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23 Best Wireless Surround Sound System

Surround Systems has been a staple of our home electronic ensemble and it also doubles as part of the décor.

A great number of individuals like the cinema-like experience these gadgets conveniently provide without the stress of physically going to the cinema.

 Today we have a lot of homes furnished with some sort of home theater system it does seem great at first until you have to bother about the wires which can’t seem to be hidden no matter how much you try to conceal them.

Concealing them successfully might mean adding extra decors and knick-knacks to your walls which you may not want.

All that stress makes you want something better, more convenient, and stress-free; well a Wireless surround sound system is your convenient solution.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 23 best wireless surround systems you can find in the market right now.

This list has been influenced by product quality, performance, and customer preference

The 23 Best Wireless Surround Sound System

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4Ch 1000W Soundbar System

The Ultra 9.2.4Ch is Nakamichi’s most powerful and largest system, with a power output of 1,000W it is by far one of the most astounding wireless surround sound systems. The Ultra comes with large subwoofers and four rear speakers.

The NakamichiShockwafe Ultra comes with a black design and a plethora of accessories including; two subwoofers, a soundbar, two rear speakers, power cables for the woofers and soundbar, speaker cables for the satellite connection, remote with included batteries, AUX, HDMI 2.0, and TOSLINK audio cables, a warranty card and a user manual.

 Why You Should Buy This:

  • Outstanding design
  • Bluetooth connectivity as well as USB, AUX, HDMI and TOSLINK port
  • An incredible sound performance that duplicates a live cinematic experience.

Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio Theater System

The Enclave audio is one of the simplest systems there is, as opposed to their counterparts the enclave has equipped this sound system with five speakers.

The enclave can be easily used after an equally easy installment and offers a user-friendly enclave audio application.

The Enclave has a lovely all-black design made of hard plastic with a front grille covering designed with soft acoustic fabric.

It is quite heavy with the entire set weighing around 60 pounds, it comes with; a remote, a single HDMI cable, and a power cable for each speaker.

You have dual control options as the top panel is equipped with the same control options that come with the remote.

Every input and output cord is placed behind which allows connectivity to the incredibly large subwoofer which produces great bass performance when it comes to bass performance; the Enclave is the best surround sound system.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Visually appealing and elegant
  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding audio performance

Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

The Yamaha YAS happens to be the company’s first subwoofer wireless surround sound system which supports DTS X surround sound audio and it sounds great.

The Yamaha YAS comes with a beautiful black design, sleek, slim, and very stylish, made with hard plastic with the front, right and left panels covered with grille fabric.

It has a stylish and nice remote which is quite functional with a total of 16 buttons, digital optical cable, two power cables, and a mounting template.

The front panel is designed with a tiny silver strip with the company logo placed on the left side. All input ports are located on the rear panel.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Beautiful slim design
  • Small subwoofer requires little room space
  • Clear voice and outstanding audio

The JBL Bar 5.1 Home Theater Starter System

JBL happens to be one of the biggest players when it comes to the audio industry, they are prominent manufacturers of mobile wireless Bluetooth speakers like charge and pulse. The JBL Bar is the company’s wireless surround sound system.

If a home theater comes in a box, it would be the JBL Bar as it has several inputs and does not need an AV receiver.

The JBL has a beautiful black design, made with hard plastic and just like most of the wireless surround sound systems in this list comes with a remote, a soundbar, HDMI cable, wireless surround speakers, AUX cable, TOSLINK cable, user manual, calibration mic, and a year’s warranty.  

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Beautiful, simple and classy design
  • Volume can be adjustable with your TV remote
  • Goes into standby automatically after ten minutes of inactivity

Home Theater Speaker System By Pyle

The Home Theater Speaker System by Pyle is a great wireless surround sound system with a 300-watt peak power that ensures you have an amazing experience at home in terms of entertainment.

The speaker system allows you to connect a variety of devices with its five inputs added to the Bluetooth connectivity feature that easily connects to your Bluetooth-enabled gadgets, which means your mobile phone can function as the remote as you control your music choice and volume.

The Speaker system is equipped with remote control, four speakers and is compatible with a plethora of devices.

Why You Should Buy This

  • Comes with a copious amount of inputs
  • Convenient Bluetooth connectivity
  • Provides a cinematic entertainment experience

KEF Wireless Powered Music System

The KEF Wireless Powered Music system comes in a variety of colors. KEF redefines wireless with this surround sound system as the Wireless Powered music system is not only equipped with Bluetooth connectivity but it also has a wireless surround sound system.

Versatility a focal point in the production of this system as you have the option of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but you can go old school and use a wire with a USB port for a USB cable. 

The music system has a great all-round sound and is quite easy to use and set up. The small size allows you to get creative with repositioning it at your convenience.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Equipped with the latest of technology
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Amazing all-round sound and performance

Sony Sound Bar with Rear Speakers

Built with a compact, slim and simple design, the Sony soundbar like the KEF is comes with both WIFI and Bluetooth wireless features.

It has five sound modes that can be enjoyed from the wireless rear speakers.

The soundbar comes with a remote for convenient control.

It will enhance your music experience like never before allowing you to play for a long time with slow consumption of power. The sound system can be mounted on your wall conveniently.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Modern, slim, classy and compact design
  • Incredibly easy to install
  • The remote control is very efficient

Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 Channel Elite Sound Bar

The NakamichiShockwafe Elite is equipped with a variety of next-level features to give you an outstanding music experience.

The soundbar has 600 watts peak power which gives you a semblance of live cinematic experience boosted by a wireless subwoofer and two surround speakers.

The Surround sound system is equipped with remote, various audio processing engines that deliver clear loud, and uncompromising audio.

The Bluetooth is powerful with a wide range, my favorite feature of this system is the fact that it is not only easy to use, but it can connect up to six devices.

With these amazing features, the NakamichiShockwafe Elite soundbar is truly one of the best wireless surround systems.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Easy to operate with amazing performance
  • Ability to connect multiple devices
  • Gives you a live cinematic experience

Wohome wireless Audio sound Bar

The wohome wireless audio soundbar was designed with sound and clarity as to the focal point.

It can be utilized wirelessly and wired due to its Bluetooth and USB cord connectivity.

The sound is highly influenced by the included tubes; it is so effective that you would not need the subwoofer as opposed to other products.

The wohome can be placed in a standing position or mounted on the wall to maximize space and it comes with a remote

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Mountable on your wall
  • It is equipped with double bass reflex tubes
  • Amazing sound performance

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

The Logitech Z906 is a top-performing wireless surround sound system equipped with 500 watts of power which connects up to six devices; the 500 watts power gives the sound system a robust bass quality.

This system comes with five speakers which can be strategically placed around your room accompanied by the subwoofer allowing you to feel and enjoy the full depth of the bass.

It is equipped with a remote which allows you to tailor the sound to your preference putting you in full control of whatever you are listening to.

Customers especially love the Logitech surround sound system due to its high sound performance, touting it to be one of the best wireless surround sound systems.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Connects multiple devices
  • Outstanding sound performance
  • Beautiful black design

BEFREE SOUND BFS-520 Surround Sound

The BeFree sound BFS 5720 has an attention-grabbing black, beautiful, and sleek design. It is one of the best wireless Bluetooth surround sound systems that can connect to almost every device that supports Bluetooth connectivity.

With a max volume of 50db and s/n ratio of around 75db, the Befree is loud and clear enough to entertain a mini-theater hall without any distortion or noise.

It is user-friendly and best of all can connect to a copious amount of devices at the same time.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Pairs simultaneously with a variety of devices
  • Compatible with USB SD
  • Beautiful, sleek and classy design

Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V Home Theater Speaker System

The Bose Acoustimass 10 series v can be considered a big dog in the world of sound systems.

The design may not be eye-catching, but what the Acoustimass is lacking in design compensates for in performance.

The Bose Acoustimass 10 series v can deliver enough watt power and volume to be loud enough that it permeates the entire neighborhood.

 The Bose Acoustimass comes with high-resolution audio format files and features a wireless connection via airplay.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Deep bass and high noiseless sound performance
  • Comes with five speakers
  • Duplicates a live cinematic experience

Black Bose Lifestyle 650 Home System

The first thing you would notice about the bose lifestyle 650 home entertainment system is the sleek, modern, and classy design.

This design style is intentional as the lifestyle 650 was designed for the modern age.

It does not just have a lovely design as the bose lifestyle ticks all the boxes in the performance department equipped with Omni jewel satellite speakers which enable the surround sound system to offer a 360 degree sound. 

The system is easy to set up and your preference is easy to fine-tune due to the ADAPTIQ sound calibration system.

Why You Should Buy This:

Bose Sound Touch 120 Home Theater System

The Bose Sound Touch 120 is the wireless surround sound system rendition of the word “quality”.

First off the sound touch is linkable to almost any device via wireless connections to stream your preferred radio stations, playlists, channels, and a lot more.

It is, of course, able to connect to your home entertainment system to give you high definition and high-quality sound.

The performance level of the bose sound touch 120 does not make it difficult to set up and use, it is quite a breeze to commandeer and in no time you will get just the right sound you desire.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Customizable sound
  • Up to four HDMI units are available
  • Quality design and performance

Bose Lifestyle SoundTouch 135 System

One of the most notable features of the Bose lifestyle Sound touch is its seamless ability to stream the audio regardless of the source.

This wireless surround sound system has a black, sleek, and classy design and is quite easy to set up and use. 

The advanced configuration of this system has allowed you to customize it to your convenience.

Up to six music and HD video sources can be connected to the bose lifestyle. 

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Features NFC pairing
  • Multiple HDMI inputs
  • Beautifully designed

LG LHD657 Bluetooth Multi-Region

The LG LHD657 allows you to experience the wireless powerful sound and it is compatible with all DVDs.

This wireless surround sound system comes with an FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, and 1000 watts of power.

The Bluetooth connectivity can be enjoyed via your iPad, laptop, tablet, or your mobile devices.

One of the most prominent features of the LHD657 is the karaoke function which can be enjoyed with family and friends. The device is easy to set up and use.

.Why You Should Buy This:

  • The karaoke function
  • Up to 100 watts of power
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Onkyo HT-S3900 5.1-Channel Home Theater

This portable wireless surround sound system has a sound performance that duplicates a live cinematic experience despite its portable size.

The Onkyo 5.1 does not only come with an HDMI function but it is equipped with an audio return channel to enhance your television viewing experience.

The Bluetooth connectivity can be connected to your mobile devices at your convenience.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Portable and consumes little room space
  • Great sound performance despite its size
  • Bluetooth connectivity function

Yamaha YHT-5920UBL 5.1-Channel Home Theater

The visually pleasant Yamaha YHT is one of the most talked-about wireless surround sound systems.

It does not only come with long-range Bluetooth connectivity, but it is also a unique sound system that allows connecting from whatever room you are in your apartment.

With the Yamaha YHT, you can connect with Spotify or apple and still be ensured of amazing all-round sound performance.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • The USB connection on the front panel
  • Five channel speaker
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

ASIYUN Soundbar 10W Wired and Wireless Speaker

The ASIYUN would be a great addition to any home entertainment and multimedia system. It offers wireless connectivity options, a variety of modes, and preset and sound capabilities that you can choose from.

 It is antimagnetic and has an amazing standalone speaker that delivers the clearest of sounds that you desire with little or no distortions, crackling, or noise. 

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Multifunctional: can be used at home for your TV or outside with a projector
  • One year warranty
  • Multiple wireless connectivity options including Bluetooth

LuguLake TV SoundBar 3D Surround Wireless System

The LuguLake TV soundbar provides easy connectivity regardless of the device, whether an apple, android, or a DVD player.

 The sound Bar is lightweight, sleek, and can be mounted on the wall which gives you a plethora of design options.

It is advisable to mount the speakers strategically around you so that the ambiance of the sound would “surround” you, give you a top-class experience.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Wireless remote
  • Lifetime tech support and a year’s warranty
  • Six colored LED speaker (suitable for a house party)

Polk Audio Omni SB1 Plus Sound Bar System

With the Polk Audio Omni SB1 Plus, you have very little to worry about in regards to setting up the attached remote control as this device has a learning feature that amazingly transfers information from your cable or TV remote.

Talk about next-level technology.

The beautifully designed black wireless surround sound system gives you first-class sound and all-round experience.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Up to eight wireless subwoofers that fill your room with amazing deep bass which enhances your listening experience
  • Incredible learning feature
  • Beautiful and astounding design

Bose Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Surround Speakers (PAIRS)

The Bose virtually invisible 300 is the smallest ever speaker produced by the company.

Regardless of its size, the invisible 300 produces outstanding sound with the absence of any distortions.

 Due to its size the Bose virtually invisible lives up to its name as it can entertain you at home or anywhere without being insight (or close to you due to its wireless features).

The Bose virtually invisible 300 shows the world of speaker technology that size does not always matter.

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Incredibly portable and handy
  • The wireless function allows easy placement at your convenient room location
  • Amazing sound performance despite its size

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is another portable wireless surround sound system produced by Bose. The mini speaker sports a dated design imitating radios from the late 60s and early 70s. 

This speaker is so portable that it would fit in your hands, which means that you have very little to worry about when it comes to space.

Despite its size, the SoundLink has an amazing sound that most speakers twice its size cannot boast of.

Its wireless connectivity allows you to connect to different devices and gadgets with its 10-hour long playtime and fast charge function. 

Why You Should Buy This:

  • Lasts long and charges fast
  • Portable
  • Speakerphone


Wireless surround sound systems are all the rave right now, if you are looking to trade in your old one or have not had a taste of your first wireless surround sound system, then any of the aforementioned in this list of the 23 best wireless surround sound system will be suitable. 

We will continue to give you the latest updates in speaker technology, thanks for reading.

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