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Bluetooth Speaker with Auxiliary Output: Take Your Sound to the Next Level.

Experience unparalleled audio quality with our exclusive Bluetooth speaker featuring an auxiliary output. Connect and amplify your sound like never before.

Our innovative design and superior technology make it the perfect choice for all your listening needs. Upgrade your sound game today with our one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker with auxiliary output.

In today’s article, we will be focusing on the best Bluetooth speaker with auxiliary output. Many TVs and home theater systems, as well as other portable media devices,  come with support for auxiliary input.

There are lots of wireless speakers out there; they function with either wifi or Bluetooth. However, the most common wireless speakers are those that function with Bluetooth.

Now, having a Bluetooth speaker with aux output will help you to connect your compatible media source device and playback sounds in high quality.

This aux input is simply the 3.5mm jack opening which is available in much audio equipment and smartphones.

We are not focusing on the 3.5mm jack input function; instead, we will discuss the auxiliary output which allows you to connect another speaker to your Bluetooth speaker and both of them will play the same sound.

What is the aux output?

Dissimilar to the aux input we know, this is sometimes referred to as “Stereo output.” A wireless Bluetooth device with Aux Output support allows you to connect another speaker to it using the typical

aux output cable

Aux cable and the two speakers will produce the same sound. This comes in handy when you have one Bluetooth speaker and another speaker that does not support Bluetooth but has a port for Aux input.

In this case, you’ll have to connect your device the Bluetooth speaker wirelessly, and further, connect the other speaker to the playing Bluetooth speaker using a good aux cable.

However, it is possible to connect two or even more Bluetooth speakers to function together and play the same sound simultaneously.


Thus, if your two speakers are Bluetooth compatible, then, follow our guide on how to connect two speakers together via Bluetooth.

Possibly, the reason why you need a Bluetooth speaker with auxiliary output is that you have an old or vintage portable speaker which you still want to be used to playback your sounds from different sources.

Well, there are few speakers with such support and they are not actually pricey. Because most new portable speakers come with wireless connectivity support (wifi or Bluetooth), and as such, can be connected together instantaneously, there are no many portable speakers with auxiliary output support.

Also, there is still another way to get this aux output function so that you can connect your speakers to a sound source, or vice versa.

The gadget that gives you a chance to accomplish this is classified as an “Aux to Bluetooth” gadget. This device acts as a wireless receiver/transmitter unit for connecting audio devices to Bluetooth speakers.

To this light, this article will be sectioned into two parts: the best Bluetooth speaker with aux output and the best aux to Bluetooth devices.

Also, we will try to make this article touch on other related information as regards to the main topic. Sit back, relax, and read through this article carefully; we assure you that it is very informative.

The best Bluetooth speaker with auxiliary output

JBL Micro Wireless Speaker

JBL Micro Wireless Speaker

JBL is a popular wireless speaker manufacturer, almost all JBL portable speakers come with Bluetooth support, and they are typically loud.

Well, while nearly all JBL portable speakers come with aux input port, not all of them support aux output.

However, this particular speaker comes with this support, and you can easily get another speaker to connect with it using an aux cable so that they produce the same sound concurrently.

This speaker is not really costly, yet it is amazing, considering its capabilities.

This JBL speaker is designed with a high version of Bluetooth wireless connectivity tech; it can connect with any Bluetooth-supported device to play sounds from the device in great quality.

Thanks to the inbuilt bass port, this speaker device produces quite an impressive bass that suits a speaker of its size and configuration.

Also, this is a rechargeable speaker device; thus, it features a built-in Li-ion battery that powers it to stay active for up to five hours nonstop.

To charge the battery, there is a connector included with the package when you purchase from Amazon or other confirmed stores.

Plus, it is possible to connect this speaker with other speakers of the same model to get a truly impressive sound that could fill a whole room.

This is the first ultra-portable speaker from JBL to feature a strong, long-lasting, Li-ion rechargeable battery.

If you’re an audiophile, you will enjoy goo bass quality with this speaker, that’s to the bass port – 1-5/8-inch (40mm) driver. Furthermore, you can pocket this speaker and move with it to anywhere you wish without feeling any discomfort.

The aux output function of JBL Micro Wireless speaker

This is the main reason we are talking about this Bluetooth speaker. Already, we have said quite a lot of things about this speaker, so let’s see about the aux output function and how it really works.

The aux output port is visible on the body of the speaker; this output is about 1/8-inch (3.5mm).

Black JBL Micro Wireless Ultra-Portable Speaker

Now, this port looks like the typical 3.5mm jack port you see on other devices, but, this port does a different work; it sends the sound that plays on the JBL micro wireless speaker to another connected speaker so that both speakers would play the sound for more clarity and intensity.

There are quite other ports available on this speaker, and they all serve different purposes. For example, there is a USB port where you can connect a thumb/flash drive to playback the music files you saved on the drive.

On all, this is a multipurpose wireless Bluetooth speaker which is very much portable to carry about.

It delivers amazing sound output accompanied by deep bass. You will get this speaker at an affordable price on Amazon.

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MIFA A10 Wireless Portable TWS Speaker

MIFA A10 Wireless Portable TWS Speaker

Here is another premium, sturdy, multi-featured wireless portable speaker with Bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary output support.

This speaker is available in three beautiful finish designs, and the price is also budget-friendly. You will find this speaker to be attractive once you set your eyes on it.

The Mifa A10 portable speaker is rechargeable and can go on for a long couple of hours, thanks to its reliable battery.

This speaker may be portable, but what it hides inside is quite numerous and superior. It is capable of reproducing room-filling sound with stunning stereo and bass.

The output power of this speaker is rated 10W; plus, it conceals a set of unique Class-G amplifiers, alongside a 3D DSP chip which it utilizes to deliver HD stereo sound and deep bass at highs.

Interestingly, you can pair up two of these to get massive stereo sound (right + left channels).

Far more than what the JBL micro wireless speaker has to offer, this speaker comes with a robust 2200mAh rechargeable battery that stays on for up to 16 whopping hours when the volume is maintained at 70%.

Also, there is a micro USB cable attached to this package for recharging the battery once it gets down. However, you can be charging this speaker and still be using it at the same time.

Bluetooth version 4.2 makes it possible for this speaker to connect quickly to a source device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop).

The maximum connection range for this speaker is 33 feet. Thanks to the HD inbuilt microphone that makes HD hands-free calls so seamless.

Mifa has designed this speaker to be intuitive, as well as user-friendly.

There is no need to worry about the weather condition; this speaker is designed with IP45 dust-proof, water-resistant finish components; thus, you can use the speaker for pool parties.

You can insert a Micro-SD card to this speaker; the max support is 32GB.

The aux output function of MIFA A10 Wireless Portable TWS Speaker

Similar to the way the aux output on HBL speaker works, that is how it works on this speaker too.

The port allows you to add another speaker to this one in order to get the best level of sound you wish for.

MIFA A10 Wireless Portable TWS Speaker

Also, this port works perfectly for all non-Bluetooth devices. Not like it is a unique port; it is just the typical 3.5mm jack port you will see on many devices.

We love this speaker because of its premium quality and versatile features. Interestingly, you can use this speaker to play music at mini pool parties without having to think about the speaker getting damaged as a result of water contact because it is fully waterproofed with an anti-slip design.

This Mifa speaker is still portable and compatible. The low-price will make you want to buy it, and it is truly sturdy.

Thanks to the strong battery, you are getting up to 16 whole hours to playback sounds on this device and about 10+ hours when connected with another.

Buy the MIFA A10 Wireless Portable TWS Speaker on Amazon or Ebay

The best Bluetooth to aux devices

These devices we are about to out-list here are such that allow you to connect your mobile device to portable speakers that are not compatible with Bluetooth.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver

TaoTronics is a renowned audio equipment manufacturer. This portable Bluetooth receiver from the top brand is effective and efficient.

It is very simple to use for its function and it works for cars. The device is vastly compatible; supports Bluetooth version 4.2 for receiving sound from a paired source and transmits the sound to play on a portable speaker via aux connection.

Already, the aux input jack is integrated into the device. Thus, no additional cable is needed for this.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver

This wide receiver is suitable for car stereo and it is readily available. Also, you can link up two Bluetooth devices to play sounds at the same.

Plus, you can control the volume, play/pause music, skip tracks, or activate Siri for Apple devices. The battery on this unit lasts for up to 10 hours; after each full charge.

You’ll enjoy your playback for a very long time. Furthermore, the built-in mic function is quite handy.

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Giveet Bluetooth audio receiver

Giveet Bluetooth audio receiver

This premium Bluetooth audio receiver supports a variety of features with Bluetooth v4.2 chipset. It delivers Hi-Fi, high-quality audio sound for music and movies.

The device is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices. However, this device does not feature a built-in mic; as such, it can’t be used for hands-free calling.

Giveet Bluetooth audio receiver

It is an intuitive Bluetooth receiver system that can hook up two Bluetooth-enabled devices at once. The connectivity range is up to 30 feet, and it reconnects to the last paired device automatically.

Also, the battery on this device lasts for up to 14 hours and takes just 2 hours to charge fully. Already, this device comes with the required cords for connecting this device to your smartphone.

This device is not compatible with TVs. It looks quite sleek and very portable.

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HC electronic Bluetooth receiver/transmitter

HC electronic Bluetooth receiver

This is apparently the best aux to Bluetooth device you’ll find in the market. It comes as a receiver and transmitter, allowing you to connect your Bluetooth device to your speakers or your Bluetooth speakers to your audio device.

This device features a one-buttoned switch to toggle between the transmitter (TX) and receiver(RX) mode.

In the TX Mode, you will have to plug in the aux jack to your non-Bluetooth device and pair it up with a Bluetooth speaker or headset.

HC electronic Bluetooth transmitter

Similarly, in the RX mode, you will have to plug in the jack head to your non-Bluetooth speaker and pair it up with a Bluetooth phone or portable media player.

Also, this device is battery-powered; you won’t have to deal with lots of cables.

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What more?

We have tried to make this article very comprehensive so that it covers every aspect you need to know about the aux output function.

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