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5 Best Bluetooth Floor Standing Speakers To Buy In 2023

Has the thought of how many Bluetooth speakers we have in the market ever cross your mind? If it has then you must have had the dilemma of deciding the one to get if you need one.

The decision may be made even more difficult because you may not be familiar with the characteristics and quality of these sound-producing masterpieces.

Well, that is why we are here; we have simplified the hassle for you because we have gone through painstaking research to compile a list of the best Bluetooth floor standing speakers.

This list will help you narrow down your choice and make your eventual selection. AS always, this list is determined by the product quality, sound performance, and of course customer preference.

The Best Bluetooth Floor Standing Speakers in 2022

Pyle VHF Wireless Rack Mountable 8 Channel Speaker

The most appealing thing about this product is that you do not get it in a single unit, you get some additional ones in the package.

This Bluetooth floor-standing speaker from Pyle is a speaker that comes in a complete set with a tower audio amplifier that ensures you enjoy your favorite music in heart-melting and smooth manners.

This set has a full range woofer and a tweeter which are the most important parts of this sound system that help to control the tone and bass of your music.

Apart from that, they also help to control the radiation of the film’s low frequency to ensure you have a piece of constantly beautiful music to listen to regardless of the volume.

Another feature of this surround sound system is that it allows uses to use it with or without a wireless connection.

There is an integrated Bluetooth connection that lets users stream music from their iPad, phones, and several other devices that are compatible.

As for other types of connections from external devices, it has ports for AUX, memory cards, and USB connections.

What this means is that you can have your USB flash or cards plugged in for the endless streaming of music.

Constructed in more digital displays and controlling buttons the Pyle Digital Audio Floor standing Bluetooth speaker is a great choice.

If you intend to get a new set of floor standing speakers with wireless connectivity, then this should be your go-to system.

Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor Standing Speaker

This set of Bluetooth floor standing speakers is an amazing addition to your home as it will give your home entertainment system a total facelift.

The pioneer SP-FS52 floor-standing speaker has a sleek design that makes it compact and helps you save space and fit in seamlessly wherever you place it whether it’s at the end of the TV cabinet or the TV.

Apart from the sleek and compact nature, this Bluetooth speaker has a heavy-duty and wide base that makes sure that the speaker stays in position.

This speaker additionally has three surface woofers that ensure you get a greater bass response whenever you listen to your music.

The brand new design of crossover attached to this loudspeaker gives it the ability to deliver impeccable sound quality and performance regardless of how low the power is.

The impeccable attention to detail does not end there because this speaker also has a dome tweeter that is included to delineate the radiation of the frequency to make sure that you get a smooth and steady flow of music regardless of the volume.

The Pioneer SP-FS52 Bluetooth floor standing speaker is a great choice to utilize for ameliorating several sources of sound quality ranging from DVDs, movies, CDs, gaming, and several others.

Pyle Bluetooth 2 Way Floor Standing Speaker

The Pyle PSUFM1035A is another amazing Bluetooth floor standing speaker for music equipped with a two-way speaker system that has an SD card reader.

Additionally, this Bluetooth floor-standing speaker has a subwoofer that matches seamlessly with model PSUFM.

 This surround sound system is also joined with three flashing DJ lights that can be switched on and off.

This floor-standing speaker is also equipped with two microphones and speaker-out clips in case you have an additional passive speaker.

This Bluetooth floor standing speaker is equipped with a display screen that gives you access to the playtime, the number of songs, and the frequency of the FM radio. 

This speaker also accommodates an added bass response speaker stand mount. This Pyle floor standing speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can find in the market with display lights.

Sykik tower TSME26, high power 60W Tower Speaker with Bluetooth

This is one of the most powerful Bluetooth floor standing speakers as it has over 100W RMS music power.

The TSME38 High Tower Bluetooth speaker has an attached subwoofer, one tweeter, and a pair of mid-range to ensure impeccable sound performance.

Additionally, this Bluetooth floor-standing speaker has been constructed with complete remote control with separate treble and bass controls alongside SD and USB port, FM radio, and RCA audio. Everything about this Bluetooth floor standing speaker is just loveable.

Buyer’s Guide Of Best Floor Standing Speakers

At this point in the article, you have probably decided to purchase one of the Bluetooth floor standing speakers listed.

To ascertain the perfect speaker to purchase to set up your home entertainment system you need more time to make your decision.

Well, luckily for you we have come up with some tips to help you decide the one you want.

Get Your Space Measured

One thing you cannot overlook is your apartment space before making any purchase. Why you need to put your room space into consideration is to make sure you do not end up with a speaker that may be bigger than the space you intend to place it.

Space Measured
Space Measured

Some of these designs are perfect for TV cabinets while the others are perfect for standing alone and look good fitting perfectly into your home décor.

Apart from that, some of these speakers appear larger than they are when you place them at the corner of the room.

The Size Of The Speakers           

The size of the speaker follows the last point because the size of your room plays a great role in the size of the speaker.

Another thing is that the bigger a speaker is, the more expensive it is likely to be so if you are going to get a large speaker get ready to spend some reasonable amount of cash.

If all you need is a speaker to complete your gaming entertainment system, getting a small one is a great move.

However, if you desire to pair the speakers with your home entertainment system then bigger ones would suffice.

The Tweeter On The Speakers

“The higher the quality, the higher the audio quality of the speaker”, what this means is that you must put the type of tweeter your eventual speaker has into consideration.

These speakers consist of cone tweeter, horn tweeter; long-throw tweeter, dome tweeter, and several others. All of these tweeters function differently in terms of sound performance.

Are Bluetooth Speakers Better Than Wi-Fi Speakers?

When it comes to wireless music streaming, Bluetooth is the first thing that comes to mind.

However, Bluetooth is not the only feature that allows wireless streaming, Bluetooth is very easy to set up and is very direct.

It also allows you to stream some top-notch music thanks to innovations by some of the world’s best manufacturers.

On its own, Bluetooth does not have any multi-room tricks, however, stereo can be set up in pairs by some speakers via mobile applications and a wireless mesh can be created among different speakers by others to ensure multi-room audio.

In the case of Wi-Fi, it has to do with streaming music online via platforms like; Google Cast, Apple Airplay alongside different speaker brands.

The bandwidth Wi-Fi handles are more than what Bluetooth handles or can handle which means the fidelity audio it supports is significantly higher.

Your home network can also be integrated by Wi-Fi that allows you to play audio seamlessly from any device without your pairing.

The hitch about Wi-Fi is that you must have a network connection to connect to your mobile device or else it is useless.

The different standards of Wi-Fi connote that different gadgets and devices may or may not be always available to stream over the device, this may not be a big issue as opposed to previous times due to Google cast.

If you have a stable network and want to play music from different sources and not stay limited to the ones on your mobile device then you can and by all means should opt for Wi-Fi Connectivity but if Bluetooth is your thing because of the simplicity and convenience it offers I suggest you stick with it.

Final Thoughts

This information on the best Bluetooth floor standing speakers has certainly made your choice easier. Pick any one of them and thank us later.

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