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The Best Yamaha Floor Standing Speakers

Yamaha has been in the speaker manufacturing industry for the better part of five decades and has given speaker users some of the best sound systems.

The company constantly re-invent itself to fit into the time and the fast pace of the world and we are grateful for that.

In this review, we will discuss some of the best Yamaha Floor Standing Speakers in the market today.

These speakers have been selected according to price, sound performance, quality, durability, and of course customer preference.

The Best Yamaha Floor Standing Speakers

Yamaha NS-777 3-Way Bass Reflex Tower Speaker

The Yamaha NS-777 is a three-way speaker equipped with a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, dual 8-inch woofers, and a midrange driver.

The speaker’s system is equipped with a highly oriented polyolefine design for a better seamless response, flatter frequency response, and higher power handling.

The speaker has a magnetic shield to allow positioning close to a TV without image distortion. The Yamaha NS-777 has better material for improved sound performance.

The dynamic range of Dolby Digital soundtracks places rigorous pressure on speakers that reproduce it. This is the reason Yamaha has built an exclusive loudspeaker cone material.

This cone material is incredibly sturdy, yet fantastically light. It gives you a dynamic sound with little or no distortion and an impressive transient response.

The cone material is equipped with low resonance, high strength, and low weight resulting in better transient response, flatter frequency response, and higher power handling.

With the Yamaha NS-777 Dolby Digital system, the drivers reproduce its surround channels in full stereo, which has an audibly identical full frequency response and dynamic range with the front.

These receivers are constructed with the same amount of power as the surrounding channels placed at the front.

When speakers are placed too close to the TV, they can make your visual bend or cause the colors to bleed.

That is why the Yamaha NS-777 speakers have magnetic shielding to cancel out magnetic fields and any possible interference with external appliances in your home theater system.

The speakers can be placed anywhere even directly by the side of your TV without picture degradations and distortions.

Yamaha NSF51 Floor standing Speakers

The Yamaha NS-F51 floor-standing pair of speakers is a high-performance two-way speaker equipped with a 1-inch soft dome tweeter and two cone woofers.

It takes advantage of a 97cm large, tall capacity cabinet to give you impeccable bass tones, and with a bracing system that subsides the resonance of the cabinet.

The speaker’s wooden circuit board in a circuit network displays the adherence to sound quality not just when you are watching movies, but also for different media sources like streaming music, MP3, and CDs.

The cabinets of the Yamaha NS-F51 are rounded to delineate any murky sound caused by diffraction effects. Enjoy a crisp and clear natural sound that won’t bore you regardless of how long you listen.

Treat yourself to luxury with the Yamaha NS-F51’s front grille equipped with slanted corners and a design that reminds you of the company’s flagship speakers.

The rounded shape of the speakers’ cabinet will allow it to seamlessly fit into your home theater space.

With a visually appealing design and impeccable sound performance, this pair of floor standing speakers are perfect for any home theater system setup.

Combining nuanced high-end and powerful bass allows you to enjoy the subtle atmosphere of romance and the low-end high-octane sequence of an action scene.

Yamaha NS-F901PN 3-Way Bass-Reflex Floor Standing Speaker

Yamaha creates Soavo speakers based on the company’s lengthy and rich history and experience, plus more than a hundred years of manufacturing musical instruments and over five decades of manufacturing speakers.

Just so that they can produce high-res sound sources with the best of quality, Yamaha equipped their NS-901 series with new speaker units that emanate impressive sound quality tuning to refine their expressive function even further.

These speakers will certainly deliver all the real-life audio excitement movies and music has to offer.  

This speaker is equipped with the company’s Advanced Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm accompanied with improved cone paper just to reproduce high-res sound sources.

Taking advantage of the Advanced Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm’s strong points; stability, extreme lightness, and rigidity, the Yamaha NS-F901 achieves very swift response, smoothness, and properly disseminated sound which reproduces information-rich sound sources with an impeccable density feeling.

The Yamaha NS-F901’s bass unit also adopts the Advanced Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm with a paper cone improved for high-resolution sound reproduction.

The use of a large ferrite non-shielded magnet ensures high drive power that provides an impeccable bass volume.

The bass it emanates has a deep scale sense, achieving both speed and power, coming out of the cone.

What this means is that the full strength of the waves is forced out via the air-port resulting in powerful, clear bass.

The impeccable design of the cabinet is incredibly imperative if you intend to create a speaker with top reproduction abilities.

The focal point is to delineate standing waves to make sure accuracy is at its highest and provide a full multi-dimensional sound with unparalleled surfaces, having the midrange and woofer sections separated by a slanted wall, and making the entire enclosure strong with a vertical ladder bracing.

Another part that cannot be overlooked is the cabinet’s three-way mitered build of its joints, achieved by Yamaha’s superiority in woodworking.

This technique ascertains extremely tight joints so the cabinet works like one single unit, providing accurate, powerful, and tight bass reproduction.

Yamaha NS-F700 – Floor Standing speakers

The innovative Yamaha NS-F700 pair of floor standing speakers deliver a dynamic and clear sound that seems live. One of the top reasons for this sound delivery is Yamaha NS-F700’s cabinet’s unparalleled design.

While designing them, Yamaha aimed to take full advantage of sound imaging and clarity, while internal standing waves are minimized, and a trapezoidal-like look that functions to delineate horizontal ones.

The result of this cabinet design is a very expansive, natural sound that makes the Ns-700 speakers perfect for both home theater use and multi-channel music of any genre.

The company’s exclusive Advanced Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm cones are incredibly rigid, sturdy, and light thanks to the utilization of low specific gravity material known as Poly-Methyl-Pentene which happens to weigh less than Polypropylene.

This material provides an incredibly swift response to me, as well as a fantastic midrange clarity and bass response.

Unwanted resonances are decreased to achieve the crisp frequency response that results in lifelike sounding vocals.

The speakers’ high-performance tweeter is equipped with an aluminum dome, with the company’s DC diaphragm that combines the voice coil and the diaphragm.

It is amazingly light but durable and transmits a copious amount of sound data (top-class detailed sound) for a denser sound field.

As a result, this tweeter produces crisp and clear highs regardless of the power levels. The internal build also draws on the design techniques of Soavo.

The midrange and woofer sections are separated by a slanted partition and a vertical ladder-Esque bracing positioned in the middle of both which improve the rigidity of the cabinet to prevent unwanted vibrations.

Yamaha’s impeccable woodworking ability is used to take advantage of the three-way mitered building of the joints of the cabinets.

This technique ensures incredibly tight joints so the whole cabinet becomes a single unit, enabling the reproduction of tight bass.

The Yamaha NS-F700 floor standing speakers are equipped with stands built to prevent tipping, which additionally has a top-notch finish that compliments the elegant design of the speaker nicely.

The cabinets of the speaker feature a visually appealing, environmentally friendly finish.

The Yamaha NS-F700 floor standing speakers’ piano black finish is constructed with the same equipment and making use of the same process to apply them as is used in the company’s best grand pianos.

Final Thoughts

Yamaha has been existent for the better part of a century; they produce everything relating to electronics and sound and always knock it out of the park with each product.

If you are looking to get a Yamaha floor standing speaker or you wish to upgrade your old set, then these aforementioned best Yamaha floor standing speakers in this review will be your best bet.

They have impeccable sound performance, are visually appealing, and of course like all Yamaha products they are durable.

If you have not tried any Yamaha speaker before and are still skeptical about these ones, well just remember Yamaha’s reputation for making top-quality products.

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