How To Connect PA Speakers To Amplifiers

Welcome to this blog post, where we will be discussing how to connect PA speakers to amplifiers to receive quality sound.

I know it might sound easy to set up but the truth is the public address (PA) system or commercial audio system is different from the home theatre setup because of several requirements and situational applications needed for the setup.

The PA speakers serve multipurpose for different users because they can be used on several occasions and locations like shopping malls schools stations office buildings factories and other types of commercial applications.

Connecting PA speakers to an amplifier can be quite daunting for someone who is not familiar with the process. However, with the right information in hand, it can be fairly easy to do.

When you playback your creation in the audience, it’s fascinating, but when they applaud and cheer for you, you can’t help but feel that sense of satisfaction.

Treat your ears and share your music with the world by hooking up your speakers to your amplifier.

There is no doubt amplifiers contribute to the profitability of your business. Having a good amplifier would give you the amplification of sound function that you need.

On the other hand, having a poor amplifier can affect something negatively that needs an amplifier such as a PA system.

If you are not familiar with the term PA, or public address systems, they are sound systems designed to be used for public events.

The system is the same setup found in a music club’s DJ booth, but because it’s designed for use by the general public it has to be made more robust than your standard speakers.

PA systems are also highly used in classrooms, parks, and other places that require public announcements and speeches. Here is how you can connect pa speakers to amplifiers:


Before you learn how to connect PA speakers to amplifiers you should be conversant with the types of equipment used for this setup and they are;

Low-impedance systems:

The output impedance of the audio system must match the amplifier input. To ensure safety when using professional speakers, recommended speaker cables should be used.

The impedance of the speaker output does not change, so it must match the input impedance of the amplifier.

To connect low-impedance PA speakers to an amplifier, use a speaker cable with a low impedance of 8 ohms or 4 ohms. The low-impedance output of the amplifier will provide a high current to the speakers.

Low impedance speaker systems are mostly used in home theaters, conference rooms, live events, and other applications.

In these venues, the loudspeakers are relatively close to the amplifier, and there is no need to connect a lot of speakers since they’re usually well optimized.

As a result, there is no need for low impedance. In addition, because many people require high-quality sound in home theaters if they are properly connected.

High-impedance systems:

70V line/100V line or constant-voltage amplifiers are high impedance audio systems that use higher voltage and lower current to output sound.

If the distance between the powered speaker and amplifier is relatively long, it’s easy to connect several speakers so far they don’t exceed the limit of the amplifier.

In a high impedance system, a transformer is used in the circuit to lower its impedance. This makes it more suitable for places where sound quality is not as important as it may be in public spaces.

Sound systems such as paging systems, intercoms, and sound booths are used in places such as schools, offices, department stores, and athletic fields.

Amplifiers to use and their differences

A Power amp or amplifier works by making an amplification of several sound signals to produce sounds from powered speakers.

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So in technicality what an amplifier does is that it makes a conversion off alternative current to direct current. Afterward, it delivers several voltages at different frequencies to the loudspeakers for sound amplification.

Making consideration of the Dynamics, distortion, impedance, control functions, application scenarios, and use ranges these are the three types of amplifiers we will recommend:

Power amplifier: Also called a power amplifier or a post-amplifier. It is connected to the powered speakers in front of them.

The primary goal is to boost the audio signal and give enough power to drive the powered speaker, resulting in a more powerful sound. This is the most well-known amplifier.

Pre-amplifier: Between the audio source and the power amplifier, this is connected. The main goal is to increase the voltage, act as a signal amplifier, supply the correct audio level signal, and change the sound quality.

In terms of audio quality, pre-amplifiers are crucial

Mixer amplifier:  This is often used in professional audio production. It combines the circuits of the preamp and power amp into one piece.

The function is a combination of the two or adding more functions, such as independent volume control, adding EQ IN/EQ OUT.

It enables more comprehensive and advanced functionalities to be realized by external professional mixers or digital audio processors.

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How to match PA Speakers to amplifiers

this is where you get to learn how to connect your PA speakers to your amplifier to give you quality sound and trust me from this tutorial it will be very easy for you to handle so far you pay good attention to this post.

PA speakers

The main thing here is choosing which system to use because it depends on where the system will be used, the kind of effect you want to achieve, and the kind of environment you want to play it in.

To make this connection use the constant impedance amplifier to connect to your low impedance speakers and then use the constant voltage amplifier to connect your high impedance speakers.

Most times the low impedance systems are being used to generate good sound quality for the home theatre applications and meeting rooms while the high impedance systems are being used in large-scale commercial applications to achieve cost-effectiveness.

Due to the recent advancement in technology the PA systems have amplifiers that are now fully equipped with constant impedance interfaces and constant voltage interfaces.

You can easily connect to 4ohm/8ohm and 100V/70V lines simultaneously.

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In conclusion, Some people believe that connecting your PA speakers to an amplifier, might not be the most advisable thing to do.

However, other alternatives exist like using passive speakers or just making use of powered speakers alone. But we hope the steps we explained in this post would help you easily connect your speakers to your amplifier and give you the best quality sound.

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