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In this article, we are going to review the three best Klipsch surround sound system, so if you are looking to get one for your home, any of the under-listed is your best bet.

The origin of the world-renowned Klipsch audio powerhouse began in a small shed in Arkansas in 1946 when the founder of the company Paul W. Klipsch created the very first Klipsch speaker called the Klipschorn.

Klipsch intended to experience live music in the comfort of his living room. Paul W. Klipsch was an eccentric American audio pioneer; he invented impeccable audio technologies that revolutionized the audio industries for a generation of music enthusiasts.

Since the inception of the first speaker, Klipsch speakers have become highly revered over the years and the Klipsch brand still lives on today with the company’s headquarter in Indiana.

Their top of the food chain speakers have allowed individuals to relish their favorite music like none other by delivering the detail, Power, and real-life experience of live music it gives you.

From amazing home theater systems to immersive cinema speakers, powerful portable wireless speakers, fantastically clear soundbars, and some of the most convenient surround systems in the audio industry to date, Klipsch has been impacting their clientele with impressive audio for the most often whopping decades.

Best Klipsch Surround Sound System

Klipsch RP-8000F 5.1 Home Theater System

The Klipsch RP800F is equipped with the company’s Tractrix horn loading technology to ascertain that high-frequency of the system’s speaker is directly projected at the listener and delineates undesirable, unreal reverb influenced indirect sounds that ricochets of walls.

This means that you experience the most detailed, clear, realistic sound performance.

The Reference is equipped with a compressed silicon face that is attached to the aforementioned tractrix horn to delineate horn resonance to ensure a crispier and silkier frequency response.

The company’s computer-modeled phase plug fills in as a mechanical filter to make sure a crisp, flat frequency response while the tweeter is shielded from any damage.

This surround system is equipped with a vented tweeter designed to decrease standing waves behind the diaphragm of the tweeter for a crispier reproduction of high frequency.

The lightweight of the titanium tweeter with a sturdy composition goes beyond the performance of polymer, silk, or aluminum tweeters.

The company’s award-winning Linear Travel suspension tech takes advantage of the titanium diaphragm’s piston motion that delineates distortion and gives you a realistic sound experience.

The tweeter has a ceramic magnet enclosure that ensures top-class performance. The tweeters of the RP8000F raise the bar and set the pace.

The cerametallic woofers of this sound system ensure both aesthetics and sound. This extremely rigid, light equipment maintains its shape while simultaneously delivering lower frequencies with admirable efficiency.

The Sound system’s rear tractrix port’s geometric design creates a seamless flow of air with little or no distortion or turbulence for a precise, clean low-frequency performance.

The input’s dual terminals offer you the chance to bi-amp or bi-wire your speakers for a personalized top-notch sound experience.

The copper trim rings circumnavigating the woofers and tweeters, ameliorate the surround sound system’s features and give you a top-notch aesthetic.

The Klipsch RP800F (Reference Premiere series floor-standing speakers) is equipped with cast aluminum feet to give it a modern appearance while delineating sonic resonance by reducing floor contact for top acoustic performance.

Sturdy flexible, detachable magnetic grills offer more options for both style and protection. This surround sound system would be an impeccable addition to the home of any audiophile.

Klipsch Black Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System

Any amount of soundbar surround sound systems can cause a significant improvement to the audio of your TV, but if you intend to leverage the rear-channel sound effects, then your best choice is undoubtedly a distinct 5.1 speaker system and AV receiver.

This may mean you end up with a room filled with speakers, but they do not need to be large to give you the desired sound performance. The Reference Klipsch Theater Pack is the most suitable choice.

Each of these surrounds sound system’s four satellite speakers is small, yet combined they can still permeate a medium-sized or small room with a surround sound field that no stereo or soundbar can combat.

Mostly since Klipsch added a sturdy wireless sub to this pack.

This speaker pack may be quite pricey for its performance and it is outmatched sonically by bigger systems, so it is most suitable for individuals who desire the smallest of satellites if you fit into this category, then you should check this Klipsch out.

While rivals are clamoring just to manufacture sets with Atmos-compatible sound, Klipsch maintains simplicity with their %1 only set up.

The pack seems to be an augmentation on their previous HD 500 with some imperative developments here and there.

The Klipsch Reference theater pack system has four identical satellites that are equipped with those brassy, iconic IMG drivers coupled with a horn-loaded tweeter.

The black plastic cabinets are small; 5.5 inches deep, 7.75 inches high, and 4.5 inches wide.

Like pricier focal satellites, the company features a set of string clips, so forget about using a 12 gauge wire unless you intend to install pin plugs on the rears.

A center channel is paired with the satellites which load another driver into a bigger cabinet.

Finally, the Klipsch Reference Theater Package includes an 8-inch wireless subwoofer set. The ensemble is accompanied by a wireless transceiver for the subwoofer which you connect to the LFE and power channel on your AV receiver.

The satellites are quite small, so the speakers do not emanate much bass, they are about three decibels low at 110 Hertz if you are observant.

This means that it is important that your AV receiver’s bass sub adjustments are set properly to at least 100 Hz for each speaker.

Additionally, the sound of the speakers is slightly directional so it is strongly advised to target each of the speakers toward your major listening area for the best sound performance.

You will be happy to find how the combination of the five satellites creates a cohesive room-permeating sound performance.

Taking the size of the system into consideration, dynamic range is also mind-blowing even at higher volumes the clarity is top quality and the dialogue is crisp.

Klipsch R-100SW 10″ subwoofer | Incredibly deep bass

The Klipsch RW100SW subwoofer is wireless easy-to-set-up-and-use an impressive surround sound system that outperforms any of its rivals in the market.

The Klipsch wireless line is equipped with the RW-100SW subwoofer, RW-34C center channel speaker, and the RW-51M rear and front monitors.

These speakers can be combined to produce impressive and outstanding audio systems in any configuration whatsoever for the best theater experience.

The products of Reference wireless connect with the Axiim Wireless Home Theater Transmitter at the vessel mechanism area.

Another rich layer of immersive sound is added to your music and movies by the Klipsch Reference Wireless RW-100SW subwoofer.

Equipped with impressive spun-copper woofers, this wireless 10 inches sub gives you the best bass performance on the planet.

Add the RW100SW Subwoofer to your Wireless sound system and connect is quickly through your NanoCell TV or WiSA-compatible 2019 LG OLED, Xbox One with an Axiim LINK Wireless Home Theater Transmitter, Mac O/S 10 device or Windows 10.

The RW-100SW subwoofer can be positioned anywhere using WiSA technology to make sure you feel every low frequency up to your toes.

Final Thoughts

Klipsch has never failed to deliver since its emergence into the audio industry about a century ago and they still maintain that consistency to date with surround sound systems of top quality and offer impeccable sound performance.

Klipsch sound systems may be expensive but the Company’s product is worth the amazing quality and performance their product ensures.

If you are looking to get a surround sound system for the first time and do not mind spending, then one of the speakers in this review is suitable for you.

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