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The Best Vizio Surround Sound System

Vizio’s goal is to give its community of connected clients the ultimate entertainment experience.

Vizio has changed the way their users experience and enjoy audio and video content via their connected entertainment platform.

Since they started operation in 2002, the company has built a vast selection of top-notch products like soundbars, TVs, and many more devices.

No wonder Vizio is highly revered as a leading audio brand and the number one soundbar brand in the United States Of America.

In this review, we are going to look at the best Vizio surround sound system in the market today, so if you are looking to explore the Vizio goodness these will help you decide.

The Best Vizio Surround Sound System

VIZIO SB3651-E6C 5.1 Soundbar Home Speaker

It is hard to find an alternative option for a surround sound system with distinguished speakers.

The issue is that a plethora of clients cannot condone the setup hassle or aesthetic compromises that come with it.

While conventional soundbars are visually appealing and easy to set up, they cannot easily replicate the audio magic that discrete speakers can assure you of.

This is where the Vizio 5.1 Soundbar comes into play.

This surround sound system comprises a compact wireless subwoofer, a 36-inch soundbar, and a pair of satellite surround speakers. Audio voodoo is quite redundant in this scenario.

The sleek, subtle SB3651-E6 is quite suitable to complement TVs regardless of their sizes.

The main speaker is a sturdy design compared to some rivals that are ported for deeper bass response.

Vizio leaves audio of low frequencies to the added wireless subwoofer. The rectangular, tall, wireless subwoofer is a rear-ported, rear-firing design that the company says has the ability of a frequency response down to 30Hz range.

As such it carries out Yeoman’s duties with most special effects, but you cannot reach anywhere near the full impact of depth changes, subterranean bass, and explosions. Physics remains the same.

Except for Yamaha YAS-207’s DTS: VirtualX, artificial surround processing on soundbars leaves several individuals unimpressed.

The SB3651-E6 does not attempt to use artificial processing or DSP to simulate a surround sound experience.

What it does is allow a pair of dedicated speakers to take care of side-surround tasks.

The speakers are compact enough to pass inspection from most couples, but home theater purists still have their reservations.

It is worthy of note that there is an absence of on-board EQ or phase adjustments to aid dial in the sub to the acoustics of your room.

Such features are scanty and far between when you are purchasing that price range. Whoever is the head of Vizio’s industry focused on virtually every detail.

Vizio gets highly commended for ensuring an intuitive and easy consumer experience.

For instance, there are labels positioned over the input of the soundbar telling you to download the mobile application before you begin setting it up.

An impressive note on the system’s HDMI port explains that you need to activate the CEC on your television if it is supported by your TV for the HDMI audio return channel to function.

HDMI ARC gives you’re the TV the ability to pass audio back to the system over the same HDMI cable. This surround sound system gives you a lot of value for your money.

The SmartCast app is amazing, the physical controller is better than anticipated when you put the price into consideration and Vizio provides all the necessary accessories.

The individual surround speakers provide you with an authentic surround sound experience with a minuscule footprint, and the main soundbar gives you a highly intelligible dialogue. But there are a few issues with the bang.

The Vizio will not do well at high volumes and the subwoofer will face rigid challenges with dynamic low-end content.

However, those little setbacks are not strong enough to water down the overall performance of this package at this cost.

VIZIO SB36312 Premium Home Theater Sound System

The built-in audio of your flat-screen TV leaves a lot to be desired. The desire for less expensive and thinner has made it unavoidably hard for TV manufacturers to include proper drivers and amplifiers.

You may not take note of this sound defect when watching the news, but hook up a game or stream a movie and it is instantly obvious.

The only solution for this situation is via a multi-speaker home theater surround sound system.

But if you cannot afford something quite expensive or may not have the space required for an AV receiver and all of the speakers that come with it Vizio gives you a vast option of soundbars like the SB36312, a 3.1.2 soundbar with the ability to deliver impeccable Dolby Atmos audio and it is affordable too.

This surround sound system is equipped with a woofer, soundbar, and a battery-included remote control.

It additionally has a complete range of cables that answer any connection needs; digital optical, HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm to 3.5mm, and stereo RCA to 3.5mm.

The soundbar is also equipped with wall mount brackets if you eventually intend to take it off your cabinet.

The amazingly slim sub that accompanies the system connects wirelessly automatically and it can be placed under a cough or positioned upright.

The soundbar is minimalist and sleek, the end caps are metallic silver and the drivers are concealed by a black cloth. Discrete white LED lights are placed beneath the cloth cover to the left side.

Inputs are placed underneath the soundbar. Having your TV connected to your audio source is a pretty straightforward process.

One of the most convenient features of the soundbar is that you do not have to bother about plugging in and then accurately positioning a set of external speakers.

Setting up this soundbar is done via its mobile app. It is a pleasantly straightforward process.

The soundbar takes a while to power on because it is a speaker connected by Wi-Fi which gives it one or two seconds of holding back while it establishes a connection with the network after being turned off.

This soundbar is impressively immersive and if you get a model accompanied by a pair of satellite speakers, you are in luck because it helps the soundbar considerably with the complete surround sound performance.

The Vizio SB36312-G6 is an amazing surround sound system most suitable for individuals on a budget who want to ameliorate their movie-watching experience from the underperforming claws of the audio performance of their TV’s audio and it is a pretty solid choice.

VIZIO SB36514-G6 Premium Home Theater Sound System

The Vizio SB36514 surround sound system is an elegant package. Each piece of this system has a visually appealing fabric and faux metal exterior that has a very advanced look and is attention-grabbing.

This soundbar is meant to permeate any home with impeccable sound performance and it is quite suitable to a vast selection of areas. 

When installed with any game monitor and combined with speakers from other brands or you just install it with your conventional home entertainment system it looks right at home in any scenario.

This surround sound system functions by combining an array of forwarding and upward-firing speakers in a 10 channel mix.

It has a dedicated center channel that is perfect for ensuring a clear dialogue regardless of the action in a movie scene. 

On the right and far left of the soundbar there are woofers positioned for the sole purpose of handling the middle frequencies and passive radiators for impeccable bass performance.

The center port is surrounded by two upward-firing speakers to give it a height effect. The satellite speakers that accompany this surround sound system also feature a forward and upward driver to direct sound waves away from your home’s roof.

You can control the surround sound system through a series of buttons placed on the bar’s top or you can use the attached remote controller, the onboard controls have some slight limits. 

The soundbar’s remote is equipped with an in-built screen that allows you to seamlessly change parameters like calibrating the satellites’ height, adjusting the subwoofer, selecting the EQ preset, and so many other options.

You will be blown away by how much functionality the soundbar’s remote has. Most of these aforementioned changes can be applied with the SmartCast App and your smartphone too.

In terms of sound performance, the Vizio SB36514 is an amazingly loud sound system that performs greatly at insanely high volumes.

At its highest, the soundbar is rated to emanate about 100 decibels of sound, and distortion is only noticeably at about 90% volume.

It is unlikely that anyone would put this soundbar at such volume as it is dangerously loud so it is safe to say that you are ensured impeccable sound performance with little or no distortion.

This surround sound system is a suitable home entertainment system solution. It is room-permeating and will exponentially elevate your home theater.

Many may find this soundbar overpriced but if it is something you can afford then this is the perfect audio solution to give your apartment Dolby Atmos.

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