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The Best Philips Surround Sound System In 2023

The Philips brand has been in the electronics industry for several years and has consistently dished out amazing products year after year.

Their range of surround sound systems performs amazingly at all levels and is a great choice for your home entertainment system.

In this article, we take a look at three of the best Philip Surround Sound Systems.

Best Philips Surround Sound System In 2022

Philips HTS5100 Blu-ray 5.1 channel Home Theater system

The Philips HTS5100B surround sound system boasts powerful surround sound and high definition.

This sound system ensures sharp pictures with 10180p HDMI upconversion; it also has a convenient iPod playback through the added dock.

With this connection, you can hook up the Philips dock to your home entertainment surround sound system for media playback.

If a detailed and robust sound is what you desire then this surround system is your best bet.

Your expectations are exceeded by this system by giving you an immersive listening sound.

This surround sound system is equipped with an impeccable bass sound that captures and recreates low frequencies into impressive audible ranges. What you get in return is an uncompromised sound with more panache and boom.

With the 90W RMS output power in this surround sound system, you have ensured a next-level audio performance.

You get to listen to music, play games, and what your favorite TV shows and movies with a robust sound.

This surround sound system features stunning and sleek speakers that blend well into your décor.

This surround sound system has Bluetooth connectivity, the amazing wireless technology allows you to connect it to other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and play your favorite sounds from your tablet, phone, laptop, and other devices.

You can catch up with your favorite radio stations with an Inboard FM tuner that gives you access to your favorite radio stations for engaging news, topics, and music.

This system is a 5 1 set with a sound that shifts seamlessly between side, rear, and front which gives you detailed sounds. You also get to be free from the stress of hanging speakers above your ceiling.

This system has SD card slots and a USB linear feature for complete file transferability. Users enjoy the comfort of accessing more photos and digital music.

Philips Fidelio Premium SoundBar Home Theater

Several soundbars face the issue of immersion via fancy sound processing algorithms that simulate surround sound.

If you want to enjoy those ear-popping effects nothing compares to owning real competent sound systems that can get the job done.

This amazing feature is why lots of users love the Philips Fidelio soundbar. Philips takes the soundbar concept with the Fidelio and includes real surround sound into the mix via the addition of two Wireless Speakers.

The surrounds on this set connect into the sides of the main unit when you no longer need them, maintaining the convenience of the single speaker.

If you intend to switch from floor standers to a better less overzealous sound system for any reason whatsoever the Fidelio is a perfect choice.

What you do is make use of HDMI cables to plug your audio source in and output to your TV.

The subwoofer of this sound system is a two-foot-tall rectangle and has wireless connectivity. What this means is that all you have to do is have it plugged in.

You can tell if the system is connected or not via a small light at the back. Several audiophiles may decry the absence of controls on the woofer but that is a minuscule issue.

The front panel has an LED that lets you know if the system is powered on and what input is active.

When the volume is adjusted through the oval shape remote, the aforementioned LEDs also indicate the volume.

The remote also comes with controls that can help you tweak the treble and bass, activating night mode and switching inputs that hold down the deeper bass tones so you don’t have to disturb the peace of the neighborhood during explosive sequences in your movies and music.

If you want to get a more cinematic feel and experience with this sound system, remove the surroundings to listen to how immersive they can be, Philips did a great job here.

The audio gets adjusted instantly when the surroundings are out because the system is aware of their absence. The speaker has an LED that informs you that it’s working perfectly.

However, Philips did miss out on one small detail. There is no headphone jack on the soundbar, yes it is a known fact that most soundbar models do not have headphone jacks which is a flaw in their designs that need to be attended to.

Soundbars purport to delineate the necessity of an AV receiver, but no producer would ever construct a receiver without the inclusion of a headphone jack.

It is an audio product that deals with sound procession so it makes sense for it to have one.

Additionally, even though Philips rates the battery life of its surround speakers at eight hours, some users have complained that they do not last that long. The durability is about five hours max.

All in all, this Philips Fidelio surround sound system is a piece of great audio equipment. Philips successfully and brilliantly combined true surround sound with the soundbar concept and manages to please individuals who enjoy hassle-free gear and immersive sound.

Philips MCD139 Micro DVD Home Theater System

The Philips MCD139/79 is one of the company’s latest offerings. This surround sound system is a compact 2.1 Hi-Fi and DVD system with alluring features and cones at an incredibly budget-friendly price.

This sound system will play movies effortlessly and allows you to listen to your favorite music in a plethora of formats like WMA CD, MP3 CD, and audio CD.

This surround sound system gives little or no stress during connection. All you need to do is attach the subwoofer and the right speaker to the left subwoofer.

The subwoofer and the right speaker are attached to the left speaker because the amplifier is housed by the left speaker.

The main unit houses the DVD player and can also be connected to the left speaker via a DIN connection. Coaxial digital audio output and stereo audio output ports are also present in the main unit.

What this means is that the main unit can also be plugged into another amplifier. Getting your television plugged into the main unit can be done through S-Video, component, or composite cables.

This surround sound system fires on all cylinders, it is compatible with a lot of DVDs, Video CDs, burnt DVD+R discs, and Picture CDs with little or no issues. The quality of the DVDs is sharp and vivid.

Via the composite connection, however, you get a less vibrant video connection. In the Sonic department, you get a wide and clean stereo range from these small speakers. You get Dolby Digital output at high, low, and mid-range frequencies.

High frequencies are clean, smooth, and clean, mid-range is subtle and warm, and the passive subwoofer offers nice performance.

Playing WMA audio and MP3 files is as straightforward as they come, with this surround sound system having the ability to accept different CD-R discs packed with different files of different bit rates. The menu system appears on the screen and is a breeze to use.

In terms of appearance, the main unit has a visually appealing mirrored and grey finish. It is a little bit more robust than the normal slender DVD player.

The width is small but it is higher than a lot of slimline DVD players. The discs are loaded from the top because there is an absence of a loading tray on this unit. The speakers on this surround sound system are 25cm tall.

Every speaker in this set is accommodated in a faux cherry-wood enclosure that adds a vintage feel to an otherwise contemporary-looking surround sound system.

You get an FM antenna, a composite video cable, and remote control when you purchase this.

Overall, this surround sound system from Philips has a classy and sleek design and it performs its duties effectively.

The only thing that done individuals find disappointing is that this surround sound system cannot play Xvid and DivX formats but the affordable nature of this set compensated for that.

Final Thoughts

The audio market is filled with a lot of surround sound systems and it can be quite stressful to get the perfect one.

You will encounter speakers and sound systems of different types so it is vital to look out for things like your room size, sound quality, design, connectivity, material, and a lot more others.

Several individuals opt for large systems because they feel the bigger they are the better they are. 

However, that is not always the case because the Advent of technological advancement has made some portable speakers sound as good and even better than larger ones. 

In your consideration of surround sound Systems to acquire, these three amazing products from Philips should be on your top list.

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