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Using A Soundbar With A PC: Step-by-Steps Guide.

Discover the ultimate solution to boost your PC’s sound quality with a soundbar! Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about using a soundbar with your computer, including the benefits, features, and setup process.

Say goodbye to tinny, muffled audio and enjoy the immersive, high-quality sound for your favorite games, movies, and music.


Playing sounds on a PC is not so interesting with the local speakers; however, when you connect USB speakers or a soundbar to a computer system, you can listen to a good sound with stunning clarity and precision.

In this article, we will focus on how you can connect and use a soundbar for playing sounds on a PC. Additionally, we will list the best soundbar speakers you could connect to your PC comfortably. They reproduce good sound and are intuitive to use.

Using A Soundbar With A PC

How you can connect a soundbar speaker to a computer system may vary; some can be connected via USB or Aux cable while the ones with Bluetooth connectivity connect wirelessly to a computer via Bluetooth.

We will extensively cover all the possible methods you can follow to use a soundbar with a PC.

Chill, take a short deep breath, get a popcorn pack, and read through this article carefully.

Connecting a soundbar with a PC using an auxiliary cable

Most soundbar speakers support auxiliary connections; thus, you can connect them to systems using aux cables.

aux cable

We have previously written an article on the best aux cables you can buy in the market. The steps below explain how to use aux cables to connect a soundbar to PCs.

First step:

Whichever way your soundbar is meant to be powered, either by electricity or batteries, or even USB, you have to get it powered on first. After it is powered, you can continue with the next steps below.

Second step:

Aux cables have two similar ends; connect one of the cables ends to your soundbar and the other end to your PC’s aux input port, respectively.

Where to plug in aux cables on a computer system? Plug into the port which has a small headphone icon printed on top; this port is typically on the front panel on desktop computers, while you’ll find it at the side on laptops.

What more?

Nothing else, after you have connected both ends of the aux cables to the respective ports on the PC and the soundbar itself, then, windows will automatically channel your sounds into playing through the connected soundbar.

Connect a soundbar to a PC via Bluetooth

Many soundbar speakers out there come with Bluetooth connectivity support. So, you can connect your soundbar wireless (no need for aux cables) to your PC.

This method will help to minimize the number of cables/wires that go through on your work table or a particular surface.

  • First step:
    Connecting a soundbar using Bluetooth also requires you to power on the device first. So, you have to plug in your soundbar to a wall socket or extension if it is corded-electric, or insert the batteries and power it on, if it is battery-powered.
  • Second step:
    After your soundbar is powered, you have to activate the Bluetooth pairing mode; how to enable this mode may vary by model.

    However, typically, you have to press the Bluetooth button/key to activate Bluetooth connectivity on your soundbar.

    Go to your PC, lookup for the Bluetooth connectivity menu, activate Bluetooth and search for the soundbar. You will see the name of your soundbar among discovered Bluetooth devices, click on it, and pair the two devices (your PC and your soundbar) together.

    Sounds from your PC will play through the soundbar automatically once it is powered on.

Using an optical audio cable to connect a soundbar to PC

Not all soundbar speakers come with this support; however, if you check around the body of your speaker and it appears you saw an optical audio (Toslink) port, then, this method will work for you.

Optical audio cables
Optical Cable

It is another way to connect your PC to a soundbar for excellent sound playbacks.

First step:

Follow the same guides we have provided in the previous methods and power up your soundbar. This is the first action for this activity.

Second step:

Connect the Toslink cable to the respective port on PC; the port is labeled “OPTICAL,” “TOSLINK” or “DIGITAL AUDIO OUT” on computers (most especially on desktops).

You will find the port on the side of laptop PCs while it is available on the back panel on desktop PCs.

Note: Toslink is an optical audio cable for connecting digital electronic devices such as DVD players to home theater systems. You may miss this port if your laptop is ultra-slim.

Frequently asked questions

Can a PC soundbar be connected to a TV?

It is possible to connect a PC soundbar to TVs with USB ports and/or 3.5mm jack inputs support.

Directly connect the USB and/or 3.5mm jack to the dedicated port on your TV and your sounds will playback on the soundbar automatically.

Can you connect a Logitech soundbar speaker to an LG or Sony TV?

You can connect your soundbar to any TV provided the TV features a USB port or a 3.5mm jack input port.

When it comes to connecting soundbars to TVs or computers, the manufacturer’s name is not considered; instead, you only need the two devices to feature similar connectivity ports (USB or Aux input).

From where can I control the volume if I connect my soundbar to my PC?

When you adjust the volume on the PC, it will reduce or increase the sound output by the soundbar; however, soundbar speakers typically feature a physical volume control key, and some even come along with a remote controller; you can control the volumes from either of these mentioned places.

Can a soundbar deliver room-filling sound?

It is possible to get pure and precise room-filling sound if your soundbar is top-quality.

There are different types of soundbar speakers from different manufacturers and their output differs.

What is the best soundbar to use with a PC?

We have listed the best soundbar you can use with a PC (find the list below). They are specially designed for PC users; however, they can be connected to TVs.

Best soundbar for PC

1. Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bar

Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bar

Connection type: Bluetooth
Connection range (Bluetooth): up to 10m/30ft
Drivers: 4 finely tuned drivers
Power source: AC

Designed specifically for all PC users, the Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bar is extremely compatible and flaunts a modern aesthetics that blend with all modern home designs.

This soundbar perfectly fits under any (modern) desktop monitor or can be placed by the side of your laptop PC.

It stays firm on any surface you place it upon and is compatible with all computer systems for playing back good sounds.

Interestingly, this soundbar comes with a dedicated sub-woofer which makes it perfect for watching movies, playing PC games, as well as listening to music playback on PC.

Razer had designed this soundbar with impressive drivers coupled with bleeding-edge Dolby technology so that the soundbar projects rich sounds even when you’re streaming music from your smartphone.

You will have to connect this soundbar to your PC via Bluetooth connectivity; no wires/cables are needed. However, the Razer Leviathan soundbar is AC-powered.

The 5.25-inch downward-firing subwoofer that comes along with this soundbar does very well in producing deep bass.

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2. Creative Stage Air Portable Soundbar

Creative Stage Air Portable and USB-Powered Soundbar

Connection type: Bluetooth, USB, and Aux (3.5mm jack)
Connection range (Bluetooth): up to 30ft
Drivers: 4 finely tuned drivers
Power source Battery (6 hours runtime)
Power output: 2 x 5W
Peak power: 20 W
Frequency: 80 Hz – 20 kHz

This is one of the best soundbars for PC you will see in the market.

It does not need an active electricity current to function; simply charge the battery fully and enjoy the next 6 hours listening to great sound from the blasting, patented drivers hidden inside this soundbar.

It fits perfectly with any place you place it in a room and under the monitor. The Creative Stage Soundbar is stylishly designed to complement your home décor.

This low-profile speaker is USB-powered; you’ll have to connect it to your PC (desktop or laptop) using USB cables.

The Bass and sound output on this soundbar is quite impressive, thanks to the dual-driver passive radiators.

Also, you can connect this soundbar to your PC wirelessly via Bluetooth or connect to portable media devices via a 3.5mm jack input.

Interestingly, this soundbar functions as a standalone portable music player as you can connect s USB thumb drive and start playing music instantly.

There are quite a lot of exciting features of this soundbar, and it is extremely cheap. To control this soundbar, the buttons are available on one side of the speaker.

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3. Dell AC511 SoundBar

Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar

Connection type: USB
Drivers: 4 finely tuned drivers
Power source: USB
Frequency: 80 Hz – 20 kHz

If you are looking for a soundbar to use with your desktop PC monitor, then, this unit from Dell is a better option.

This soundbar is a plug n’ play speaker that doesn’t require any cable connection; it is designed to be plugged into any available USB port on your desktop monitor (no power cord or connection cables required).

The Dell AC511 soundbar is a good one indeed; however, laptop users may not be able to make use of this soundbar although it delivers rich sound.

A lot of people loved that this soundbar is not powered with batteries and no cables will pass through the table, yet a good sound is reproduced.

This soundbar is lightweight, compatible, and flaunts a fascinating design. It is readily compatible will all Dell modern monitors.

The price for this soundbar is cheap, and it is proven to be durable by many other users and us.

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4. GOgroove USB Computer Speakers Mini Soundbar
GOgroove USB Computer Speakers Mini Soundbar

Connection type: USB, and Aux (3.5mm jack)
Power source: AC
Peak power: 12 W
Frequency: 80 Hz – 20 kHz

Here comes a stylish soundbar for PC, available in four unique colors, and comes with limited 3-year warranty support from the manufacturer.

You won’t be able to connect this soundbar to a PC wireless because it does not support Bluetooth technology.

Instead, you can use this Soundbar with a PC via an optical audio cable connection (Toslink) or a 3.5mm jack (Aux).

To power this soundbar, it comes with an inbuilt USB power cable, an optional 3.5mm mic pass-through, and also an inbuilt 3.5mm aux cable.

The sound reproduction from this speaker device is very impressive; one can hardly expect such great sound and bass output from a soundbar under $30.

Dual premium drivers angled upwards help this soundbar to reproduce epicmids& highs, as well as maximize sound projection (stereo 6W RMS).

At the front panel of the soundbar lies a headphone output and microphone input ports for video calls or private listening.

Also, you will love the LED accent that dims the environment and improve the ambiance. The big oval knob you’ll see on the top of this soundbar is the volume knob for tuning the volume.

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5. Yamaha Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers

Yamaha Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers

Connection type: Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, and Aux (3.5mm jack)
Connection range (Bluetooth): up to 33ft
Power source: USB

The YAS-108 SoundBar from Yamaha comes with built-in subwoofers and can be connected to PCs, as well as TVs via Bluetooth.

This is a premium soundbar; it even comes with wall mount support so that it conveniently fits under your mounted TV.

Yamaha has stocked this soundbar with sophisticated features, including Alexa’s support and connectivity.

Thanks to the dual built-in subwoofers, this soundbar delivers impressive deep bass, and the drivers maintain clear voice output.

It is possible to connect this soundbar to a computer and PC via HDMI, USB, or 35mm auxiliary connection.

Get full DTS virtual 3D surround sound from this soundbar. Plus, the design is extremely sleek and blends with all kinds of home décor.

Where to keep this soundbar is never a problem as you could mount it up on your wall.

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Wrap Up:

We have shown you how to connect and use a soundbar on a PC (desktop and laptop). Also, we have provided you with the best, most reliable soundbars available in the market.

They are budget-friendly and durable. These soundbar speakers are highly compatible and would definitely complement your home décor.

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