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Best Bose HiFi WiFi Speakers

Bose speakers are prominent for sounding bigger than they appear. Even portable models produce impeccable sounding audio.

For over a decade, Bose has dreamed up wireless speakers so they do know a thing or two about streaming.

Giving users a good balance of premium build quality, intuitive controls, and expressive sound, Bose speakers are pound-for-pound the best HiFi WiFi speakers in the audio industry.

Users have criticized Bose’s lack of support in the past for high-resolution files, but their most recent models now support the likes of WAV and FLAC.

Some models even support music services like Deezer and Spotify and Alexa Voice commands.

In this review, we have compiled a list of some of the best bose HiFi WiFi speakers based on quality, performance, and customer preference.

Best Bose HiFi WiFi Speakers

The Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Portable, Long-Lasting Bluetooth Speaker

Starting from its design to the quality of its audio, the Bose Soundlink Resolve+ effortlessly outshines other Bluetooth enabled speakers on the market.

The Bose Soundlink Revolve + gives you around 30 feet of Bluetooth range, with voice functionality to aid and abet your wireless pairings.

You can simultaneously connect two devices to the Soundlink Revolve + which allows you to effortlessly switch control of the speaker.

This device can last up to 16 hours when full. Not forgetting the addition of Google and Siri virtual assistants on this device.

This bose speaker weights two pounds, its lantern-like shape is made with perforated aluminum casing.

The speaker of this device circumnavigates the entire device which makes it possible for it to deliver an authentic all-round sound whether you are far away or close to it you are assured of distortion-free audio.

This particular model is equipped with a fabric handle that makes it easier for you to move it around.

And as a strange inclusion, the speaker also comes with a universal mount that can be utilized to attach it to any tripod.

  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Simple black design
  • Impressive sound
  • Users who like elaborate appearances may not like the simple black design

The Bose Home Speaker with Alexa voice control built-in

The Amazon Echo’s insanely growing popularity has influenced a plethora of audio equipment manufacturers to launch their own Alexa-powered smart speakers, with the Bose Home speaker 500 being amongst them.

This speaker is equipped with two custom drivers that point in adjacent directions which makes the sound bounce off the walls and gives the Home Speaker 500 the widest soundstage among all smart speakers.

With in-built amazon Alexa support, voice commands can be utilized to do everything from checking up on news and weather and enjoying your favorite streaming radio/radio platforms.

This Wi-Fi Hi-Fi speaker supports several online music services and internet radio platforms like; Amazon Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and Pandora.

Aside from Wi-Fi, the Bose Home Speaker 500 also supports streaming via Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth.

The top of the speaker has a custom-designed eight-microphone array (for improved voice pick up), playback controls, and six configurable (through the music app of Bose companion) preset buttons that offer you one-click access to your preferred radio stations, saved playlists and several others.

The speaker is equipped with a display on its front panel which can show information like track album art and time.

  • Supports a plethora of online streaming platforms
  • Front display included
  • Impeccable sound performance
  • Looks great everywhere
  • Absence of on/off button
  • It is quite expensive
  • The Bose Music app needs to be improved

The Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System

This is a set of slim-line speakers built to deliver natural, room-permeating sound. The Bose Companion 20 does not have a subwoofer, but regardless of that, deeper notes sound full and rich, giving your gaming or viewing experience that realistic, crisp audio.

This speaker is equipped with a control pod that allows you to seamlessly adjust the volume or mute whenever you are listening to it with just a click.

The pod’s touch-sensitive metal surface can also be used to switch the device on or off.

The audio and headphone jack on this device allows you to connect another audio source like a laptop to the speakers. The pair is robust and fairly compact.

  • Visually appealing design
  • Portable and convenient
  • Incredible sound performance
  • Some users may not like the inconvenience of having a pair of Wi-Fi speakers
  • Absence of woofer

The Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose Soundlink Mini II is an ultra-portable, sleek speaker manufactured with an aluminum casing that ensures its durability.

The Bose Soundlink Mini II can easily fit into a backpack or purse. The Soundlink Mini II emanates an incredible sound range and can hit deep notes without being fazed.

Made with an in-built microphone, this portable speaker can be utilized for making calls and activating Siri and google assistant.

The Soundlink Mini II can stay up to 10 hours long when full. When in your home, you do not need to bother about the speaker’s battery life as it can be mounted on its charging dock while you play your music indefinitely.

Embedded with Bluetooth connectivity, the Soundlink Mini II has a 30-foot range and remembers the last eight devices that pair with it.

Other connectivity options include a micro-b USB port and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

  • A plethora of connectivity options
  • Convenient and portable
  • Has an in-built microphone
  • Battery life pales in comparison to other speakers on this list

The Bose SoundLink Micro, Portable Outdoor Speaker

This is another impressive Speaker by Bose. The Bose Soundlink Micro can pump out booming audio regardless of its size.

Even when being used outside, the device delivers a clear and well-balanced sound.

Voice prompts allow you to easily connect to your smartphone Google and Siri virtual assistant and Bluetooth. It also allows you to open Amazon Echo Dot hands-free.

This speaker is equipped with a soft and rugged casing, which protects it from scratches and dents when you are mobile.

Apart from being incredibly lightweight, it is also designed for portability. The Bose Soundlink Micro comes with a tear-free strap that allows you to latch onto any object it is attached to.

Whether it’s a bike or backpack, this speaker can hold on firmly while emanating top-quality sound.

The speaker additionally has an IPX7 rating and won’t get damaged if you drop it in a pool by accident. You can enjoy a six-hour-long battery life when fully charged.

  • Incredibly portable
  • Produces incredible sound for a speaker its size
  • Can be attached to objects
  • Underwhelming battery life

The Bose Soundlink Color Speaker II – Aquatic Blue

The Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth II speaker is a small but powerful innovation designed for on the go audiophiles.

This water-resistant speaker is equipped with a soft silicone casing that makes it easier to carry and handle.

The Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker II offers eight hours of well-balanced audio playtime.

While you can use that time to stream your best songs, you also have to opportunity to take calls with the speaker’s built-in speakerphone system.

This device has a 30-foot Bluetooth range that allows you to enjoy your best songs from ample distance.

It is equipped with Bose Connect, an application that allows you to control all Bluetooth connections.

The Bose Soundlink also has a 3.5 mm auxiliary audio jack so they can be connected to a different audio source.

The Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth II offers four color choices; red, blue, white, and black.

  • Comes in different color options
  • Portable
  • Impeccable sound performance
  • It is lacking in the sound department

Why Are Bose Speakers Expensive?

There are several individuals who would really love to acquire Bose speakers, but they are aware of how expensive Bose speakers can be.

They are so pricey because they effortlessly enhance your listening experience regardless of the song you are listening to.

Regardless of the movie you may be watching you can be assured that it is money well spent.

You should never forget that Bose speakers are worth every penny that will be spent in them.

Except the price is too much on the high side, but most of the speakers offered by the company all come with a warranty that you can certainly use.

Another thing that is worthy of note is that Bose speakers are as expensive as they are because their sound quality surpasses other speaker types.

The company makes use of the latest technology like touch systems, Bluetooth, and wireless to keep their products up to date.

Even small Bose speakers like the ones reviewed in this list look like they may not have impressive sound quality because of their portable size, but several individuals are blown away by the sound quality that speakers of those sizes emanate.

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