Here is to narrow down your search for a remote surveillance camera without internet connection, most surveillance cameras work with an internet connection.

But some homeowners need an internet connection-free surveillance camera because they don’t want to invest too much on data for keeping up internet connectivity. Want to Know What is a surveillance camera.

The good news is, if you are such a homeowner, there are good options out there for you.

It is easily common knowledge that Wi-Fi is the most commonly used means to have a surveillance camera, but it is not the only available way.

There are other means of ensuring top security through a surveillance camera. Check out How to set up a surveillance camera

In the end, the level of protection obtained by using a wired or internet connection enabled the camera is the same as that of a remote surveillance camera without an internet connection.

Their options and footage might be somewhat different, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get the top level of surveillance that you desire.


Picture Quality
One important thing to consider when purchasing a surveillance camera is picture quality. Some people prefer to see stunning details and low distortion, while others prefer an exceedingly widespread angle combined with a quality high enough to identify a trespasser.

Take note, two cameras with 1080p resolution have the ability to provide considerably dissimilar picture quality.

Data Storage
There are models of remote surveillance cameras that have the ability to store footage on local drives such as USB drives or microSD cards.

This is a very good feature, but the downside is that once your storage unit goes missing or is damaged, your data will be lost with it as well.

It might be your preference to see your video footage on your mobile device or other devices, depending on your personal needs. Thus, when purchasing, be sure to know how your footage can be accessed.

Power Source
In terms of power, batteries enable the cameras to look cleaner, and can practically be placed anywhere in the home. Though a power cord will enable you to power the unit continuously and avoid spending extra money on replacement batteries.

The negative side is the need to place the camera close to an outlet.

Night Vision
Primary, this is the standard on any quality surveillance camera. But make sure you check to confirm before making a purchase. If by any means it doesn’t support this feature, it there means it wasn’t designed to be used for the aim of security.

This is a very important feature, the camera should have some kind of motion dictator that lets you know about a potential trespasser.

This is very important because if your wireless camera is only meant to help you keep an eye on your dog when you are away, you probably won’t get the level of security you desire.

Below is our best pick for remote surveillance camera without internet.

ZOSI 4PCS Megapixel 720P Wireless Outdoor IP Camera System

ZOSI 4PCS Megapixel 720P Wireless Outdoor Camera System

This ZOSI camera system comes with an in-built 1TB hard drive. There are other available packages as well, with so much as 8 cameras which you can buy, owing to your requirements and needs.

The cameras are not powered by batteries as each camera requires a 120-volts AC power outlet to supply it with power. The DVR also needs an Ethernet wire that will connect it to the router to give the device network ability.

There is an automatic synchronization between the cameras and the DVR after everything has been plugged in. This camera also has the capacity of night vision with 4 Channel Security.

1080 HD Network IP NVR Wi-Fi Kit Support Smartphone Remote view.
NVR – 4 Channel
Camera – 4 Cameras
Resolution – 720P
Night Vision – 100ft
Waterproof – yes
Hard Drive – 1TB Security Hard Drive
Connection Type – 2.4Ghz/Ethernet

  • The excellent resolution even at night time.
  • Stress-free to mount/install
  • Top quality system
  • As good as presented
  • Best bang in terms of bug
  • Great system with very minimal faults
  • Awesome value
  • Figuring the system out can be difficult
  • The instructions aren’t so easy to understand

ANNKE 4CH 720P HD TVI CCTV Security System With 4 Bullet Cameras (C11BX)

ANNKE 4CH 720P HD TVI CCTV Security System

HEAD-UP: The ANNKE 1080P POE NVR Security Camera System is currently unavailable, but we have come up with a similar camera with ALMOST the same spec. CHECK OUT Reolink 4K Security Camera System

The next on our list of remote surveillance cameras without an internet connection is the ANNKE 4CH 720P HD TVI CCTV. This kit comes with an increased viewing pixel set at a rate of 1280 by 720.

Premium 1080N DVR that works excellently with 720P top quality cameras to guarantee you peace of mind at home or in your business premises. You can conveniently enjoy four modes of connection with just one price for the DVR supports analog.

AHD, TVI and IP cameras that provide flexible options in terms of connections. Remote access to mobile with the latest P2P technology as long as you install the app from any of your favorite app stores, hence you can view the footage remotely from on your smartphones, tablets or PC at any time.

HD TVI Input – 720P, 1080P
AHD Input – Support
Power supply – 12 VDC
Image Sensor – 1/4” color CMOS
Max Resolution – 1280 x 960
Day and Night Function – Support IR-CUT
Night Vision Distance – Up to 66ft/20m
Operating Power – DC12V
Weatherproof – IP66

  • The cameras are excellently finished and arrive covered in metal. Can be used in/outside businesses and homes.
  • Excellent video quality. You can clearly see what goes on outside even at night, thanks to the excellent quality of the camera’s night vision.
  • The camera system supports being used as an IP camera through the execution of the wireless application.
  • Some customers’ complaint that it comes with only three cables when there are four cameras in the kit.

Reolink 16 Channel Video Surveillance System, 4MP 16CH NVR with 3TB HDD.

Reolink 16 Channel Video Surveillance System

This very product from Reolink makes our list of remote surveillance camera without internet connection due to its advanced motion detection feature such as Line Detection, Face Detection and Intrusion Detection.

It sends push alerts to your mobile devices as well as simultaneously record to an external hard drive. It also syncs all channels’ playback while recording all channels, unless in the case of a single channel.

This IP Security Camera is highly recommended for home and businesses as it comes with a 16-channel 4MP home security PoE NVR and eight 4-megapixel PoE indoor/outdoor waterproof security cameras.

IP Video Input – Supports 16 Cameras
Video Outputs – VGA, HDMI w/Monitor or HDTV
Playback – 4 Cameras play simultaneously
HDD Installed: Pre-Installed a 3TB HDD
HDD Capacity: @x Internal HDD ports, 1x external HDD port, 4TB for each port (support up to 12TB in total)
USB Interface: USB 2.0 x 2
Remote Access: iPhone/Android Phone, Windows/Mac PC
Image Sensor – 1/3” 4Megapixel CMOS (2560 x 1440)
Night Vision – 65-100ft
Power – Power over Ethernet

  • Basic CCTV kit at an amazing price
  • Power over Ethernet Supported
  • Excellent quality 4MP cameras included
  • NVR records 4MP resolution at 30fps
  • NVR records audio from camera’s built-in mic
  • Motion detector alert that can FTP videos
  • Does not support third-party cameras
  • No audio or alarm in/out the connection
  • Sync playback of only 4 channels
  • Doesn’t allow access to individual history Reolink cameras

ONWOTE 1080P HD NVR Outdoor Home Wireless Security Camera System

ONWOTE 1080P HD NVR Outdoor Home Wireless Security Camera System

HEAD-UP: The ONWOTE Wireless WiFi Security Camera is currently unavailable, but we have come up with a similar camera with ALMOST the same spec. CHECK OUT Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

This camera comes with a wired system, which simply means the camera needs to be connected to a power source to function.

It’s auto repair system easily fixes any Wi-Fi issue that might likely come up.

It also comes an inbuilt router NVR unit which makes it suitable to be on the list of remote surveillance cameras without an internet connection, because you don’t have to rely on your data for streaming.

Its IP66 waterproof makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is very easy to mount/install, however, you will need to connect your HDD as well.

4CH 1080P HD NVR Video Recorder without a hard drive
Support video preview, recording, playback, and USB backup
Support Android, iOS, Pad, and PC remote view
Power Supply Input – DC12V-2000mA
Output – 100-240V
960P HD equals 720 HD + 307,200 pixels.
6 LED arrays, IR night vision up to 80ft

  • Versatile for both indoors and outdoors
  • Very good package in terms of money paid
  • Uses separate Wi-Fi routers making it more secure
  • Doesn’t come with an HDD
  • The Wi-Fi signal can be a problem, mostly if you live or work in a place with thick walls.

Firstrend 1080P Wireless Security Camera System, 8CH Wireless NVR System.

Firstrend 1080P Wireless Security Camera System

HEAD-UP: The Firstrend Wireless NVR System with Built-in Monitor is currently unavailable, but we have come up with a similar camera with ALMOST the same spec. CHECK OUT HeimVision HM243 1080P Wireless Security Camera System

This product is an IP night-vision type of outdoor CCTV system. It provides excellent resolution and this package is very easy to use. This system works well with mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

All you need to do is download its free app in order to remote view as well as playback recordings as long as your NVR is connected by Ethernet to your router.

It also supports features such as motion detection, sync-playback and video backup which makes it qualified to be considered as one the remote surveillance camera without internet connection on our list.

IP Video Input – 8CH 1080 HD/4CH 1080P IPC with 2TB HDD
Video Resolution – 1080 HD
Record Rate – 100fps
HDMI Output – 1 Channel
6 LED Arrays, IR Night Vision up to 80ft
Resolution – 1080P 1920*1080
Weatherproof – IP66

  • Easy to install and fast to operate
  • Good storage function
  • Some customers complain that NVR sound like something was loose.

OOSSXX HD 8CH 1080P Wireless Security System + 4pcs 960P Cameras

OOSSXX HD 8CH 1080P Wireless Security System

HEAD-UP: The OOSSXX HD 8CH 1080P Wireless Security System is currently unavailable, but we have come up with a similar camera with ALMOST the same spec. CHECK OUT OOSSXX 8CH 5MP Home Security Video Surveillance Camera

This surveillance camera delivers high video quality due to the fact that is a 1080P HD security camera system.

It also comes with a 2TB HDD giving you so much space to safe capture without worrying about overwriting.

A wired system that brings direct feed from each camera straight to the NVR.

It supports up to 8 cameras giving you a wide monitoring range. Your mobile app can be used to watch everything remotely at any time.

8CH 1080P Wireless NVR Recorder
Support Video Preview, Recording, Playback, and USB Backup
Support Android, iOS, and PC Remote view
Power Supply Input – DC12V-2A
Image Resolution – 1280x960P
Night Vision – 80Ft
Weatherproof – Yes

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • It doesn’t have batteries, which means each camera needs to be connected to a nearby power outlet.
  • The Motion detector doesn’t record videos

Zmodo Wireless Home Security Camera System – 1080P 8CH HDMI NVR

Zmodo Wireless Home Security Camera System

This model of Zmodo comes with 8 cameras without any HDD NVR. In terms of HDD, a SATA 2.5” hard drive can work very well with this NVR, which supports close to 2TB hard drives.

The camera performs very well and gives a really clear picture as they come in Zmodos typical 720P.

Given that it is a wireless system, it requires extra work to set up the number of cameras but it also means it’s very easy to install considering they are wireless.

Wireless implying a wireless signal transmission, which means that cameras must be plugged into nearby outlets in order to access power.

All you need to view your house from anywhere in the Zmodo app on your mobile device. Zmodo NVR is compatible with basic and intelligent recording.

In terms of intelligent recording, video files are being compressed whenever there is no detection of motion, and whenever motion is detected, it goes back to recording at full frame, helping you utilize your local storage efficiently.

The use of digital signal as a replacement for analog guarantees reduction in signal loss and gives you true 720P full HD quality of the image.

IP Video Input – 8CH 720P HD / 4CH 1080P IPC
Video Resolution – 720P HD
Record Rate – 100fps
Record Mode – Normal Recording, Intelligent Recording, Motion Activated Recording
Playback – Fast forward, Rewind, Slow Play, and Digital Zoom
Image sensor outdoor/indoor – 720P color Sensor
Number of IR LEDs – 24
IR Distance – Night Vision up to 20m
Lens – 2.8mm (outdoor) 2.1mm (indoor)
Weatherproof – Yes
Frame Rate – 25fps

  • Excellent indoor and outdoor surveillance camera
  • Suitable for wide range coverage
  • Yearly replacement of batteries
  • There is a need to get an extra hard drive in order to record

It’s a Wrap

We strongly believe we have been able to narrow down your search for a remote surveillance camera without internet.

Without any form of fear, you can make a choice from the above-listed products and be guaranteed a maximum level of satisfaction.

Whichever choice you make as it suits your preference, you will no doubt be getting value for money as well as the guaranteed security of your homes or workplace with these surveillance cameras.

When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.
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