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The Best Powered Floor Standing Speakers In 2023

If our previous articles on home speakers have motivated you to assemble your home entertainment system, then this is the perfect place for you as we under list the best-powered floor standing speakers in 2022 to form a part of your home entertainment system.

Manufacturers in the audio technology industry have always carefully built floor standing speakers intending to have them stand firm on the floor and perfectly delineating a considerable amount of vibration.

Floor standing speakers may often sound muffled. However well-constructed models come with amazing features, performance quality, and enough power that would blow your mind.

Buyer’s Guide for Powered Floor Standing Speakers

What Is A Floor Standing Speaker?

The term is quite self-explanatory; a floor standing speaker is a speaker that stands on the floor.

They can be referred to as “tower” or “free-standing” speakers due to their size, which ensures they produce a more significant sound performance as opposed to their smaller counterparts.

Floor standing speakers are renowned for being the biggest kinds of home speakers mostly with heights of three to four to inches. They are huge

A floor-standing speaker permeates a room much more than their smaller counterparts; as a result of this, individuals who love to enjoy their sound to the max prefer floor standing speakers.

Some floor standing speakers replicate the feeling of being in a live cinematic and music theater/concert.

The best ones do not only replicate the feeling, but they also give you the experience.

In this list of the best-powered floor standing speakers most of the speakers will literally give you that live experience, I mentioned earlier.

Floor standing speakers do not usually need augmentation as they effortlessly respond well to lower frequencies. However, there are a few insatiable ones around.

The size of a floor-standing speaker is really just a design concept. This connotes that the footprint may sometimes share the same size with a monitor speaker or bookshelf speaker.

Floor standing speakers are usually preferred for large homeowners and they are usually set up for left, right, and the main channels to fully permeate the apartment, although some high-end models are strong enough to stand alone and offer the same sound quality.

How Do I Position My Floor Standing Speakers?

Although the position of your floor-standing speaker may not be instrumental to the quality of sound it would emanate as a subwoofer can facilitate, but this does not mean it should be overlooked.

Floor standing speakers cannot just be placed at any spot, a few things have to be taken into consideration.

Several individuals place their floor-standing speakers on their television, allowing a little bit of space at the back of the speakers.

Other people strategically place their floor-standing speakers around their apartment’s living room for the sound to permeate the environment.

However, if your floor-standing speakers are placed in corners with no space behind them, the sound performance quality would be deterred as they need ample space for them to be fully enjoyed.

So at the end of the day, the position of your floor standing speaker is dependent on how you prefer your sound.

Things To Look Out For When Purchasing A Floor Standing Speaker

Most individuals who are newbies to Floor standing speakers find it difficult to purchase the most suitable floor-standing speaker.

This is a problem because they do not know what they want. Here we are going to discuss the things you need to look out for when purchasing a floor-standing speaker.

Modern Floor Standing speakers are renowned for offering theater-level surround sound that permeates a room without occupying too much of your floor space.

The most vital thing to look out for is sensitivity and acoustic reactance which has to be blend with the capacities of your amplifier.

You have more flexible options if you haven’t made your amplifier choice yet. However, you still need to put both your speaker and amplifier choice into consideration when you make your purchase.

The footing of a speaker’s cabinet is also vital. If your floors are hard your best bet is rubber, you should go for spikes if you have carpet.

Always keep in mind that a floor-standing speaker’s quality of sound performance is stifled by its environment, they perform better in spacious environments at higher volumes.

The Best Powered Floor Standing Speakers

BIC Acoustech 3 Way Floor Standing Speakers

We kick off our list with a great model from the BIC brand. The BIC Acoustech PL-980L-PL-980R pair of Floor standing speakers are great choices to consider as they have one of the most unique mids a speaker could have.

The onboard and circuitry technology emanates a properly balanced sound due to being updated.

The BIC pair comes with dual high-end 8” passive bass radiators and woofers for expansive lower frequencies.

The BIC Acoustech PL has beautifully sheltered in a magnet-covered lacquer enclosure and they are a whopping 47 inches in height.

The mere sight of these powered beauties would give any audiophile a rush.

Why You Should Buy Them:

  • Articulated Mids
  • Horn Floor speakers
  • It has a 3 Way Class, speakers

Pioneer SP-FS52 Home Audio Floor Standing Loudspeaker

This beautiful piece of speaker design artistry would steal your heart at first glance. Premium products like the Pioneer SP-FS52 are the perfect choice for you if you are not afraid to lose a few bucks for top quality.

The advanced crossover circuitry engineering of the Pioneer SP-FS52 places it atop its peers.

Despite its fair price rate, these Floor standing speakers outperform even more powerful and expensive floor standing speakers.

Standing at 35 inches, the Pioneer offers astounding bass response due to its three woofers which equip it with a room permeating depth.

As if that wasn’t enough, they are additionally equipped with 1 dome tweeter designed and crafted based on waveguide technology.

The performance duties are delegated between the drivers through a crossover equipped with 8 “grade A” components as opposed to a basic crossover.

Why You Should Buy Them:

  • Sophisticated crossover
  • Triple tweeter and woofer combination
  • Beautiful and curved cabinet design

BIC America Acoustech Platinum Series PL-89

BIC America makes another emergence in our list with the Platinum Series PL-89. This powered floor standing speakers present identical hard rock music band level sound as their previously mentioned counterpart, they are additionally horn speakers as well.

They cost about three times less than the previously aforementioned floor standing speakers of the same brand.

Although they are cheaper they still come equipped with the top-notch components, next-level tech, and “grade A” expertise of the aforementioned.

The platinum series Pl-89 is equipped with next-level crossover circuitry which is instrumental to great dynamics and definition in sound performance.

Just like their counterpart they are visually delightful with their beautiful design and black finish.

Why You Should Buy Them:

  • Horn speaker
  • Incredible 2-way class set
  • Amazing frequency response

Audio Pro T20 Bluetooth Wireless Home Theater Floor Standing

The Audio Pro Add-on T-20 is an eye-catching deluxe-powered floor-standing speaker. This sleek and stylish set is the massive combination of years of perfection in Swedish engineering.

The Audio Pro is built with “grade A” components alongside drivers which ensure astounding sound performance.

The ¾ textile dome tweeter crafted from woven synthetic materials performs at a superb level and the dual woofers produce deep bass.

The Audio Pro Bluetooth function allows users to connect to various Bluetooth-enabled devices and offers unprecedented and unparalleled levels of sound clarity and quality as opposed to other wireless speakers.

Why You Should Buy Them:

KEF Q550 Floor standing Speaker

The KEF Q550 not appearing in a list of best-powered floor speaker stands would be a sin punishable by a prison sentence.

KEF has designed some of the best products that have blazed trails over and over again in the audio technology industry.

 The Q550 is a bestial, classy floor-standing speaker pair that is a surefire pacesetter.

Low distortion inductor comes with the crossover with better accuracy than previous installations.

The KEF Q550 comes with redesigned and reinvigorated enclosures to heighten bass frequencies.

A rear suspension mechanism accompanies the bass radiators to ensure perfect bass.  

A bigger roll-surround accompanies the low-frequency drivers, with the tweeters equipped with a tube design making them all the more effective.

All in all the KEF Q550 is powered floor speaker stand personified.

Why You Should Buy Them:

  • Eighth generation model with various improvements
  • Flawless bass performance
  • Premium quality parts

Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker

The Polk Audio monitor 70 comes with the infamous Polk sturdy construction is a next-generation floor-standing piece of speaker art.

The drivers are equipped with neodymium magnets that have the ability of high outputs, featuring decent methods of damping in the confines of housing and they have an astounding performance.

The Polk Audio monitor 70 is equipped with double bass drivers that balance low frequencies with one especially focusing on the midranges.

Why You Should Buy Them:

  • Outstanding bass performance
  • High quality and quite affordable
  • An updated version of an original best seller

Dali Oberon 5 Floor standing Speaker

The Dali Oberon 5 Floor standing speakers sound great and are quite entertaining.

When you first purchase them, they may take a little getting used to, but after some time, they offer a great audio treat, they are responsive in low frequencies.

The Dali Oberon 5 has rhythmic precision, dynamic subtlety and transparency to make a listener experience the full sound quality of the most subtle of songs.

The Dali Oberon 5 comes in a beautiful design with a black finish. They pay attention to detail dishing out low instrumental strings with allay.

The black design makes them an easy fit in any home regardless of the décor. They ensure outstanding performance at an unbelievable price.

The Dali Oberon 5 could pass for the single best-powered floor-standing speaker hands down.

Why You Should Buy Them:

  • Beautifully designed
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Smooth delivery void of distortion

Dynaudio Xeo 30 Floorstanding Speakers

The Dynaudio XEO 30 is a wireless powered floor standing speaker that does not need an amplifier to be driven.

However, you would require an extra control box but they are still bestial in their performance.

The XEO 30 is an updated version of Dynaudio’s XEO 6; it comes with updated tuning and DSP.

The Dynaudio XEO 30 is beautifully designed, with a cleric white finish. With a sound performance quality that would leave your neighbors jealous.

The Dynaudio is a must-have.

Why You Should Buy Them:

  • Beautiful white colored design
  • An upgrade of the Dynaudio XEO 6
  • Great sound performance

Polk Audio RTI A9 Floor Standing Speaker

The Polk Audio RTI A9 is a beautifully designed floor standing speaker that offers great sound performance, producing incredible volume.

The RTI A9 does not produce any distorted sound whatsoever, they sound great regardless of the song or song type you play.

Equipped with double 5.25-inch polymer composite cone drivers and a trifecta of 7-inch polymer composite subs, this audio tech masterpiece has each of its cabinets designed from MDF production and sports a classy and beautiful exterior.

The Polk Audio RTI A9 performs well, as a matter of fact, you can listen to your old songs again with these gems and hear parts and details you never knew were there in the first place.

Why You Should Buy Them:

  • Beautifully designed
  • Amazing sound performance
  • Three 7 inch polymer composite subs

Induction Dynamics 3 Way/ 4 Way Floor Standing Speaker

The Induction Dynamics ID1 offers some of the best sound performance to ever come out of a floor-standing speaker.

They are equipped with double 10 mica graphite poly cone subs and are blended with distinct filter circuits that inhibit resonance peaks and produce a generally full sound performance.

With the impressive features, it is of little surprise that these speakers have great sounding bass.

The speakers offer a live cinematic and music concert experience right in your living room.

When the volume is turned up to the max these powered Floor standing speakers still sound smooth, clear, and brilliant.

The Induction ID1 is beautifully and stylishly designed and would blend into any apartment apace despite your home décor.

It comes in a glossy black finish which would add to the visual appeal of your apartment without stealing the spotlight, except of course when it is operational.

These Floor standing speakers are your best bet if you seek to fully maximize your music experience.

Why You Should Buy Them:

  • Top sound quality regardless of frequency
  • Outstanding sound performance even at high volumes
  • Clear, crisp and clean bass performance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Floor Standing Speakers

Are Floor Standing Speakers The Best?

Well, floor standing speakers are usually huge enough to stand firmly on the ground without a need to be kept up by speaker stands.

They are mostly designed with multi drivers, midrange, bass drivers and tweeter.
 Floor Standing speakers are known for having more bass output and play much louder than other speaker types.

However, most of them do not happen to be full-range speakers. So if you have a thing for imposing speakers, deep bass and loud music, then yes floor standing speakers are the best for you.

What Is The Difference Between a Floor Standing Speaker And A Bookshelf Speaker

The difference between a floor standing and a bookshelf speaker is quite glaring.

The bookshelf speaker is a light and short sound system that can easily be contained in a bookshelf while a floor-standing speaker is thin and tall kike a tower (they are also referred to as tower speakers).

The sound performance of floor standing speakers are mostly better than those of bookshelf speakers, also floor standing speakers are mostly more powerful than their bookshelf counterpart.

It is worthy of note that I used the word “mostly”, as there are a few occasions where some distinct bookshelf speakers can stand toe to toe with floor standing speakers and even best them.

Can You Mount Floor Standing Speakers?

Well, …that would be a sight, wouldn’t it? There is a reason they are called “floor standing speakers”, they are meant to stand on the floor. 

Floor Standing Speakers mostly provide balanced surround sound anyways, which is why most individuals hang their speakers in the first place; to get the best of sound quality.

Finally, how would you even begin to mount a floor-standing speaker, some of these things weigh around 30 t0 40 pounds and even more.

If you attempt to mount a floor-standing speaker on your wall, one of three things will happen.

You would just end up with endless holes on your wall because the nails would keep falling off

You would have to get a new set of floor standing speakers…because yes they will fall and break. These things are heavy.

So finally to answer that question, no you cannot mount a floor-standing speaker, you shouldn’t, that’s not the purpose.

Do Floor-standing Speakers Need A Subwoofer

Well, this is very subjective. Whether or not you need a subwoofer for your floor standing speakers is dependent on the size of your room, your taste in sound performance and the features of the floor-standing speaker.

Sometimes it is beneficial to use a distinct subwoofer with floor standing speakers.

For you to be able to use a sub on your floor-standing speaker, you need to ascertain the perfect position for bass reproduction.

By the utilization of a subwoofer, you have the opportunity to try out different positions in your apartment where the subwoofer can generate the silkiest and most extended bass, and also augment the speaker’s general power handling via the removing the issue of low bass reproduction from the main floor standing speakers.

Furthermore, a system’s bass reproduction’s gap can be bridged by a sub via filling in frequencies down to 20 hertz.

Subs are mostly used for small-sized speakers with inhibited bass, but the bass performance of a floor-standing speaker can be effectively extended by subs.

Finally, many floor standing speakers tackle the issue of deep bass by fixing inbuilt high-end subs that enhance their reproduction of frequencies effectively into the range of the sub-bass.

So if money is no issue for you, the sound performance of these kinds of speakers can be boosted by the addition of an even more vigorous sub.

However, whatever you do, make sure that the sub you eventually go for is stronger than the floor standing speakers lest it would be an effort in futility.

Professional Advice

Due to their larger frame and heightened features, Floor standing speakers offer some of the best bass performance.

However, if you are a die-hard bass enthusiast you have the option of connecting your speakers to a subwoofer to kick things up a notch.

Final Thoughts

The speaker market is clouded with a lot of quality standing speakers. The only problem you can encounter is finding the most suitable one for you.

Like every shopping plan, your budget influences what you will eventually purchase, but the options we have in this list of the best-powered floor standing speakers have narrowed down some of the best in 2022.

Every speaker on this list is at the top of their respective classes. We have gone through meticulous research to give you a wide range of options to suit your budget regardless of its size.

We have endeavored to thoroughly disclose what each spec offers to ensure you have an informed online shopping experience.

The floor-standing speaker is the be-all and end-all of any top-level sound system and the advantages toot their horns.

With our buyer’s guide, you have all the tools required to upgrade your audio.

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