Everything About Aston Microphones: The Ultimate Guide

Aston microphones as a Microphone manufacturer is one of the best microphone producers in today’s market, but if you have ever wondered What shock mount fits Aston origin or Does Aston Spirit need a shock mount then this article is for you. See our article on AKG Microphones

When were Aston microphones founded:

The company was founded in January 2015.

Where are Aston microphones made?

The company still manufactures many of its products in the UK.

Are Aston microphones any good?

Yeah, starting with the release of its first microphone the Aston Origin – a high-performance cardioid condenser microphone utilizing a one-inch (1″) gold evaporated capsule. 

The company has had Multiple Awards because of its great microphones, so yeah Aston microphones are good.

Does Aston mic need phantom power?

Yes since Aston microphones are Condenser microphones, and condenser microphones require phantom power.

What is Aston Spirit good for?

Aston Spirit Condenser Microphone

The Aston Spirit mic is at its best as a vocal mic and with acoustic instruments, but with the switchable polar patterns and low noise characteristic it also suits room mic and distant micing roles.

Does Aston Spirit need a shock mount?

Since Aston Spirit doesn’t ship with a shock mount in its standard configuration and most large-diaphragm condenser microphones like the Aston Spirit mic must be shock-mounted to be usable, so you need a shock mount. 

What are the switches Aston origin microphone?

Aston Origin Condenser Microphone

There are two switches on the stainless steel casing: a 10dB pad and an 80Hz low-cut filter. 

Does the Aston origin need a shock mount?

Aston Universal Microphone Shock Mount

Yes, as it requires a shock mount cradle when recording bass instruments like feet, drums, and bass amps since it’s not shipped with a shock mount in its standard configuration.

What shock does mount fit Aston origin?

MXL Silver Shock Mount is comparable with Aston Origin Microphone.

What do the switches on the Aston Spirit do?

The switches on the Aston Spirit mic body help to select from Omni, Cardioid, or figure-of-eight polar patterns.

Some of Aston microphones are:

  1. The Aston Origin Condenser Microphone
  2. Aston Stealth Quality Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  3. Aston Spirit Condenser Microphone F7Z00

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