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All you need to know about soundbar wireless rear surround speakers

It is more stressful to try to integrate rear surround speakers with your soundbar; howbeit, there are feasible alternatives to check out. Here is everything you need to know about sound bar wireless rear speakers.

Soundbars integrate quite a lot of speaker drivers, and some come along with external surround speakers.

However or rather, unfortunately, it is quite impossible to add a rear speaker to a soundbar, irrespective of whether the rear speaker is wired or wireless.

To this, many people have asked several questions as per how they can add wireless rear speakers to their soundbar and this had led us to come up with this extensive blog post.

This article will cover every important information concerning soundbar wireless rear speakers.

The technology behind soundbars

Typically, soundbars are designed for modern TVs that do not come with loudspeakers. However, there are some that are designed to work with PCs, as well as smartphones through Bluetooth connectivity support.

Soundbars are meant to work on their own without being connected to a home theater or any sound system; they typically come with built-in drivers for precise sound reproduction and high-quality bass output.

Thus, soundbars cannot be used with external rear speakers, especially when the soundbar and the speakers aren’t from the same manufacturer; however, some soundbars come along with rear speakers up to 5.1 audio channels to give you the high level of sound you wish for.

There are two types of soundbars available in the market; passive and active soundbars. Passive soundbars feature one or more speaker drivers for its front channels respectively (i.e., left, center and right).

This type of soundbar requires an amplifier or a receiver for it to work effectively because it does not support built-in power amps. Well, as you may expect, this type of soundbar is cheaper.

On the other hand, active soundbars come with built-in amplifiers and do not require much procedure to install/set up. Active soundbars are more expensive than their passive counterparts.

This type of soundbar connects directly to your TV, smartphone, or other supported sources. However, the configurations of both active and passive soundbars are the same.

Due to the way soundbars are designed, it is practically impossible to add more rear speakers to them. However, there are some units you can find rear speakers that would work with them.

Yeah, some manufacturers have equally designed external wireless rear speakers that could work with their soundbars to deliver the level of sound you need.

To this, this article will be divided into two parts; we will list the wireless rear speakers that can work with soundbars, as well as soundbar systems that come along with rear surround speakers.

Rear surround speakers that work with specific soundbars

1. Samsung SWA-9000S Rear Wireless Speaker Kit

Samsung SWA-9000S Rear Wireless Speaker Kit

This set of rear speakers can work with the following Samsung sound+ Soundbars; HW-MS650, HW-MS6500, and HW-MS750. It is a viable option for people who wish to add rear surround sound to their compatible soundbar.

The rear speakers perform outwardly great; reproducing the great sound at practically all volumes.

You can choose to mount the rear speakers on the wall, or you can use shelves. Whichever way, this rear speaker series is great, although some other people have complained of some flaws as regards to the performance and installation of this speaker set.

However, you must note that this set of wireless rear speakers only works with specific Samsung Soundbars, which are; HW-NW700, HW-MS750, HW-MS650, HW-MS6500, and HW-MS550/ZA. This kit will not work on other soundbar systems.

How to connect this speaker kit to your compatible soundbar

This kit comes along with two speakers and a wireless receiver module.

  1. To start with, you need to connect your subwoofer to the wireless module before the speakers.
  2. After you have connected the subwoofer, connect the dual rear speakers using speaker wires; ensure the different wires are inserted in their rightful ports, both on the speakers and the receiver module (use the colors to know where to insert each speaker wire).
  3. Connect one end of the wires to your speakers and the other end into the wireless receiver module.
  4. Power up the wireless receiver module using the provided power cable.
  5. Also, power your soundbar and the subwoofer.
  6. Now, press and hold the ID SET button which is available at the back of your wireless receiver and subwoofer until the STANDBY indicators turn off and the LINK indicators (Blue LEDs) blinks quickly.
    Note: Your soundbar should be in STANDBY mode when you press and hold the ID Set buttons on your receiver and subwoofer.
  7. After the LINK indicators have blinked, press and hold the Mute button on your Soundbar’s remote until you see “ID SET” information appear on the Soundbar’s display
  8. Wait until the LINK indicator (Blue LED) on the SWA-9000S rear speakers blink, then, you can power on the soundbar.

If the LINK indicators on your subwoofer and SWA-9000S speakers continue to glow, the connection is successful.

Don’t be worried if this process takes longer than you expected; it is quite paramount to happen. Also, if the speakers’ volume is low, you can try pairing the subwoofer and speakers again.

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2. Polk Audio SR1 Wireless Rear Surround Speakers for MagniFi Max Sound Bar

Polk Audio SR1 Wireless Rear Surround Speakers

Similar to the Samsung SWA-9000 speaker kit, this one helps to boost the surround sound when you use the MagniFi Max soundbar.

There is no receiver module available with this pair of rear surround speakers; nevertheless, they are quite easy to set up an install.

These rear speakers are exclusively designed for Magnify Max soundbar, and they do not work on other ones. With these speakers, you will turn your Magnify soundbar to a truly immersive 5.1 channel and enjoy your playbacks.

Each of these rear surround speakers for Magnify soundbar comes with a 3-inch driver, as well as a built-in amplifier. Plus, its power is rated 30-watts each when used, and it is fully compatible with all the sound modes.

Interestingly, you can install/place these spaces on many places in your room; you can mount them on the walls, thanks to the built-in Keyhole slots and threaded insert.

This pair of speakers wireless connects to your soundbar without any need for a receiver or an external unit. Certainly, you will enjoy pure and balanced sounds with these rear speakers irrespective of where you place them.

If you have the magnify soundbar in your home, this is a perfect addition to boost your experience.

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3. Sony Z9R Wireless Speaker for Z9F Soundbar

Sony Wireless Speaker for Z9F Sound bar

Here come the rear surround speakers you need to have if your soundbar is the Z9F soundbar from sony.

With these powerful rear speakers, you will step up your audio setup and enjoy immersive sound in your home.

It doesn’t take much time before you can completely set up this pair of rear speakers, and it is truly wireless; no receiver or router is needed before this could work.

As dedicated rear speakers for the HT-Z9F soundbar, these rear speakers will apparently not work with other soundbars.

Interestingly, it will only take a few minutes, and this pair of rear speakers will pair up with your compatible Sony soundbar (Sony HT-Z9F soundbar). The total output power of these rear surround speakers is 50 Watts.

However, this pair of speakers is quite expensive at the price it is being sold. Well, it does deliver great sound and makes you enjoy a cinematic experience in your home.

Furthermore, the design of these speakers will perfectly blend with any home design. These speakers are compatible and can be placed in any location in the room; mounting them on the wall may be a better option for some home audio experts or enthusiasts.

We found this speaker to be worthy even at its high price, and it works perfectly with the specified Sony soundbar without requiring a stressful setup process.

How to use wireless speakers with a Sony Soundbar for surround sound set up

This method adds your wireless surround speakers to work with your compatible playback audio from your TV.

  1. Place the two identical, compatible Sony Wireless Speakers as rear speakers of your surround sound setup.
  2. Power on the TV and select the HDMI input
  3. Launch the SoundBar’s user interface, then choose Wireless Surround from the screen
  4. Select OK allow your soundbar initiate a wireless surround setup
  5. Select Next, then OK to continue
  6. At this point, you’ll need to install the compatible rear speakers; to do this, press and hold the SETUP button of your left rear wireless speaker until it makes a sound.
  7. Now, press “I hear a sound,” and repeat the previous process to add the right rear Wireless Speaker. Also, select “I hear a sound.”
  8. That’s all, select FINISH and your surround set up is complete; you can play a test sound to test your DIY.
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4. LG Electronics SPK8-S Wireless Rear Speaker Kit

LG SPK8-S Sound Bar Wireless Rear Speaker

While LG soundbars are typically great and deliver amazing, clear room-filling sound, one may still want to step up the audio setup for a more impressive experience. This is where you need these LG soundbar wireless rear speakers.

With this kit, you can expand and enhance the experience you get from your compatible soundbar. This LG speaker kit comes with two rear speakers and a receiver module; thus, you may not call it a fully wireless system because you need speaker wires to complete setting them up.

Also, you have to note that this pair of speakers is only compatible with the following LG soundbars: SJK0Y, SK9Y, SK8Y, SK6Y, and SK5Y.

To install this pair of rear surround speakers, you’ll have to follow a similar process to when installing the Samsung SWA-9000S.

The receiver unit links wirelessly to your compatible LG soundbar; then it transmits the sound it receives to a pair of wall-mountable rear speakers for true HT surround audio. The total output power of these speakers is 140 watts at 70W each.

This speaker kit may seem expensive, but, it can be used to turn your home audio experience into a truly immersive home theater experience.

Once you have any of the indicated compatible LG soundbars, this pair of speakers is quite an ideal option.

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Soundbars with rear surround speakers inclusive

When you buy these soundbars, you do not need to bother about getting external rear surround speakers.

This is because these soundbars come with rear speakers and some include a powered subwoofer too.

5. 2-Way Rear Surround Speakers Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite 45-Inch

Nakamichi 45-Inch Sound Bar with Subwoofer & 2-Way Rear Surround Speakers

This is a complete 7.1.2 audio system that consists of a soundbar, two subwoofers, and a set of surround speakers.

Also, it comes with a remote controller and connects wirelessly to any compatible source. The Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite sound system is one of the best complete sets you can get for your home.

Quite a lot of patented technologies are integrated into this system; plus, this audio set supports a wide variety of input sources.

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6. JBL Bar 5.1 Soundbar with True Wireless Surround Speakers

JBL Bar Soundbar with Wireless Surround Speakers

Instead of going through the stress of trying to looking for a compatible rear surround speaker to use with your soundbar, this will be a better option.

The JBL Bar is a complete 5.1 audio system that delivers high-level clear sounds. The dual rear speakers available with this set are battery-powered, and they are flexible; you can attach or detach them from the soundbar itself.

This home audio system can be connected to various devices, including 4K devices via HDMI, USB, and other supported inputs.

The sound and bass outputs are stunning and impressive; you’ll use this set to enjoy genuinely immersive room-filling sound.

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7. Rear VIZIO 40-Inch Sound Bar System with Wireless Subwoofer

VIZIO 40-Inch 5.1 Sound Bar System

Here is another impressive 5.1 audio system with everything you need to experience a stunning cinematic environment at home. It comes with two rear speakers, a subwoofer, and a soundbar.

This system supports Bluetooth with aptX to allow you to stream CD-quality music wirelessly from portable devices such as smartphones or tablets.

There are equally lots of input formats supported by this system; plus, it delivers 102DB of room-filling, pure surround sound with minimal 1% total harmonic distortion.

Also, the aesthetics of this sound set will perfectly blend with many home decors. The price is quite budget-friendly, and we recommend it.

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Wrap Up:

We solidly recommend all the speakers and systems listed in this article. They are best for different people (depending on what you need).

These products are equally budget-friendly and are available in different online stores.

When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.
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