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Which is the best DVD Player to buy finally reviewed!!

So you’re thinking of which DVD player should I buy? Getting a DVD player is a good thing, especially when you buy one of the best ones in the market.

Over the years, DVD technology has experienced a lot of revolutions, and now it is well-streamlined for better home entertainment.

There are lots of DVD players available in the market making it quite difficult to choose a perfect one to improve your home entertainment.

However, it isn’t obvious that a lot of people seem confused when it comes to choosing between buying a DVD player or a Blu-ray player.

Well, DVD players are very well advanced now, they send clear signals to your TV, as well as provide pure sound quality. Also, they are versatile and can play VCDs and CDs.

Here are the best DVD Players available in the market, which are worth your budget. We carefully tested these products and irrespective of their rankings; you can get anyone that seems to fit into your budget very well.


1. Sony DVPSR DVD Player with HDMI

Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player, with HDMI

We’re starting up our list with the Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player, a great DVD player with an HDMI port. It supports 1080P Upscaling, JPEG, MP3 Playback, Multi-band TV Remote, and Multi-Disc resume.

This DVD Player requires just about 110-240V, 50 / 60Hz power to function, and it can play a wide variety of video formats. Well, it is not a Blu-ray disc player, so you shouldn’t expect it to play your original movies.

The slim and compact design of this DVD player blends with most home décor and adds a new style to your home entertainment system. You will enjoy HD picture quality and pure sound from this versatile player.

Interestingly, this Sony DVD system can record resume points of up to 6 previously played discs, and start from where you stopped watching when you put back the discs.

You can enjoy the following playbacks on this player – CD-R/RW, DVD-RW/ Plus R/ Plus R DL, DVD-RW/-R/-R DL (including 8cm DVD), MP3, JPEG, WMA, AAC, and linear PCM playback.

Remote control comes along with this DVD player for swift controls. The connection technology of this DVD player is HDMI for better performance.

  • HDMI connection
  • Supports a wide variety of playback formats
  • Energy Star Ultra Slim design
  • Plays dual-layer discs without interruption
  • Good price
  • Some users complained that the player didn’t last long

2. Black Panasonic DVD-S700 Player

Black Panasonic DVD-S700 player

This is another impressive DVD Player designed by Panasonic. It comes with a bunch of features and offers more flexibility.

The Panasonic DVD-S700can up-convert DVD videos to Full-HD 1080p videos with clear details. It provides you with smooth, rich videos from virtually any DVD.

Plus, it supports Dolby Digital sound for DVDs and CDs. Panasonic has carefully designed this DVD player to offer the best-in-class experience for enjoying your DVD movies or CD playbacks.

Interestingly, this player can read and load content from USB flash drives or card readers. It requires an AC power of 120V, 60Hz for this DVD player to power and function.

This player is a vast, easy-to-use home entertainment player that supports a wide variety of formats, which includes DVD-ROM/R/RW/+R/+RW, CD(CD-DA)/CG-G/VCD/SVCD. Your discs will resume from where you stopped when you play them with this DVD player.

The ability of this DVD player to play rewritable discs, as well as media from USB drives is one of the reasons a lot of people love it.

Audio is accessed via HDMI or analog stereo outputs as there are no digital optical and coaxial audio outputs supported by this player.

This player is quite easy to use, and there’s a remote controller that comes along with it.

  • F-HD video up-conversion option
  • Widely versatile
  • Supports playing media from USB drives
  • The design requires more carefulness

3. All Multi Region LG DP132H Code DVD Player

All Multi Region LG DP132H Player

This region-free DVD player flaunts a sturdy design that will blend with most home décor.

LG has designed this player to be able to play DVDs from any region (0-9) on any TV.

It is further compatible with DivX videos and supports 1080p up-scaling so that you can enjoy your movies and playbacks in clear HD quality.

Also, this player supports a wide variety of general media formats, which includesMPEG1, MPEG2 (PS/TS), MPEG4, and MPEG 1/2 L2.

An interesting feature of this speaker is its ability to allow you to extract audio tracks from CDs and copy them to a USB drive. This is achievable because of the USB Direct Recording feature integrated on this player by LG.

This feature allows you to make audio collections without using a computer; quite interesting and easy.

The standby power consumption of this player is less than 0.5W. More so, this player is region-free, highly functional, and supports USB or HDMI outputs. You can choose between PAL and NTSC using the remote control.

  • Supports a variety of media formats
  • Extracts audio from discs and copies them to a USB drive
  • Multi-functional remote controller
  • Does not come with RCA cables
  • Some users said this is not a region-free DVD player

4. Impecca DVHP9117 HDMI DVD Player

Impecca DVHP9117 HDMI Player

Impecca has designed this player to support quite a lot of features you would expect from a modern DVD player. This model can up-convert DVD videos up to Full-HD 1080p with precise details.

It is also a Compact Progressive Scan DVD Player. You can enjoy your playbacks on this DVD player irrespective of the format.

The USB output support available on this model allows you to play your media files saved on any USB storage drive.

Thus, you don’t have to burn your files to a disc using a computer; simply insert the USB to this DVD player and stream your files.

The following formats are supported by this player: CD/SVCD, MP3, WMA, DVD+-R/RW, DivX, DVD-R/-RW, DVD-Video.

This DVD player is likely to take your home entertainment experience to a whole new level, offering various features and connectivity support. You can as well choose between fast or slow playback with clear sound.

Anti-Shock protection ensures that you don’t get interrupted when watching movies or playing back any digital file on this DVD player.

There’s a 2-channel output available on this player, and it is suitable for DVD/VCD/CDDA/CD-R/CDRW/MP3/HDCD/JPEG/Kodak formats. You can playback discs recorded in PAL or NTSC system on this player.

  • Multi-functional remote control
  • Supports skip, slow motion, advance zoom, and single-step play
  • Plays files from USB
  • Good picture and sound quality
  • The buttons on the remote control are very tiny
  • Quite some users complained about the remote; said it is not efficient

5. Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player

Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player

Unfortunately, there is no Ethernet port, neither is there an HDMI port available on this DVD player; however, we still see it as one of the best DVD players you can buy to upgrade your home entertainment.

Sony has streamlined this player to offer fast and slow playback with sound, plus a progressive output of up to 480p. The standby power consumption of this player is less than 0.5 watts.

Interestingly, this player comes along with a multi-brand TV remote control, and it can playback virtually all media formats.

However, the following are the playable formats supported by this player: MPEG video, JPEG DCF format, and MP3.

The following discs can play on this DVD player: DVD/DVD-RW/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD+R/DVD+R DL/-R DL.

Also, this DVD player resumes playing your discs from the last memory, supports instant replay, as well as STEP Playback (FWD/REV).

  • Most users attested to the high-quality display offered by this player
  • Best price
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • Supports a wide range of digital media formats
  • There’s no HDMI port available on this DVD player

6. Pioneer DV-3052 Multi System All Region HDMI Player

Pioneer DV-3052 Multi System All Region HDMI Player

This is one of the best DVD players for intense home entertainment, and it supports quite a lot of handy technologies for its needs.

The Pioneer DV-3052 DVD player promises to play virtually all DVDs from any region on any TV.

It went on to support PAL and NTSC DVDs from regions 0-9. You will enjoy high-quality audio and video playbacks for the following discs: DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD/ CD-R/-RW/ DVD-R/-R DL/-RW (Video Mode, VR Mode)/ DVD+R/+R DL/+RW (Video Mode).

More so, there’s an HDMI output port available on this player. Plus, it promises to up-convert any video up to 1080p so you can enjoy your movies in high-quality.

Also, there’s a USB input port on this player where you can connect your USB drive and playback the digital media files saved on the drive seamlessly.

We found this player worthy of its price tag considering all that it promises to offer.

The remote control that comes along with this player offers more functionality. Finally, this player is capable of playing the most damaged DVDs or CDs.

A sound retriever feature restores your media’s sound quality when listening to compressed audio files.

  • Plays most damaged discs
  • Sound retriever feature
  • USB playback function
  • Easy to use
  • Some users said it is not a region-free DVD player

7. LONPOO All Multi Region Free CD / DVD Player for TV

LONPOO All Multi Region Free CD / DVD Player for TV

This is a typical DVD player with vast support and functionality. It does not support Blu-ray DVD playback; however, it can virtually play any DVD or CD you through at it.

The manufacturer claims it is a region-free player; while we have not confirmed this, some users have attested to this claim. There are a bunch of reasons to choose this player over the other ones on this list.

It features a mic input port in addition to the USB port. You will find a few buttons on the surface of this player which represents the basic controls you need for a seamless DVD playback experience.

The full-functional remote control offers more control features. Lonpoo has designed this player to feature an easy interface that everybody can operate.

As expected, the built-in USB port allows you to playback the digital media files on your flash drives without having to burn them to a disc. However, you can’t playback MP4 video files using USB.

Furthermore, this player supports progressive scan with selectable 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratios.

  • Built-in USB and Mic ports
  • Multi-language support
  • CD ripping function
  • Resumes play from the last memory
  • Offers 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio for different TVs
  • Quite a lot of other users’ had bad experiences with this player

8. GPX DH300B 1080p Upconversion DVD Player

GPX DH300B 1080p Up conversion DVD Player

You will save quite a lot of money when you go for this DVD player. It is a compatible, versatile, and functional player that’d fit into any home.

The player comes with remote control as expected, and you can explore more supported features of this player using the remote control. Also, it plays both CDs and DVDs in many formats and sizes.

There are multiple languages & subtitles supported by this DVD player, which makes it a nice option for most people.

If you’ve got DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, JPEG video discs, or CD/CD-R/RW discs, this DVD player can play all of these discs.

The price tag also contributed to the wide popularity of this player.

  • Up-converts low-quality videos to 1080p
  • Plays DVD, CD, and JPEG
  • Good price
  • Widely versatile and compatible
  • Many users said the player is a low-quality player and didn’t last long
  • A user complained of hearing a loud whining noise while a movie is playing on this DVD

9. Sony BDPS3700 Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player

Sony BDPS3700 Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player

Finally, a DVD player with support for some specific Blu-ray discs. This player from Sony supports a lot of technologies and features; you could stream from over 300 supported apps and entertainment services with this player.

It is a widely versatile entertainment system that also allows you to stream and enjoy PlayStation 3 games seamlessly.

This is simply a smart disc media player system that supports tons of digital media formats. It boots up very fast and has a customizable user interface.

You will enjoy crystal clear audio from this player, thanks to the Dolby TrueHD and dots-Master Audio support. There’s a remote control included in the box.

Also, this player meets the latest HDMI standards (4K Video at 60 Hz, 2160p, 48 bit/px color depth), supports bandwidth up to 18Gbps.

  • Can play some specific Blu-ray discs
  • Supports a variety of formats
  • Boots up very fast and supports streaming from vast platforms
  • Some users complained about the Blu-ray support of this player

10. Samsung Blu-ray DVD Disc Player

Samsung Blu-ray DVD Disc Player With Built-in Wi-Fi

Interestingly, this player plays back Blu-ray discs, as well as DVDs & CDs. The built-in Wi-Fi connectivity support promotes wireless connection within your room and minimizes wire clusters.

Also, it supports an HDMI connection for transmitting HD video and audio over a single cable.

Furthermore, this player comes with Samsung’s All Share Play Content Sharing so that you can wirelessly access and stream content compatible devices.

Furthermore, the BD wise technology allows you to replay Blu-ray discs using an HDMI connection to stream them to your TV.

A lot of technologies are used on this DVD player, and it is truly versatile. The price is also affordable, and the design will blend with any home décor.

  • Supports a lot of technologies like HDMI connection
  • Plays specific Blu-ray discs
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Plays a lot of media formats
  • It is expensive
  • Some users said the player isn’t durable

Wrap Up:

If you’ve ever asked “Which DVD Player should I buy” this article answers your question.

These are the best DVD players you can buy; they are widely versatile and supports a bunch of features that are handy for its need.

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