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The Best Infinity Floor Standing Speakers In 2023

The infinity brand has been in the business of audio equipment production, producing speakers that permeate the environment they are placed in giving listeners an overall pleasing sound experience.

In this article, we are going to look at the best infinity floor standing speakers and other speaker types from the company.

Best Infinity Floor Standing Speakers In 2022

Infinity Black 3-Way Floor-standing Speaker

This floor standing speaker by infinity is built to give impeccable power handling. The infinity reference R253 has a three way design that includes a 5.25 CMMD low-diffraction midrange driver with a dedicated sub-enclosure, dual subwoofers, and a CMMD tweeter with waveguide.

This floor-standing speaker is compatible with different types of amplifiers because of its power handling of 20-200W.

The copulation of the acoustical construction and design the advanced waveguide and CCMD tweeter is built to give effortless sonic integration with the CMMD subwoofer.

This floor sander is built to give listeners optimized high-frequency detail and crisp sound coverage in a wide room.

This speaker has a flat piston design that delineates mid and high frequency diffraction. This feature helps to ameliorate the integration with the woofers and tweeter and gives a balanced sound across the frequency range.

Harmful interaction is prevented by the dedicated sub-enclosure with the subwoofers positioned in the cabinet and allows the midrange to give listeners an amazing listening experience.

The CMMD woofers in this floor standing speakers correlate with the tuned port to offer powerful deep bass for improved listening experience and coating a vast range of frequency.

The acoustical modeling design of the company positions the drivers in the perfect location inside the cabinet and allows them work with the enclosure and not opposed to them.

The crossover network and positioning integration delineate destructive sonic artifacts that may detract from the speakers’ overall performance.

The final outcome is meant to deliver accurate and balanced sound with lifelike soundstage and imaging.

Integral bracing is utilized to delineate cabinet vibration for more natural sound. This also alienates undesirable background noise.

This floor standing speaker will be very appealing to lovers of music. The aforementioned advanced drivers utilized by the company to provide powerful, rich, room-filling sound.

The contemporary and sleek cabinet of the speaker accommodates double woofers for well-defined bass, a flat piston midrange ensures top clarity, and a dome tweeter ensures extended crisp highs.

The dynamic, full-range sound and small footprint of this floor-standing speaker makes it perfect for a medium-sized apartment.

Infinity 3-Way Center Channel Speaker

The Infinity Reference RC263 is a center channel speaker that ensures high-quality sound performance; this speaker is most prominent for its three-way design.

The epicenter of this sound system is the CMMD high-frequency driver mated to Infinity’s advanced waveguide.

With this copulation, users get seamless integration with the midrange and seamless smooth coating in a large room.

Apart from the CMMD technology, infinity utilized some of their other patented technology to deliver crisp, smooth, and clear sound and potential special effects that thrill listeners and take them right to the middle of the action in their living room.

This design shimmers effortlessly with the company’s reference speaker line for forming an effortlessly matched home entertainment system.

As aforementioned, the natural and open sound of Infinity’s Reference line of speakers is owed to the Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm driver material (CMMD).

Layers of ceramic and stiff metal are combined by the CMMD to ensure a crisp, smooth, and clear sonic performance.

This technology is durable and strong but still lightweight and responsive to the signal of the audio and provides the needed accuracy to listen to your music the way the artist intended.

The CMMD dome tweeter of this floor standing speaker delivers crisp, sparkling highs. The advanced waveguide design ensures you get better high-frequency dispersion for crisp, clear, crisp, and seamless sound across a large room space.

Get ready to enjoy a one of its kind definition and clarity regardless of your sitting position. The high and mid-frequency sounds of the speaker are supplied by a flat piston CMMD midrange.

The uniquely designed flat cone delineates the diffraction of sound to ameliorate dialogue and vocal intelligibility.

Interaction with the subwoofers is eliminated by the dedicated sub enclosure around the driver and ameliorates the clarity of the midrange.

The dynamic and powerful bass of the speaker is ensured by the CMMD high output woofers accommodated in a closed enclosure.

The company meticulously computer-optimized the crossover networks and the position of each driver within the cabinet for the most precise sound to be realized.

This surround sound system is a great center-channel match for the company’s reference series speakers.

Utilize this speaker with a pair of R263 floor standing speakers and add the RS152 surround channel speakers to get an amazing reference home entertainment system.

Do not forget to add the precisely matched powered subwoofer in order to hear an accurate, deep bass in the mix.

The contemporary sleek enclosure design is ameliorated and matched with a visually appealing black woodgrain finish and concealed fasteners that ensure a crisp appearance that fits seamlessly into any home décor.

The midrange, woofers, and waveguide all have black chrome trim rings while the surface of the waveguide is designed with elegant soft-touch paint.

The CMMD tweeter mated to the waveguide is highlighted by the silver phase ring.

This center channel sound permeating powerhouse does not only offer users impeccable sound performance with little or no background noise, it is also visually appealing and the finish makes it a perfect fit for any home décor, it is a great choice if we know what one is.

Infinity R162 2–Way Bookshelf Speakers

The infinity R162 has power which is an important factor for a high-quality sound experience and the epicenter of the company’s incredibly tough woofer cones built from their patented CMMD ensure a wide range of frequency is delivered with little or no distortion.

The innovative crossover network and positioning integration delineate harmful sound artifacts that may take the attention away from the sound performance of this amazing surround sound system.

The final outcome is an accurate balanced sound with realistic soundstage and imaging that brings the musical performance right to your living room.

The integration of the patented designs in the CMMD tweeter, the acoustical science, and the advanced waveguide provides effortless sonic integration with the subwoofer of its patented CMMD technology while offering amazing smooth coverage and high-frequency detail across a vast room space.

The slim physique of this surround sound system is complemented with an elegant black woodgrain finish and concealed features that offer a crisp appearance that blends seamlessly with any home decoration.

The woofer and the waveguide have black chrome trim rings while the surface of the waveguide is finished with rich, soft-touch paint. The CMMD tweeter is highlighted by the silver phase ring.

The infinity brand has outdone themselves with the R162 bookshelf speakers with the combination of art and science that break new grounds.

From a full-sized bookshelf that ensures you get the most recent patented design from the brand and visually appealing cabinets, it is a smart move.

The size of this surround sound system ensures flexibility in positioning; you can place them with third party floor stands or on a piece of furniture.

These speakers can perform as the main front channel speakers in your home entertainment.

These speakers are sonically perfect to work with Infinity’s Reference Series surround and center speakers and even subwoofers that allow you to create the perfect sound system for your audio requirements.

Although these speakers may come at a budget friendly price, they perform amazingly and are worth every penny.

If you have used similar speakers from other brands at this price range, then you will agree that the features offered by this speaker perform beyond the price.

You can spend some extra cash to get some other speakers and you may not get a sound performance as good as this.

Although the visual appearance gives the price range away the sonic performance makes up for that.

The build is quite robust and does everything it needs to do in regards to sound. A lot of users prefer the sound performance of this sound system over other brands and models.

Final Thoughts

The infinity speaker brand made some of the best sound systems in their heyday, although they do not dish out new products as much as they used to back in the day, that does not take away the fact that their speakers are great.

If you want Infinity speakers you ought to hurry because they only have a few left of these three we reviewed.

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