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Mini HiFi Systems With Wireless Speakers

Whether you have an encompassing mini HiFi system accompanied by speakers, a single box of home entertainment system to which you must include speakers to carry everything you require, an effective and complete HiFi system can save a lot of space and money. And you can get the best sound quality from the right choice.

We have gone through thorough research to come up with some of the best mini HiFi systems with wireless speakers, each with its distinct feature and price.

In this list, all the systems you will find are amazing and perform superbly in the sound department.

How Do Wireless Speakers Work?

Wireless speakers work just like normal speakers except with the little inclusion of a transmitter, unlike wires that transport a signal to the speakers from the source.

Most wireless speakers have a range of around 150 feet from the transmitter which is mostly farther than required. The signal is broadcasted just like an FM radio and can move through furniture and walls.

Because of the speakers’ wireless nature, they are usually powered by an optional AC adapter or batteries.

The batteries allow you to move them wherever you please and have them still function effectively with convenience and void of restrictions.

Wireless speakers can additionally decode discrete audio information like a typical home theater.

What this means is that if your computer recognizes any sound that your speaker emanates, it can have it directly broadcasted to that speaker.

This is generally utilized when DVD movies are played. As long as your computer’s sound card supports discrete audio, it can be gotten from your wireless speakers.

Mini HiFi Systems With Wireless Speakers

The Denon D-M41 Home Theater Mini Amplifier and Bookshelf Speaker

This multi-award-winning system from Denon performs at the top of its game and is quite affordable too. This set can be purchased with or without Denon speakers.

The system is called RCD-M41DAB and the speakers are separately dubbed SC-M41. Adding these two together gives you the D-M41DAB.

If you do not have Denon speakers then we recommend you get one.

This system comes with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and it’s to die for because of the convenience you get. The sound performance of the D-M41DAB is impeccable.

The sound quality drop from CD to Spotify stream does not affect the system’s sonic mastery, it stays expressive, graceful, and insightful. This system is truly impeccable for its price.

  • Impeccable sound performance
  • It is quite affordable even if you purchase the complete set
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Some users may not find the sound to be impressive

The KEF Surround Powered Bluetooth Speaker + Floorstand

With this model, KEF has minimized its award-winning LS50 Wireless sound system into a half-priced and miniature version.

The LSX has the same impeccable blueprint as the LS50 as an all-encompassing hi-fi system: Bluetooth receiver, a network streamer, and amplification all in one pair of compact stereo speakers.

Much of the KEF’s innovative performances of its systems have been squeezed into this model to give you the versatility and convenience of the tried and tested LS50 at a more reasonable cost.

The LSA comes with a unique Uni-Q driver array, KEF stream app, Apple Airplay 2, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, aptX, and a classy woven fabric finish.

This version may be a watered-down model of the LS50, but it is just as fantastic and more affordable.

  • Crisp, colorful and visually appealing design
  • Top class insight
  • Extensive connectivity
  • It is quite affordable
  • Some hitches with a few of the apps

The Naim Muso 2 wireless music speaker

The Naim Muso incorporates speakers, streamers, and amplifiers in one sophisticated, elegant package.

Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, and Chromecast lets you use the Muso 2 wirelessly, while in-built services like Spotify and Tidal enhance high-resolution audio formats giving it a tight armada of streaming abilities.

But the Naim Muso does not start and end with streaming, an HDMI ARC input lets you wire up television and simultaneously enhance its sound.

The price of this wireless sound system should not scare you though, it’s worth every penny.

It performs and looks like a premium wireless speaker with a solid, confident sound with generous high-quality bass. The sound is embedded in detail and delivered with impeccable rhythm. 

  • Comes with a plethora of streaming options
  • Impeccable sound and quality bass
  • Outstanding detail and dynamics
  • May be too expensive for some users

The REVO SuperSystem Multi-Format Premium Audio System

The RevoSuperSystem will permeate your apartment with sound. This mini hi-fi system has a retro-styled walnut exterior that conceals the endless list of advanced features within.

The features include Spotify connect, Bluetooth support, internet radio, and wi-fi. The sonic performance of the Revo super system is also impressive.

The 15cm bass diver has a tight low-end that leaves you with a soothing presentation.

The Revo super system has a lengthy list of connections including an optical in, USB, 3.5mm output, and Ethernet.

The USB can be utilized for both playing songs stored on memory sticks and charging devices.

The list does not end there, DLNA certification allows you to play songs from storage devices via a network.

The Revo super system has no specific control app, it effectively uses the free Undok app. 

  • A plethora of connections
  • Scale
  • Authority
  • It is not suitable for small rooms

The KEF LS50 Wireless Powered Music System

The KES LS50 wireless is a complete system that comes in a crisp and impressive package.

While the KES LS50 may be quite pricey you should remember that it comes with four power amps with around 460W of output, a dedicated streamer, preamp, 24-bit/192kHz DAC, and a Bluetooth module.

Like a true KAS speaker, they come with KEF’s Uni-Q drivers. Set these babies up and you get a tonally even sound that is refined enough to make the most top-quality streams.

Despite the size of these speakers, the bass is quite earth-shaking.

The KES LS50 comes with a plethora of connections like Ethernet. The KEF app is also a great addition; it controls the Tidal and DLNA functionality and gives you scope to get the speaker’s fine-tuned according to your environment. 

  • Excellent build and amazing features
  • Impeccable insight and clarity
  • Strong dynamics and taut bass
  • A few usability issues

The Naim Uniti Atom Compact High-End All-In-One Streaming Device

Calling the Naim Uniti Atom a streamer is like saying a Wagyu beef is just mere sustenance.

Starting from the coffee-coaster volume dial on top of it ( the pleasure of turning it is virtually enough to compensate for the cost of this mini hi-fi beast) to its color LCD front panel display that exhibits the song’s album art it’s playing.

Naim created a masterpiece with this one.

All you require to fully maximize this masterpiece is to include a pair of compatible speakers ( a 40W per channel at 8 ohms is perfect).

After digesting the visually appealing design, you will be blown away by the Naim Uniti Atom’s performance; its clarity and insight level are outstanding.

Atom has a plethora of connectivity options; Tidal, Google Chromecast, internet radio, aptX HD, Spotify Connect, and AirPlay.

Music stored on a USB stick can also be played on this system.

After all said and done, the Naim Uniti Atom is what you would expect from a brand like Naim an impressive mixture of premium HiFi and lifestyle products.

  • Has impeccable timing and impressive dynamic range
  • Looks as outstanding as it sounds
  • Top-quality insight and clarity
  • Nothing with its features

The Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier

The PM7000N might appear like one of Marantz’s standalone al encompassing amps but this mini hi-fi sound system has a plethora of streaming features that make it a perfect just-add-speakers system.

The Marantz PM7000N comes with a DAC, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, 60W per channel of amplification, HEOS multi-room support, and network module.

The PM7000N can also stream high-resolution 24bit/192kHz audio. Quite the arsenal of sound ensuring features. 

When powered on the PM7000N gives you an insightful and spacious sound that will keep you listening for hours on end.

Weighty, expansive, and powerful, the Marantz PM7000N has a dynamic ability and quality to make sure that each key at both spectrum end shines.

Combining old-school amplification with a more advanced streaming experience may not be that big of a deal anymore, but Marantz has done this a little better than most of their counterparts. Great to listen to, easy to use, certainly a top dog among its peers.

  • A plethora of features
  • Insightful and spacious presentation
  • Clarity
  • A few of the controls feel plasticky

Final Thoughts

The world of technology has evolved with mini hi-fi speakers and sound systems giving their larger counterparts a run for their money in terms of sound, quality, and durability.

The wireless feature of these sound systems features makes them even more convenient and flexible.

With this comprehensive list, we are sure you will find it easier to pick the right choice for your home entertainment system.

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