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The Two Best Pioneer Floor Standing Speakers

The pioneer speaker brand is one of the best in the audio industry right now; they manufacture a vast range of high-quality speakers that emanate impeccable sound ranging from smart to bookshelves, and floor standing speakers.

In this article, we will talk about the two best Pioneer floor standing speakers on amazon right now.

Best Pioneer Floor Standing Speakers

Pioneer SP-PK52FS Andrew Jones 5.1 Home Theater Speaker

I bet you would be surprised to find out that a company known historically for their A/V electronics has changed the game in terms of loudspeakers with their affordable speaker line crafted by a highly revered veteran in the industry Andrew Jones.

You will be further amazed to find out that this pair of four driver 21/2 way floor standing speakers are quite affordable.

It is also equipped with a pair of two-way bookshelf speakers, a matching three-driver MTM center channel, and a 100-watt sub.

Although the model numbers of the accompanying products are strange and will be a cookie to remember, the value and performance sure are not.

The exterior markings of the speaker’s boxes have more of the product’s specifications. In it, you can find the literature or website of the manufacturer.

How was the pioneer able to pull walk away with equipping such a low-priced speaker with so many solid performances and engineering features? Well, I guess they must have been feeling generous and we love it.

The Pioneer SP-PK2FS 5.1 is a 4 driver two and a halfway tower design which indicates that the two bottom drivers make use of a Low Pass Filter (LPF) and the speaker’s midrange driver make use of a shallow High Pass Filter (HPF) so that it ultimately offers the mid frequencies with some help in the midbass.

In reality, the midrange is not covered in its chamber so it goes through sympathetic vibrations from the energy of the other woofers that radiate back into the midrange driver’s cone.

Some think the driver should have been chambered off in its enclosure to make the articulation of the midrange better.

However, many can understand why Andrew Jones refused to take this approach as it makes the design a little bit more expensive and delineates a little mid-bass punch, which is an imperative feature in affordable speaker design.

Andrew Jones mentioned that the three woofers were built to work hand-in-hand into a common volume. The speaker would have delineated in bass output if it had a three-way design.

At the cost of sale Andrew had in mind, this would have been a wrong move. Instead, Andrew took a while to optimize the excursion and working range between the drivers.

It is important to mention that the speaker’s midrange has an HPF to delineate low-frequency intermodulation distortion and cone excursions.

We have come across speakers that cost more than this and still allow their little midrange run full range, discombobulating the crispiness of the vocals at higher volumes.

  • Incredible design and sound performance for the price
  • Outstanding from its rivals with its price
  • Impeccable construction and engineering
  • Lacking in terms of high-end feel and pride of ownership factor

Pioneer SP-FS52 Home Audio Floor Standing Loudspeaker

The Pioneer SP-FS52 is relatively small for floor standing speakers. However, its dimensions and size, especially its height are good enough to exclude it from the category of bookshelf speakers.

These speakers are about three inches bigger than previous models. This increase was a result of clients’ feedback who wanted a taller speaker to ensure the sound is closer to the ear.

It is a well-advised move, but as a result of the speakers’ limited width, we do think this is as tall as they can and should ever be. If they are built to be any taller, the height will dent the speakers’ overall aesthetics.

This pair of floor standing speakers are accompanied by three woofers. These woofers are paired with an oversized magnet to deliver good low-end coverage.

The speakers’ cabinet looks cheap with an unappealing black stain painted over them. However, the quality of the cabinet is good and is reasonable for the price of these speakers.

The only thing is that they are not visually appealing. It is quite typical of the pioneer; they need to make a change sometime soon though. If Pioneer would take some advice from us, they can always try something new.

Seriously there are speaker producers that make use of the same materials with the same cost of production that come up with better designed and better-designed cabinets than this rendition.

The appearance of the cabinet apart, these speakers sound impeccable when you put the price into consideration. It does not come as a surprise because whatever Andrew Jones gets involved in always comes out splendid.

The complicated crossover system that is utilized works perfectly to blend the sound between the tweeter and the three woofers. The crossover has a seamless sound and can serve as a lesson to expensively-priced floor-standing speaker producers on how a crossover should be designed.

The bass is well defined at most volumes and it is full too, the resonance of the bass can be felt at lower volumes. Additionally, it gets down low and nicely with little or no distortion.

For several music genres except for hip hop or other sounds are driven by bass, they are perfect to use without connecting a subwoofer.

In the case that you intend to make use of them for movies or gaming, depending on your preference this may be another reason that a subwoofer should be connected.

Other than that, these floor standing speakers do an amazing job of representing lower frequencies when you put their cost and size into consideration.

There are a plethora of speakers that will give you better lower and higher frequency detail, but they would give your account a little dent.

The mids of these speakers create a fantastic vocal presence. This is present in both female and male voices. The vocals have a natural and full sound.

This is also prevalent in the spoken voice, which makes them perfect for listening to the movies or TV when it has a rich dialogue.

These are quite different from the scooped-out sound signature that several individuals are used to hearing.

The speakers may not have some of the initial zest from this sort of sound, but they back it up with their impeccable sound detail.

The treble extension of the Pioneer SP-FS52 is surprisingly good and can easily reach higher frequencies.

Things like cymbals feel lifelike and clear. The trebles will disperse at the extremes but remain impeccably clear and clean for speakers with this price tag.

One thing we have to drive home is how good these speakers sound when you put their price into consideration.

When you compare them to other speakers that cost the same or about the same, all music genres sound more composed, better, and balanced.

They additionally have a better level of sonic clarity and more refinement. This is through all frequencies whether high or low.

These tower speakers stay true to the source material and have a fairly flat response. They do not have a bass-heavy or too rolled-off sound.

They emanate both crisp and easy-to-listen experiences. The soundstage of this pair is good for a 2.0 system.

They perform incredibly with densely layered recordings and give you the feeling of a live concert experience.

  • Incredible value for money
  • The trebles are clean and clear
  • Crisp and smooth crossover
  • Low levels of bass distortion
  • The cabinets look cheap and unappealing

Final Thoughts

As far as Pioneer is concerned, there is a long list of things we could complain about. But when you consider how affordable their speakers are, they are things that can be overlooked.

We believe that Pioneer and Andrew Jones have done a great job of manufacturing some of the best-sounding speakers that are quite affordable.

You would have to pay more than a little wad to get anything with these features and quality from other brands.

If you can overlook the bland exterior of the SP-FS52 floor standing speakers, then we can say these two-floor standing speakers from the brand are near to perfect for their price. The speakers produce impressive sounds across a vast section of musical genres.

If you have a tight budget, then it is highly recommended that you go for the Pioneers instead of any other speakers with the price range of the pioneers.

Additionally, you should opt for these instead of soundbars that cost two to three times their rate.

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