Best Projector For Home Theater Under $200

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Looking for a good and reliable projector for home theater with a budget below or exactly $200? Your search will come to an end after reading this article on the best projector for home theater under 200 bucks.

Getting the very best projector on a budget of $200 can be really confusing. A lot of them are available in the market and all claim to be the best choice you can, however, read the best budget pico projector that is affordable to buy.

Here in this article, we have uncovered the best projector for home theater under $200 which will be of great value for your budget.

One thing about projectors is that they are not really pricey but when you are presented with tons of them, you’d probably get confused and may not be able to make a good choice.

Hence, this article will serve as a solemn guide to buying the best and nothing but the best.

Buyer Guide For Best projector for home theater under $200


Of course, the smaller, the better. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to buy an oversized projector that would occupy much space and cannot be easily moved from one place to another.

Compatibility is one major factor a buyer should consider before buying a projector for home theater or game.

When you have a compatible projector and you’re set for a trip or adventure, you’ll not be worried about where to put your projector as it will fit into any space allocated to it.


Here is another important thing to consider when looking for the best projector for home theater under $200.

Asides flexibility and compactness, what you need is a more versatile projector with lots of connectivity support.

This is because, on some occasions, you may need to plug in different necessary tech devices to aid your projector presentation.

Image output quality

Imagine buying a projector for $200 only to discover it has a poor output resolution/quality, it’s quite annoying.

While the output quality offered by these projectors below $200 cannot be compared with the 4K quality offered by projectors above this price range, there are many of them with quite stunning image output quality.

Luckily for you reading this article, all the projectors listed here passes the tests of the above considerations.

They are compatible, versatile, easy to operate and pack great output quality.

Best projector for home theater under $200

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector (Best Pick)

This projector model is chosen to be our best pick for this article on the best projector for home theater under $200. After much testing and observations, we discovered that this unit is the actual best.

Features and Specs:
TypeHome projector.
Color Brightness50ANSI lumen
TechnologyLED Light Source with 5 Layer LCD Display
ResolutionFull HD 1080p
Contrast Ratio2000:1
Weight2.12 lbs
Lamp Life40,000 hours

It supports FHD 1080p resolution and is equipped with horizontal and vertical lens shift. Also, it allows you to project contents from MHL-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, and streaming devices) and charges the battery of the MHL-enabled device connected to it.

To crown it all, Vankyo LEISURE 3 comes with solid 3-year warranty support on all parts of the equipment.

  • Full-HD 1080p resolution and widescreen 3D performance
  • Projects 32-inch to 176-inch in a distance between 4.9ft – 16.4ft
  • Extremely compatible and flexible
  • Comes with a nice handbag for easy carriage
  • Not very much durable

Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector

This is a very portable projector suitable for home theater. It can be easily connected to any HDMI-enabled devices like computers (Laptop and Desktop), Tablets, Blue-ray DVD players, Smartphones, etc.

Features and Specs
TypeHome projector.
Color Brightness1,200 lumens
TechnologyHDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD
ResolutionFull HD 1080p
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Weight2 lbs

It further supports to play files from SD Cards, thumb drives, mobile HDD and comes with an inbuilt loudspeaker amplifier.

The output resolution of this projector is quite amazing and it is easy to set up and use.

The Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector is versatile; this is a projector that fits in perfectly with any space allocated for it and can be moved easily from one place to another.

  • High Brightness, FHD resolution, and Perfect visual experience
  • Portable/miniature design; fits into everywhere
  • Supports various connectivity option
  • Extremely lightweight
  • NOT recommend for professional PowerPoint Presentation

iDGLAX Digital Galaxy HDMI LCD Projector

This iDGLAX LCD projector lets you scale images from 60 – 150 inches according to your needs. It projects high-definition images with the help of its 1280 x 768 pixels resolution.

Packed with dual inbuilt speakers, this projector produces excellent sound quality for a credible display.

Features and Specs
TypeHome projector.
Color Brightness2900 Overseas LUMENS
Technology (connectivity)HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD
Technology (Display)LCD
Contrast Ratio2200:1
Weight6 lbs

iDGLAX Digital Galaxy HDMI comes with 20, 000 hours Lamp Life, which means you’d enjoy viewing your movie/presentation for a very long time.

Also, you can easily hang this projector on a ceiling using the required clip and you can as well hide the projection screen, when not in use.

  • Quality image display
  • Supports various connectivity input: HDMI, Y/PB/PR, S-VIDEO, VGA, USB, compatible with DVI
  • The LED Lamp life is very good – 20, 000 hours
  • Resolution needs improvement

WIMIUS T4 3500 Lumens Video Projector

With an effective 3500 lumens image brightness and a contrast ratio of 3000:1, Wiminus T4 is a classic projector to be used in a home.

It produces crystal clear images brighter than most other projectors; gives you a perfect cinema sensation while at home.

Features and Specs
TypeHome projector.
Color Brightness3,500 lumen
Technology (connectivity)HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD
Technology (Display)LCD
Contrast Ratio3000:1
Weight5.5 lbs
LED light life50, 000

Also, with the advanced cooling system coupled with heat dispersion and a low fan noise output, this project is definitely the best project for home theater under 200.

The manufacturers backed it up with a solid 2 years warranty support and it has quite a wide range of connectivity support.

  • Superior inbuilt speakers
  • High-definition image display quality
  • Packed with the latest projector cooling technology
  • Flexible projector size
  • Cannot be used for professional projection
  • Not suitable for outdoor presentations

QKK [2019 Upgrade] Mini [with Tripod] LED Projector

The QKK Mini Projector is a solid home theater projector with a wide range of connectivity options. It allows the user to connect and use 2 USB drives at the same time.

Also, it went on to pack the highest native resolutions you can find at the moment at this time (1920 x 1080 resolutions).

Features and Specs
TypeHome projector.
Color Brightness2, 200 lumen
Technology (connectivity)TV BOX, HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD (1080P Supported)
Technology (Display)
Contrast Ratio2000:1
Weight3.09 lbs
LED light life50, 000

Other things that would make you choose this unit over the others include; 50, 000 hours LED lamp life16:9 aspect ratio, 2000:1 contrast ratio, 32-176-inch big screen display at a distance of 1.5M-5M.

This projector has the following slots where you can connect various kinds of devices; HDMI, AV, VGA, SD Card, USB.

Asides the good features of this projector, another possible reason why most people love QKK Mini Projector is the 3 years unlimited warranty support offered by the manufacturer.

  • Extremely light, portable and easy to carry about
  • Allows dual USB drives at the same
  • Extremely low fan noise
  • Low color brightness quality

GAOAG Portable Mini Video Projector

Here is an excellent home theater projector for every tech-loving home in 2018. This portable projector comes with a 50% brighter LED light technology that shines more clearly than ordinary LED packed by other LCD projectors.

Features and Specs
TypeHome projector
Color Brightnessunspecified
Contrast Ratio2000:1
Weight2.92 lbs
LED light life30, 000

It is compatible with various media interfaces and devices, plus, the LED lamp light shines brighter for up to 30,000 hours. You may like to know that this projector is easy and simple to set up.

  • Long-lasting lamp light
  • Excellent for the price
  • Supports various connectivity options
  • Poor projecting technology
  • The projector does not have a compatible size – actual dimension (6 x 8 x 2.5 inches)

APEMAN M4 Mini Video Projector

The APEMAN M4 Mini Video Projector comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery so it can be used even without electricity. This projector has a compact size and fits into any space seamlessly.

It supports various input connections and can project videos, images or presentations straight from a compatible mobile device.

Features and Specs
BrandApeman M4
TypeHome projector
Color Brightness50 – 100 lumens
Technology (connectivity)DLP
Technology (Display)HDMI, Audio Output
Contrast Ratio1000 – 3000
Weight1.19 lbs
Projection time2 hours

By using an HDMI cable or the MHL input supported function, you can easily connect this projector to a laptop, desktop, camera, or smartphone. With this projector, you will enjoy a variety of entertainment from various sources.

  • Very portable and flexible
  • High-quality resolution
  • Compatible with various input options
  • Includes a rechargeable battery that lasts quite long
  • The USB port is not for USB drives but for power output
  • It is not an HD projector but supports HD

CROYALE PJ-58 1080P HD Home Theater Movie Projectors

On your search for the best projector for home theater under $200, you should consider this premium HD projector with super-high-definition image quality.

It packs a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and 3, 200 lumens of image brightness quality.

The resolution of this projector is very much acceptable – 1280 x 800 with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

It features an electronic zoom function which is considered a perfect ideal for home movies and gaming. He Led lamp can stay on up till 20000+ hrs.

Features and Specs
TypeHome projector
Color Brightness3, 200 lumen
Technology (connectivity)VGA, HDMI, USB, AV, TV
Technology (Display)LCD
Contrast Ratio3000:1
Weight5.62 lbs
LED light life20, 000

This flexible projector is easy to set up and comes with 4 projection methods, viz; Front on Desk, Rear on Desk, Front on Ceiling, and Rear on Ceiling.

You can also connect your tablets, smartphones, and other compatible devices and project directly from them.

Depending on your choice of sound level, you may not require additional/external speakers as this device is packed with super-HIFI level stereo speakers for superior sound output quality.

  • HD Projector with stunning image brightness quality
  • Supports four different projection methods
  • High-definition stereo speakers (inbuilt)
  • Suitable for the price
  • Just a single year warranty support
  • Slightly poor display technology

DBPOWER Upgraded Mini Projector

When we talk about the best projector for home theater under $200, there are core expectations required by the projector.

This projector from DBPower is quite a good option to pick; it is a versatile movie projector with various connectivity supports.

You can easily connect your computers, compatible mobile smartphones, tablets, USB drives, Amazon Firestick TV, DVD players and Xbox and project directly from them.

Features and Specs
TypeHome projector
Color Brightness1, 500 lumen
Technology (connectivity)VGA, HDMI, USB, AV, TV
Technology (Display)TFT LCD
Resolution1080P, 720P, 480P
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Weight2.2 lbs
LED light life50, 000
Lens6-layer HD lens

But one thing you must note on this projector is that an HDMI adapter or a wifi display dongle is required when you connect a smartphone to it.

  • Long-lasting led lamp
  • Comes with 6-layer HD lens
  • Backed with 3 years solid warranty
  • Low Lumen/ Brightness quality
  • Dolby sound is not supported

CRENOVA XPE496 Projector

With low noise fans and various supported connectivity formats, this movie projector is a great idea for homeowners in search of the best projector for home theater under $200.

The 50,000 hours LED lamp life will project crystal-clear images with gorgeous resolution (1080P) sharpness for decades to come.

Features and Specs
TypeHome projector
Color Brightness2, 200 lumen
Technology (connectivity)VGA, HDMI, USB, AV, TV
Technology (Display)LCD
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Weight3.8 lbs
LED light life50, 000

This projector is backed with a 12-month warranty and lifetime customer support service. It is portable and sleek, a projector you’d love to have in your home.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Offers a great image brightness quality
  • Seamless connectivity; very easy to set up and use
  • Low contrast ratio

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