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The Best Polk Audio Floor Standing Speakers

Polk Audio is a household name in the speaker manufacturing industry; they have stood the test of time and given users speakers with an impeccable sound performance at a reasonable price.

In this article, we discuss some of the best Polk Audio Floor Standing Speakers in the market today.

Best Polk Audio Floor Standing Speakers

Polk Audio LSiM 705 Superior Floorstanding Tower Speaker

The Polk LSI M705 is an amazing floor standing speaker that has a dynamic sound stage, it has a lightweight mid-woofer for smooth sound blending and a Cassini oval sub that is enhanced by the company’s usual power port bass venting.

This speaker can reach incredibly high volume levels. The LSI’s tweeter has been improved from the previous LSI model.

There has been a little change in the bullet-like phase plug which makes it protrude more out of the baffle and the tweeter is made more efficient by a redesigned diaphragm.

Older models of the LSI had light, stiff mineral-filled cone that was made more robust with air to create a structure and shape that looks like a honey-comb.

Larger puffed cells are utilized by the new super cell aerated polypropylene to form a thicker cone material than the previous rendition.

The LSI M705’s woofers’ oval shape allows them to emanate impressive low-frequency movie and music sounds while a narrow cabinet width is maintained.

Additionally, every woofer is equipped with Polk’s patented PowerPort to design painstakingly built cones at the portal of the bass ports to channel moving air to eradicate bass-stealing turbulence.

Polk Signature Series S55 Floor Standing Speaker

Whether you want to augment your home entertainment system with a better Atmos configuration or you want a brand new floor standing speaker to set up your home theater system.

The Polk Signature Series S55 has a dynamic balance that ensures a clean, rich, full-range sound performance regardless of what you are listening to.

The Polk Signature S55 has patented Polk technology that eradicates any problems that may hinder or delineate the sound performance of the speakers.

The speaker is equipped with mica-reinforced polypropylene cones with butyl rubber surrounds, high-temperature Conex fiber spiders, and massive ceramic motor structure to build drivers of impeccably high efficiency, for clear, crisp, and smooth bass, lower distortion, greater durability, and better linearity.

Polk debuts their newly constructed Terylene dome tweeter on this speaker, it gives it a detailed and clear high-frequency response for realistic vocal reproduction.

The tweeter can deliver 40 kHz to support the most recent high-resolution audio files and gives you a live cinematic sound experience.

The speakers’ curved edges are visually appealing and powerful; they would fit just perfectly in your home décor regardless of how it is placed. The speakers are available in a beautiful black-washed walnut color.

Like the aforementioned speaker, the S55 has Polk’s patented design that allows for a smooth air transition from the port of the speaker into your apartment.

The overall bass port is also extended to eradicate distortion and turbulence for a more musical and bigger deep bass impact.

It additionally offers 3dB more bass response output than a conventional port.

The speakers’ four-driver cascading tapered crossover array ensures a lifelike, seamless soundstage regardless of your position in your living room.

This means that there is no particular sweet spot, the sound is perfect wherever you are. A rigid, strong and acoustically inert covering delineates distasteful standing waves for less coloration.

Additionally, the MDF construction, with minimum thick baffles and extra bracing ensures a more lifelike sound.

Polk Audio T50 Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker

The Polk Audio T50 is not your regular floor-standing speaker. You will be pleased when you open the grill and take a peek under the hood.

Constructed with Polk’s proprietary impressive balance tech, it has a soaring high end, with mids made to shred and the bass has been given a considerable boost regardless of the frequency. The sound and audio performance has been ameliorated for listeners.

Enjoy and play, but get ready to get your socks knocked off. There is a popular saying that some of the best things are presented in small packages. Well, whoever came up with that phrase certainly did not mean the T50.

You can enjoy a home speaker with amazing features, qualities, and impeccable sound performance for an affordable price too.

The company used the DNA from their classic Monitor series speakers and redesigned them for the audiophiles of today.

With one 6.25 extended throw composite driver, 1-inch silk dome tweeter, and two front-firing sub-bass radiators all manufactured with Polk’s proprietary balance technology; Mids glide uncolored, highs solar, and the bass has been massively boosted and perform incredibly regardless of the frequency.

The speakers acoustically inert, MDF cabinet build delineates distortion and resonance giving you detailed, rich audio just the way it should be without rattled disruption and muffled noise heard in most low-quality floor standing speakers.

If you intend to begin with a speaker from Polk’s T Series, then this is your best bet. Equipped with an integrated support base, it is built to work with a vast amount of home theater receivers, home theater processors, or stereo.

Whether you are watching your best movie or show or play soft music, The Performance of the T50 is meant to truly impress. Impeccable sound performance coupled with affordability never looked so good.

Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker

The Polk Audio RTI A9 is a top performance speaker and the company’s manifestation of their RTIA series.

This speaker is equipped with two midrange drivers, three bass drivers, and a high-frequency dome tweeter.

This speaker will permeate any room regardless of size with excitement and energy. It has a mind-blowing 500-watt capacity; they can take whatever you give to them.

Watch action movies at the highest of volume and feel the action in your living room or enjoy a piece of cool jazz music.

The RTI’s cabinets are built for accurate, clean, and detailed sound. The speakers’ midrange drivers are enclosed in their own tuned enclosures for more lifelike detail and clarity.

It is also equipped with a spectrum for uniform sound performance regardless of the volume of the speaker.

The company’s patented dynamic balance technology delineates distortion and noise to make sure listeners only get the cleanest of sounds.

The speaker has a beautifully curved hardwood veneer cabinet finish with elegant accents in cherry or black.

It is also equipped with a computer-modeled anti-diffraction grille to ensure its visual appeal as well as delineating sonic interference.

Polk’s power port bass is also equipped for smooth airflow transition from the port to your living room and eradicating distortion and turbulence for a more musical, bigger, and deep bass impact.

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker

Polk does not play with the name “monitor”. This means that it is significant to the speaker producing powerhouse.

The first Polk Monitor speaker series manufactured in the mid-1970s brought in the modern era of loudspeakers by setting the standard for value and performance.

The initial monitor series is the line that made Polk popular with its sturdy, simple build, accurate, crisp and clear sound, impeccable bass, and ultimate imaging all at an amazing cost that gave everyone access to great sound.

The revamped monitor series screams classic Polk: A top-notch constructed, cheap line of high-performing speakers for home theater and music.

They are incredibly efficient, so they can be easily driven by good receivers; they are voiced matched for realistic environments.

The monitor series has a visually appealing look that complements today’s flat-screen tech, with a lovely wood grain design and an advanced black front.

Constructed for sound, value, and speed, the monitor series is a fantastic great introduction to impressive sound performance.

Final Thoughts

Polk is a force to be reckoned with in the speaker manufacturing industry, from orchestral majesty to the serenity of an unplugged performance and the pure ecstasy of your best movies; Polk Audio floor standing speakers give you specific musical accuracy and cinema-like thrills accompanied with fantastic styling.

The company’s patented design tech, equipment, and building techniques ensure the infamous Polk Audio sound quality performance.

Every speaker from the staples of Polk is timbre-matched in every series to produce effortless blending from speaker to speaker to the next in multi-channel systems.

Polk Audio Floor Standing speakers are designed for superior sound performance with their features like; Orth crossovers with Mylar and Polypropylene capacitors, Klippel distortion analysis and optimization, Power port Plus bass venting, and Power Port.

Their visually appealing furniture-grade covering and refined wood finishes complement the décor of your home with impeccable sound to boot.

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