the Fluance Signature Series emanates gives you the feel of live music and moving cinematic experience.

The cabinet is designed with MDF wood which enhances the audio performance, causing an absence in distortion.

The Fluance comes in two distinct wooden designs, so you can pick the one best suited for your apartment.

The best feature of the Fluance Signature series 5.0 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System is the 360-degree surround sound system it offers due to its multiple speakers.

  • Absence of any distortion
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Beautifully designed
  • Not as loud as other standing floor speakers in this list

LS50 Wireless Floor Standing Speakers

The LS50 comes with a long-range Bluetooth 4.0 connection which allows you to control and play your music from any room in your apartment.

It can be connected to your android and apple smartphone as it has Wi-Fi connectivity and a dual-band chip which gives you the opportunity to stream over the internet.

That’s a lot already for just under $2000.

The driver uses a wide frequency response which gives the LS50 a great sound performance.

The bass performs tremendously; the high power (100-200 VAC) gives it an extremely loud music output.

This sound performance makes these speakers an ideal device for movies and parties.

The speakers are equipped with built in buttons at the top which can be utilized in adjusting the volume, switching between Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and powering on and off.

The LS50 Wireless Floor Standing Speakers are perfect for small apartments as the space would allow them produce extremely loud music that sounds smooth and solid.

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity feature of the speakers make them stand out.

  • Compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Incredibly loud
  • Multiple colors and design choices
  • Absence of built-in equalizer
  • Distortion may occur when working at full volume

Martin Logan Motion 60XT Floor Standing Speakers

The Martin Logan Motion 60XT Floor Standing Speaker comes with either a gloss black design or a cherry wood design which both give it a stylish and classy look.

It has a detachable front grill which can be removed to unveil the drivers, but it is advised that you keep it covered as it is protection for the drivers.

The voice of the Martin Logan 60XT sounds amazing and produces clear and loud audio. The bass sounds excellent due to the frequency response utilized by the woofers.

The audio does not sound distorted or muffled because the speaker allows the easy flow of air.

However, the Martin Logan Motion 60XT comes with just one speaker, so you will be required to purchase additional speakers or speaker (as the case may be) in order to fully maximize the sound experience.

The Martin Logan Motion 60 XT Floor Standing Speaker is one of the best Floor standing speakers under 00 in the market today.

  • Volume can be extremely loud
  • Beautifully designed
  • Perfectly distributed sound
  • Absence of inbuilt equalizer
  • Only comes with a single speaker

Focal Chorus 726 3-Way Bass Reflex Floor Standing Speakers

The Focal Chorus 726V was designed with spike legs which stabilizes it on your apartment floor.

The 726V comes in a black grey vinyl wood design accompanied by tapering panels on the side.

The Focal Chorus has amazing bass output due to the twin 16smm bass drivers and a 40Hz-tuned port it carries; i strongly suggest that you keep them off your walls as they may not survive the sound’s shockwave.

The 726V has an informative and agile bass sound quality.

  • Incredibly loud
  • Lovely design
  • May be too loud for some
  • Can be really aggressive at high volumes

Q Acoustics 3050 Floor Standing Speakers

The Q Acoustics 3050 Floor Standing Speakers were manufactured in a plethora of colors; black leather, matte graphite, white and black lacquer, and American walnut.

With so many color options to choose from, you can pick the one that fits in best with your apartment décor.

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Kevlar material is utilized in the production of the cone material in the midrange and bass drivers for better performance and durability.

The durability and tonality of the drivers will be heightened due to the Kevlar material used in the production of the drivers.

The Q Acoustics 3050 perform consistently in several frequencies. It has a crisp, deep, and impactful bass.

The speakers offer a wide and complete soundstage, which is quite remarkable.

  • Remarkable soundstage
  • Amazing bass performance
  • Driver constructed with Kevlar material
  • Comes with a single speaker

KEF Q500 Floor Standing Speaker

The most unique feature of the Q500 is the Uni-Q array. The tweeters and midrange drivers are contained in the array. The wideness and tonality of the frequency response are maintained by the Uni-Q array.

The KEF Q500 Floor Standing Speaker is designed in with different color types, which gives you a wealth of options to choose from according to your home décor.

The colors include; American walnut, white, rosewood and black.

The height of the Q500 is adjustable as they have four steel spiked feet which inhibits any sort of rocking when the speaker performs at the highest of volumes.

The KEF Q500 has an incredibly balanced sound with a detailed and punchy bass. This speaker performs superbly in low frequencies without any sort of distortion.

The KEF has the effect of a live cinematic experience while watching movies and a recording studio like music experience to boot.

  • Beautifully designed
  • Incredible sound performance
  • Spiked feet which keep it steady
  • None at the moment

Cerwin Vega XLS-215 Dual 3-Way Floor Tower Speaker

The Cerwin Vega XLS-215 is one of the best Floor standing speakers under 00. Although low in price, the same cannot be said for the weight, as the Cerwin Vega XLS-215 tips the scale at over a hundred pounds.

The XLS has a classy and beautiful grain wood finish which makes it stand out amongst other Floor standing speakers with this larger than a life design choice.

The speakers come with a colossal sound stage which balances the bass quite well. Whatever the song type, regardless of how badly it is mixed, the XLS sounds swell without any distortion.

The XLS is void of the resonant sounds which are present in horn loaded speakers sometimes and has crisp and clear highs and midrange.

The Cerwin Vega XLS-215 performs incredibly well even in max volume with the absence of unpleasant, distorted and coarse sounds.

The Cerwin Vega XLS-215 gives you a live show listening experience when listening to live music records; it basically duplicates the reality of having your favorite band being physically present in your room.

  • Incredible sound performance at high volume
  • Beautiful and classy design
  • May be too large for small spaces

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

Sony is a household name in the audio production industry, and they are renowned for manufacturing products with the highest of qualities regardless of the price.

The SSCS3 is certainly one of their top quality products.

The SSCS3 is loud enough to give you an exhilarating music and movie experience and they can fit into small spaced rooms.

The SSCS3 has a basic and simple appearance sporting a matte black finish.

Although it may not win in a “most visually pleasant floor-standing speaker” contest but may be preferred by individuals with simple taste.

They are light and can be easily moved around weighing at just 30 pounds. The SSCS3 is quite stable due to its sturdy base.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can be easily moved around due to its lightweight
  • Performs amazingly well despite its price
  • May constantly fall over due to its overly lightweight
  • The bass lacks depth

Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker

The Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II comes with a dome tweeter and four 51/4 drivers (which comes in two sets).

The four woofer drivers are equipped with ample output for your average home theater setting. 

The Polk Audio Monitor is beautifully crafted with Medium density fiberboard and its produced in two colors; cherry and black.

This gives you the opportunity to go with the one that best suits your home décor. The Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II is compatible with several amplifiers and receivers.

It does need copious amount of power to give you the best possible performance.

  • Crisp and clear tone
  • Two colors to choose from
  • Solidly braced cabinet
  • The bass is not that impressive
  • Some individuals may not like the power it has

Fyne Audio F302 Floor standing Speakers

The Fyne Audio F302 boasts a performance that makes it stand out in the world of Floor standing speakers.

The base is controlled but does not pose any sort of hindrance to the sense of the rhythm of the Fyne Audio F302 offering an entertaining music and movie listening experience.

The Fyne Audio F302 needs to be carefully handled though as the treble needs to be paired with a fitting music source and amplifier to achieve utmost sound balance.

Apart from this the Fyne Audio F302 is a great speaker choice.

  • All-round entertaining sound
  • Amazing dynamics and timing
  • Copious amount of low-end presence
  • System matching requires some care

Wharfedale Evo 4.4 Walnut Floor standing Speakers

The WharfedaleEvo 4.4 is equipped with ample technology for its price. The air motion transformer tweeter is a feature mostly found on pricier Floor standing speakers but the Evo 4.4 has them.

The WharefedaleEvo 4.4 stands out in the “speaker sphere” with its twin Kevlar drivers and dome midrange.

The WharfedaleEvo 4.4 produces top class sound performance, which is not surprise from a speaker of its physical magnitude, but not the price.

This speaker has an easy-going; crisp and silky smooth presentation which gives it a natural sound presentation.

  • Surprisingly rhythmic and exciting sound presentation
  • Beautiful construction, design, and finish
  • Easy going and natural presentation
  • Needs to be in a large room in order for the performance quality to be fully maximized


While shopping for Floor standing speakers, you should take your needs into consideration, as it will help you decide seamlessly, you should know the kind of sound performance, color, design, size, weight and of course price (i.e. budget).

Knowing these things would help you know the appropriate speakers to get that would suit your décor, apartment space, your taste in music and movies and of course speakers that won’t dent your bank account.

I do hope this list of the 16 best Floor standing speakers under 2000 dollars in 2020 helps in your decision. Thanks for reading and stick with us as we consistently bring you more updates

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