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The Best Panasonic Surround Sound System For 2023

This article has covered the best Panasonic Surround Sound System that performs best at three different levels like sound, performance, and even picture quality.

Panasonic has some of the best surround sound systems in the market today. If you are looking to get a set of Panasonic sound systems, we have reviewed three of the best.

Best Panasonic Surround Sound System In 2022

Panasonic SC-BT230 Surround Sound System

This sound system is a watered-down rendition of the Panasonic SC-BT330. The Panasonic SCBT230 is a great addition to the audio universe.

This surround sound system comes with impressive features that make it a complete entertainment system as opposed to just a Blu-Ray system.

“Compact” is the best adjective for this sound system, one glance at this audio-producing beauty and you will see the size.

The box comes with five very small satellites and it also has a powerful subwoofer and the main control unit that has a 1,000W amplifier and Blu-ray deck.

The Panasonic BR230 has all the traits of a classic Panasonic sound system; it’s halfway between functional and fancy sporting a black finish and elegant dimensions that give individuals the impression that it’s a standalone player.

The sound system’s front panel is divided into two drop-down flaps, the disc tray is concealed by the left while the right area conceals some playback keys, a USB port, an illuminated display panel, and an SD card slot.

This surround sound system is quite visually appealing but must not have been too much stress to produce as finesse plays a big role as opposed to oversaturation.

However, the sound quality may be lagging when compared to the aforementioned BT-330. Of course, you get a crisp, dynamic sound from the bamboo cones within the satellites.

You get a decent sense of surrounding envelopment from the rears. Regardless of these features, the system does not attain the required sense of scale, which makes movies underperform.

The cause of this is allotted to the sub’s base which is too reserved and quiet. Users have to power the H bass and kick the volume up a notch to achieve the desired sonic impact.

With an absence of commendable bass holding it down, the overall audio performance is thinner than you would want.

Watching a high-octane action movie is underwhelming because you don’t get to enjoy the top fight scenes of Hollywood’s best action flicks.

Sound effects like car engines pale in comparison to what they will even sound like in reality, loud crashes sound shrill, and explosions are flat.

Regardless of these little negatives, this surround sound system is not bad. It has an open and clear dialogue with a clear central focus.

Regardless of its little flaws, the BT230 is a great CD player, offering a nice drive and fluidity to sings of different genres.

MP3, JOEGs, and DivX are all attacked with little or no problems whether they are streamed from a PC or played from a USB.

This surround sound system has a lot of impressive features and top picture quality but the sound performance leaves a lot to be desired.

The price of this system makes one want to forgive the sound deficiency but other sound systems in the same price range perform way better, but if the sound is not a big deal for you then this surround sound system is your best bet.

Panasonic SC-HTB900EBK Premium Soundbar

In several ways, this surround sound system is the company’s flagship soundbar equipped with Dolby Atmos.

This system does not use any up-firing drivers to ensure impeccable sound performance and optional wireless rears can be used to expand it.

It is a known fact that Dolby Atmos is a moveable feast even though the audio performance of one device cannot be copied by another device.

This surround sound system has been stacked up with some decent technology by Panasonic.

The most important thing to note is that Panasonic’s engineers have helped fine-tune the performance of this system.

What this means is that they serve Hi-Fi and movies at the same level. This surround sound system has a visually appealing and posh look with a beautifully curved grille and touch control for volume, power, and input that gives it a certain unique style. 

An iteration of the Technics JENO Engine is utilized by this soundbar to delineate jitter from connected HDMI sources. Two HDMI inputs are in this system including an.

HDMI ARC input. You can find other inputs on this soundbar like; IR blaster connection, Ethernet port as a substitute to WiFi, and optical digital audio.

Google Home app is needed to set the soundbar up for wireless use but you can use a hardwire connection for speed.

The soundbar has Chromecast that supports TuneIn, Google Play Music, Deezer, and Spotify. You can also stream music with your mobile via Bluetooth connectivity.

The soundbar has a front-facing, eight-driver array behind it. There are a dome tweeter and a pair of 2.5in woofers in the stereo channels.

If you intend to position the soundbar beneath a wall-mounted TV, the box had a mounting bracket that makes that possible.

The bracket is around a meter in width. The complete power output of this surround sound system is around 505W.

This number is the same as the specs of the soundbar, these numbers are to be disregarded not utterly though because they are meant to sound incredibly big.

This surround sound system performs amazingly in an averaged size room.

This surround sound system is a tad strange because of its uncertain feature. On one part, it is not a Dolby Atmos soundbar strong enough to befuddle the senses and duplicate or produce immersive audio.

On the other part, it is not exactly HDR-friendly. However, this sound system is an impressive-sounding 3.1 set that produces exciting sounds in every good way you can think of.

This surround sound system boasts a shockingly visceral bad performance, exhibits a decent sense of rhythm for streaming music videos, and has a fluid mid-range. With all, of these features, it is a choice you will not regret.

Panasonic HTB 510 Soundbar

The visually appealing Panasonic SC-HTB510 is a narrow and slim soundbar packing a max power of 240 watts.

Although this power pales in comparison to other sound systems, this soundbar has proved that power is only a part of the puzzle.

The sound of this system is spread over the two speakers and a wireless subwoofer. This surround sound system offers support for DTS, Dolby Digital, has WiFi, and an HDMI out and optical connection behind it.

Boasting a lot of impressive features you would see on high-end soundbars, this surrounding sound system offers value for money.

Additionally, this system has Bluetooth connectivity, and music can easily be played through Chromecast.

The wireless connectivity features do not end there as this surround sound system is compatible with Google Assistant which means it can be used in your smart devices.

Putting everything into consideration, the first impression of the wide speaker is positive because of how much he is capable of doing.

This Panasonic surrounds sound system has an impressive sound performance. The sound is so impeccable that it sets the pace for other soundbars at the same price.

Done users may take this soundbar to its limit especially gamers who like to get a realistic feel of their audiovisual entertainment. But apart from the gaming situation, the sound is okay for a sound system at this price.

A lot of soundbars can be gotten for this price and as far as we know, the Panasonic SC-HTB510 is one of the top choices because of its impeccable audio performance and how easy it is to use.

However, some soundbars in the same price range offer more power but none of them will give you a full audio experience like this sound system. The sound field is very wide and the audio performance is generally very nice.

The only issue you may have with this system is how unbalanced the subwoofer is but even that has adjustability at different levels.

Additionally, do not forget that this is a soundbar that is not equipped with an LED screen, all you have to go by is the LED lights at the system’s top. Because of this, it may be difficult to ascertain the volume of the device.

Again it compensates for this and more with the HDMI and WI-FI connection. With the optical connection included, this soundbar has several options to connect external devices to it. All of these make this sound system a total package at a reasonable price.

Panasonic sound systems offer some of the best audio performance and they are affordable.

This article has covered the best three that perform best at three different levels like sound, performance, and even picture quality.

Panasonic has been in the audio equipment production business for several years and with the caliber of sound systems in this list, their longevity is no surprise.

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