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The Best KEF Floor Standing Speakers To Buy Now In 2023

KEF is an all-around speaker producing company, their products always impress with their homogenous, detailed, and dynamic sound performance.

Our team of experts has handpicked the best KEF Floor standing speakers available in the market today, get to know about KEF producing company with dynamic sounds in this review.

KEF Floor standing Speakers In 2022

KEF Q550 Floorstanding Speaker

The Q series of KEF has six models that are built in various sizes. The Q350 and Q150 are bookshelf models that are utilized as main speakers in a small room. The Q950, Q750, and Q550 are floor standing speakers in the KEF Q series.

The look of the Q550 is modern and more contemporary but maintains a traditional feel. The floor-standing speaker has a plastic film finish and you can get these speakers either in white or black.

The texture has a brushed feel and look and it is quite appealing visually. The hidden screws and recessed tweeters give it a clean look which makes it a perfect fit for many living rooms.

The Bottom of the KEF Q550 is fitted with plinths with spikes that are adjustable by height. These spikes allow you to adjust the level of uneven floors.

Everything from banana connectors to spades or bare wire is accepted by the high-quality terminals of the speakers.

Most KEF speakers have their prominent Uni-Q driver and the Q550 is not left out. The Uni-Qs handle the mids and highs of the speakers.

When you position the aluminum tweeter in the midrange cone, the time alignment between the two drivers can be optimized.

This placement also allows you to minimize any phase issues you may get from a midrange configuration and conventional tweeter. 

The omnidirectional response is also improved by this which means that the frequency response and soundstage remain consistent whether you remain in the sweet spot or not.

A tangerine waveguide is also used by the tweeter to minimize any interference between the midrange driver and the tweeter.

KEF speakers are known for producing impeccable sound and the Q550 proves that. The first thing you will notice about the sound is how homogeneous and detailed it is.

This impeccable sound performance is evident with string quartets; dynamic, agile, and life-sized.

Everything is positioned as it should be around the sound stage and the relative sizes between the instruments are saved.

The instruments of the bass never overwhelm other instruments while maintaining their agility to start and stop at will.

Major instruments like; flute, electric guitar, and violin are reproduced with excellent textures and dynamics and additionally showcase the speakers’ high resolution.

The Q550 plays louder than you would expect a floor-standing speaker of its size to play.

  • Visually appealing design
  • Impeccable sound performance
  • Omnidirectional
  • Value for money
  • Few users complain about this product

KEF R5 Floor standing Speaker

The KEF audio equipment company has been firing on all cylinders for a few years now. From top-quality surround sound systems to some of their most recent products, it seems KEF is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The KEF R5 is an impeccable floor-standing speaker, the success of this speaker is inevitable since they share the DNA of the R3’s engineering from KEF. The KEF R5 is a slim floor standing speaker that most individuals would find appealing.

The KEF R5 is painstakingly designed floor standing speakers with a lot of attention paid to finish and fit.

There are very few floor standing speakers that can stand toe to toe in terms of color to coordinate the drive units to fit in with the cabinet finish of these speakers.

Likewise, there are very few speakers that can match the beautifully designed grilles that ensure the speakers maintain the same sound when they are positioned at a place.

It will be criminal to overlook the magnetically-held grilles.

This audio equipment company utilized over ten layers worth of microfiber to curate something with a suede feel as opposed to the molded plastic or MDF frame.

The meticulous attention to detail on the KEF R5 goes beyond the visually appealing exterior.

The sturdy cabinet on this pair of floor standing speakers are available in black gloss, walnut, and white gloss and it is a refurbished structure that makes use of a constrained layer damping between the cabinet panels and internal braces.

The designers made the cabinet like this to create a solid and low resonance platform for the drive units to work from.

KEF utilizes their Uni-Q driver array and that is hardly a shock to anyone. The Uni-Q has been utilized by the company for many years with a few adjustments as time goes by.

The Uni-Q technology the designers use in the KEF R5 is the 12th in its line which has a refurbished motor system meant for the aluminum range and the inclusion of a damped cavity behind the aluminum tweeter to delineate the effects of the inevitable gap between the drivers found at the front.

The sound of the R5 will impress you if you give it a few days to settle after purchase. Regardless of the slim appearance of the KEF R5, they manage to produce an authoritative and powerful presentation.

Try the sound performance of this surround sound system with large=scale classical music like Jupiter and the sound remains composed regardless of the volume.

The sound is incredibly refined, composed, and clean when performing art in high volumes.

The KEF R5 floor standing speakers are a great choice for the best sound performance. Although some individuals may prefer some of the best rivals of the KEF R5, they still perform incredibly enough to make them a great choice if you are not being picky.

  • Amazing stereo imaging
  • The sound is weighty and refined
  • The integration is seamless with good detail
  • Impressive and durable engineering
  • May be lacking in terms of dynamics and subtlety as opposed to rivals

KEF R11 Floor Standing Speaker

The KEF R11 is an impressive and powerful set of floor-standing speakers. The KEF R11 has a lot of features that could make it suitable for you.

The KEF R11 is the flagship and the biggest in the R series of the KEF speaker producing company.

The fixings in the KEF R11 are all hidden; all that is visible is a clean exterior which is very stylish and effective.

The KEF R11 is equipped with properly built microfiber grilles, the grilles conceal a visually appealing set of drivers that can be left open if you please.

The KEF R11 is a three-way floor-standing speaker built with the aforementioned KEF Uni-Q tweeter/midrange driver that is positioned in the middle of the four bass drivers in the KEF R11.

The tweeter of the Uni-Q driver is positioned at the acoustic center of the midrange cone forming an ideal point source array.

The company has stayed true to its use of innovative computer modeling techniques like computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis in the design of its loudspeakers.

The whitepapers of KEF that can be found online explain the design methodology and philosophy utilized by the company to attain their stipulated goals.

The finished product of the technology KEF applies in the production of these speakers is impressive and comprehensive.

The KEF R11 is a technological force to be reckoned with. The KEF R11 has a top-class design and smart use of the equipment and the advantage of the company’s R and D budget.

The sound performance of the KEF R11 is amazing at high volumes as opposed to low ones.

The speakers enjoy powerful and big amplifiers and they give you unadulterated energy with little or no effort.

  • Incredible sound performance
  • The technology ensures an overall good performance
  • Visually appealing design
  • An incredibly powerful set of floor standing speakers
  • The sound maybe a little bit unappealing at low volumes

Final Thoughts

KEF is so efficient that they know how best to produce the appropriate loudspeaker for the right application. Consumers and enthusiasts fit into the scheme of things according to their circumstances.

You have to consider things like how much space you have and the sort of equipment you already own. Additionally, you have to put your taste of music into consideration.

Everyone cannot find a single product appealing or suitable to their tastes because we all like different types of music and different speakers deliver music differently that is the reason we have several speakers to allow us to choose seamlessly.

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