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The Best Devialet HiFi Speakers To Buy

We are discussing the best Devialet HiFi speakers to buy. Devialet HiFi speaker is practically one of the best you can buy right now and they are sturdily designed.

When quality is what you need, then, you would push to the extreme; follow only verified sources, read up reviews from experts, then buy from verified (expert-recommended) sellers.

Hi-Fi speakers are rampant (no doubt), but the really good ones aren’t as commonly available as you think.

We are sure you already know what HiFi speakers mean; however, for the benefit of the doubt – HiFi speakers are simply Hi-Fidelity speakers that reproduce high-quality audio at different levels, You can check out some of our reviews on Hi-fidelity speakers to buy.

Devialet HiFi Speakers

Devialet is a French company that produces audio equipment for everyone. The company has been around for over a decade and has so far earned good reputations and trust from many audiophiles, including us at MHS.

The best Devialet HiFi speakers are available at quite considerable prices at amazon, as well as other popular online stores.

These speakers are designed with the best-in-class audio technologies, and each model boasts of sturdy drivers. You will enjoy using Devialet HiFi speakers at home, studio, or virtually anywhere that you wish to have a sound system.

Furthermore, Devialet speakers are classified as Phantom Premier and Phantom Reactor.

Also, the company manufactures speaker accessories that you could buy to enjoy the best experience while getting high-quality sound reproduction for your various needs.

Devialet HiFi Speakers Review

Typically, our reviews are unbiased and this Devialet HiFi Speakers review is going to be well-detailed, yet concise.

1. Devialet Classic Phantom (2000W)

You know, someone new into home audio won’t have so much experience on how to choose the right speaker with a suitable wattage.

Nevertheless, this 2000 watts speaker is quite a savior that would blend to any need.

The Devialet Class Phantom 200W (White color) is a decent enough HiFi speaker designed with suitable drivers and technologies to deliver amazing sound quality.

Honestly, this speaker is awesome that you’d enjoy using at home, office, or even in the studio.

Pairing it up with the Devialet accessories for HiFi speakers adds more beauty to the placement of this speaker in a room.

But not to praise the design that much, let’s take a look at what’s inside this speaker, its capabilities, and how good it is for your need.


First off, this is among the Devialet Classic Phantom series, it is available in white color and delivers a whopping 2000W peak power.

This speaker also comes with a frequency bandwidth of16Hz to 25 kHz (@-6dB); the accuracy in its frequency response is ± 2dB from 20Hz to 20 kHz.

Talking about the aesthetics of this speaker; it is designed with a white RAL 9016, polished stainless steel (used on the sides), including white RAL 9016 dome drivers. 

Also, this speaker hides a sturdy chipset inside the hood; having a 512MB DDR3 memory chip alongside an ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore 800MHz dual-core processor, and a patent System-On-Chip (SoC) Cyclone V.


With the specifications above, you can tell that this is a great speaker, but the price may turn you off if you have a low budget for a good HiFi speaker.

Well, the Devialet Classic Phantom (White) goes out at a price that is $2k+ (Please don’t forget to check out the speaker via amazon for the current price) and if you really know what you want, this speaker is a great buy.

Why buy Devialet Classic Phantom Speaker – the features

First off, this is a wireless speaker having the following technologies; Wi-Fi, Ethernet/PLC, Airplay, UPnP Renderer, Bluetooth (A2D and AVRCP profiles), AAC, SBC audio codecs, Spotify Connect, Toslink optical input (TV, CD player, Blu-Ray, video games console), and mobile app support.

This speaker functions really good and it comes with virtually all the cutting-edge audio technologies you should expect from a speaker of its level.

More so, it is compatible with Windows OS (7, 8, and 10), Mac OSX 10.12 or later, Android v5.0 or later, and iOS v10 or later. There’s also a remote control for the iOS functions.

Furthermore, the multi-room support connects your speaker using smart-hub and the mobile app to deliver room-filling sound across the house.


Drivers (Aluminum) Tweeter driver, Medium driver, Bass drivers
Amp. Power (Peak) 2000W
DAC Patented DAC embedded, ADH2 intelligence 24bits/192kHz THD: -112dB
Processor/Chipset ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore 800MHz dual-core processor, System-On-Chip (SoC) Cyclone V 512MB DDR3 memory
Sound Pressure 101 dB SPL at 1 meter
Dimensions 13.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches
Weight 28LBS


The Devialet Phantom Classic speaker is apparently expensive, but when you consider the alternatives and its features, its price is virtually justified.

Also, this is a portable speaker and it can easily blend with your interior décor.

2. Devialet Silver Phantom (3000 watts)

We are doing HiFi speakers and high-end models at that, right? This silver variant of the Devialet phantom speaker series looks more stunning and is obviously ultra-portable. It is one of the best speakers (so far) from the manufacturer – Devialet.

A whopping 3000 Watts is suitable for any type of home audio need, and that’s what this speaker has to offer.

Devialet has carefully crafted this speaker with bleeding-edge technologies enclosed in a stunning slivery finished aluminum.

Being a wireless speaker makes the Devialet Silver Phantom an ideal option for many people; it eliminates every possibility of having another wire/cord go through your room or studio.

Also, the wireless technologies used by this speaker make it possible that you can connect to various sources and devices.

You’ll definitely be attracted to this speaker when you see it at a store, thanks to the sleek design and nice curvature.


Typical of every other Devialet Phantom speaker you would see, this model flaunts the rounded corners build, and is also portable.

You can easily append this speaker to stands (either from Devialet or any other manufacturer).

It is super cool, intuitive, and easy to handle. From a relatively far distance, one can see this as the typical Bluetooth speakers’ that are rampant everywhere.

No doubt, the design/aesthetics of the Devialet Silver Phantom Speaker is stunning and appealing to the eye.

But the design shouldn’t be the main focus, let’s take a look at what’s inside the speaker; like, what’s hidden in the hood.


It’s just a small top-up to the amount of Devialet Classic Phantom (White) and you’ll get this unit.

While the Devialet Classic Phantom is sold at $2.2k+, this model Devialet Silver Phantom is available at about $2.3k+ (Please don’t forget to check out the speaker via amazon for the current price). The price difference isn’t much and you’re getting 1000W extra if you choose this model.

Why buy Devialet Silver Phantom Speaker – the features

We’ve discussed most of the features above; however, here are things that could push you to choose Devialet Silver Phantom Speaker over the Devialet Classic Phantom Speaker. Firstly, the 3000 watts peak power is very attractive to an audiophile.

Also, all features available on the Devialet Classic Phantom Speaker, which includes Wi-Fi, Ethernet/PLC, Airplay, UPnP Renderer, Bluetooth (A2D and AVRCP profiles), AAC, SBC audio codecs, Spotify Connect, Toslink optical input (TV, CD player, Blu-Ray, video games console), and mobile app support are available on this model, too.

More so, the tweeter of this speaker delivers an unparalleled frequency range of 16Hz to 25kHz and 105 dB. This is very cool for an audiophile or home audio enthusiast.

The Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) delivers impressive analog and digital amplification. Finally, there are quite a lot of techs integrated on this speaker that makes it stand out from the others.


Drivers (Aluminum) Tweeter driver, Medium driver, Bass drivers
Amp. Power (Peak) 3000W
DAC Patented DAC embedded, ADH2 intelligence 24bits/192kHz THD: -112dB
Processor/Chipset ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore, 800MHz dual-core processor, System-On-Chip (SoC) Cyclone V 512MB DDR3 memory
Sound Pressure 105 dB SPL at 1 meter
Dimensions 13.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches
Weight 28 LBS


It is the same size and weight as the Classic Phantom Speaker (white) but offers more wattage.

The Devialet Silver Phantom Speaker is good and suitable for many audio needs. More so, this model remains the bestselling Devialet Phantom speaker.

3. Devialet Gold Phantom (4500 watts)

This gold variant in the Devialet Phantom series offers a whopping 4500 watts and is sold at a price close to $3k.

Well, there are no many things to say about this speaker as it is apparently the same as the two models reviewed above.

However, the only significant difference between this speaker and the ones above is the wattage and price.

It is a great speaker, but we are not sure it’s a great buy at its price. If you’re going to spend up to 3000 dollars to buy an appliance, device, or even an asset, obviously, you’d love the product to worth your money!

Well, everyone may have different opinions but here’s our Devialet Gold Phantom speaker review.


It’s still the curved-corners design and the only visible difference is the gold plated tweeter frame. The size and weight of this model are in no way different from what you get from the units above.

It is a compact, portable, and sleek speaker that can serve for quite a lot of purposes. Also, you can attach this speaker to tripods, stands, or set them on any even surface. Devialet Phantom speakers are typically flexible.


You need to plan to get this speaker; it’s sold at $2.9K+ (Please don’t forget to check out the speaker via amazon for the current price).

We can’t see the very reason for this hike in price; from $2.3k for the Silver Phantom Speaker (3000W) to $2.99k for an additional 1500W and no other formidable feature? Well, the manufacturer claims it used 22-carat gold to design this speaker.

Why buy the Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker – the features

Well, for a person, I love the AirPlay support and the various connectivity options supported by this speaker. It makes the speaker a multi-functional speaker that you can use anywhere for different reasons.

Also, the golden design is beautiful, honestly, and it made the speaker look more premium than its predecessors.

Furthermore, the 4500W peak power is amazing; sounds reproduced on this speaker are stunningly clear, filled with sufficient bass, and room-filling at almost all levels.

Setting up this speaker to work with or complement your wireless home audio system is a breeze; it supports various modes of connection.

It is really a good wireless speaker for audiophiles and practically everyone who loves HiFi sound reproduction.

The bass quality delivered by this speaker is commendable; plus, the tweeter does a fine job. Connect with the mobile app to explore all features of this speaker.


Drivers Grade 1 Titanium Tweeter driver, Aluminum Medium driver, and Aluminum Bass drivers
Amp. Power (Peak) 4500W
DAC Patented DAC embedded, ADH2 intelligence 24bits/192kHz THD: -112dB
Processor/Chipset ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore, 800MHz dual-core processor, System-On-Chip (SoC) Cyclone V 512MB DDR3 memory
Sound Pressure 108 dB SPL at 1 meter
Dimensions 13.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches
Weight 28 LBS


Yes, this is expensive but when closely evaluated, it does measure up to its price. The Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker is great for home use or use in the studio.

Also, its portability is a good advantage, and you can easily pick up its accessories from the Devialet official website.

4. Devialet Phantom Reactor

When portability is what you need, then, you should consider the Devialet Phantom Reactor; a sturdy wireless speaker from the French company – Devialet, offering good HiFi sound accompanied by deep bass for your need.

This particular model is available in colors and variants; there’s a white color variant and a black color variant.

In the same way, there is a 600W variant and a 900W variant.

This speaker is specially designed to act as the perfect alternative to the highly-priced Devialet Phantom Speakers reviewed above.


Devialet Phantom Reactor is a portable speaker that takes the typical silhouette featured by Devialet speakers.

Also, it has clips that help the speaker to attach to any speaker stand, as well as stand firm on any even surface. The Devialet Phantom Reactor is very portable and lightweight; thus, it is easy to move it from one place to another.

At the back panel of this speaker lies a couple of connectivity ports. However, this speaker supports wireless connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


You’re going to spend close to $1K (Please don’t forget to check out the speaker via amazon for the current price) to buy this speaker; nevertheless, the 900W variant is priced at $1,350.

Irrespective of the color you choose, the price will not be affected; the only thing that can alter the price is when you choose between 900W and 600W.

Why should you buy the Devialet Phantom Reactor? – The features

There are obviously very good wireless portable speakers sold below $500, but the Devialet Phantom comes with more advanced audio engineering and offers better HiFi sound.

Devialet assures that it introduced stereo technology in this Phantom Reactor Speaker to deliver the widest possible sound stage from the speaker drivers.

More interestingly, there are two modes supported by this speaker, solo mode and duo mode. The duo mode unlocks more power and greater sound quality so you can enjoy your music.

Furthermore, you will enjoy hi-resolution streaming with this speaker; plus, it supports stereo pairing.

Obviously, you can connect all your devices to this speaker; thanks to its support for Airplay, SpotifyConnect, Bluetooth, UPnP, and optical/analog inputs. Install the Deviled App on your smartphone to unlock the full potentials of this speaker.

This is simply an ultra-smart, portable speaker for an audiophile. Finally, the compact design of this speaker makes it easy for it to be installed anywhere in the house.


Drivers 1 x Aluminum Full-Range driver and 2 x Aluminum Bass drivers
Amp. Power (Peak) 600W
DAC Devialet DAC embedded in ADH3 intelligence 24bits / 96 & 192kHz THD: -112dB
Processor/Chipset ARM Cortex-A9 1.25GHz processor 512MB DDR3-1600 memory
Sound Pressure 95 dB SPL at 1 meter
Dimensions 8.6 x 6.2 x 6.6 inches
Weight 9.5 LBS


The Devialet Phantom Reactor is a very light portable speaker; very much flexible and handy. This speaker is really designed with cutting-edge audio techs and it surely delivers HiFi sound quality.

Also, the bass quality is pretty good and the speaker is overall recommendable. However, the price may be a little obstacle, but it’s really worth the price tag.

5. Devialet Phantom Reactor (900W)

900 watts is still okay for an audiophile, and the Devialet Phantom Reactor (900W) is a good buy for anyone who wants a compact HiFi speaker to use at home or studio.

This speaker looks stylish and would definitely blend with any modern home décor. The various connectivity techs provided by this speaker is what defines and makes Devialet speakers top-notch.

Devialet Phantom Reactor 900W is such a speaker you could use anywhere and it delivers pure sounds at any level.

Our review of the Devialet Phantom Reactor (900W)

Well, it is a bit pricey but we had to overlook the price and focus on its capabilities; it turns out to be that the capabilities justify the price and this speaker is a great buy for an audiophile on a budget. The sound quality obtained from this compact speaker was quite amazing; it was room-filling and the bass was decent enough.

Confidently, we believe that an audiophile would love this speaker or its 600W variant. It is also compatible with the mobile app, and it offers hi-res streaming from different sources.

Read the manufacturer’s guide included in the box to know more about the things this speaker can do.

In all, this is a versatile speaker for everyone who wishes to expand their home audio setup or if you’re just looking for a compact speaker to take everywhere you go.


Drivers 1 x Aluminum Full-Range driver and 2 x Aluminum Bass drivers
Amp. Power (Peak) 600W
DAC Devialet DAC embedded in ADH3 intelligence 24bits / 96 & 192kHz THD: -112dB
Processor/Chipset ARM Cortex-A9 1.25GHz processor 512MB DDR3-1600 memory
Sound Pressure 98 dB SPL at 1 meter
Dimensions 8.6 x 6.2 x 6.6 inches
Weight 9.5 LBS

Is Devialet Phantom Reactor (900W) the best Devialet speaker?

Well, this is quite a tough question to answer; however, the Devialet Phantom Reactor (900W) performs very well, and looking at the pricing it is an ideal alternative to Devialet Classic Phantom (2000W).

Also, this model of Devialet Phantom Speaker is specially designed for audiophiles, being engineered to offer audiophile-grade audio quality.

Furthermore, this speaker supports all connectivity options available on Devialet High-End speaker, yet lighter in weight.

In terms of physical design, there’s no viable difference between this speaker (Devialet Phantom Reactor 900W) and the Devialet Gold PhantomSpeaker (4500W) asides the gold coating.

Coming back to the question, many online reviews have portrayed the Devialet Phantom Reactor (900W) as the best speaker from the brand; we won’t support this award, but we can assure you that this is one of the best models Devialet has to offer.

Devialet Speaker Accessories

We have seen the available Devialet speakers you can buy from verified retailers and online stores. It’s time to talk about the speakers’ accessories designed by Devialet for its customers.

Using Devialet speaker accessories makes you enjoy the speaker the more, as well as unlock its full potentials.

However, there are no many things to say here because Devialet also designs a few accessories for its speakers.

These accessories include tripod stands, or rather, speaker stands, where you can fix your Devialet speaker and enjoy HiFi sound reproduction.

Why you should buy Devialet accessories along with Devialet speakers

One of our main reasons for recommending that you buy Devialet accessories along with the speakers is because the accessories are direct from the same manufacturer.

When you buy a smartphone and its accessories from the same brand, it is safer compared to when you buy a smartphone and then buy accessories to use with the device from another brand.

More so, since these speakers are quite expensive, you definitely would love to have good warranty coverage just in case things go south afterward.

There are quite a lot of benefits for buying Devialet speaker accessories, and here, we have listed the best Devialet speaker accessories you should consider buying.

1. Devialet Care – Phantom Reactor

Devialet Care – Phantom Reactor

Check again, this accessory is mainly for Devialet Phantom Reactor Speakers.

So, when you buy a phantom reactor speaker, this accessory can help to extend your warranty coverage.

Devialet Care is a small book with some important information.

It is sold separately; you won’t see it inside the box when you buy a Phantom Reactor Speaker from Devialet. However, it’s a bit pricey.

What does this accessory cover?

Well, it adds 5 years of warranty coverage to your product. Thus, if your speaker comes with default 1-year manufacturer warranty coverage, this accessory will skyrocket the warranty coverage by 5 years more.

Also, if within the first 5 years of using your Devialet Phantom Speaker, it got damaged, this accessory covers accidental damage; this implies that you can get a whole good unit at a very fair price; however, based on the terms and conditions.

In a layman understanding, buying this book grants you the following;

  • Get a new Devialet Phantom Reactor speaker after your unit got accidentally damaged
  • Up to 5-years additional warranty coverage, with all benefits included
  • Covers only the Devialet Phantom Reactor 600W and 900W

Does this accessory cover all Devialet speakers?

The simple is no – you are to buy this add-on only when you’ve bought or own either the Devialet Phantom Reactor 600W or 900W speaker.

If you’re using the Devialet Classic Phantom, Silver Phantom, or Gold Phantom, this accessory is not for you.

Unfortunate? Nope – the high-end Devialet speakers come with immense support from the manufacturer, as well as good warranty policies.

You can only buy one of these for one speaker, and it is limited; kindly read Devialet’s policies before buying.

2. Devialet Cocoon – Traveling case for Phantom Reactor

Do you travel all the time with your Devialet speaker? If you do, then, you need this accessory.

Instead of packing your speaker into your gears (unprotected), this gear is designed to help keep your Devialet Phantom Reactor safe all the while you travel.

It is a sturdy protector case designed for Phantom Reactor speaker owners.

This accessory is available in quite different colors, and depending on the color you choose, the pricing is different on Amazon.

We admonish all Phantom Reactor 600W or 900W speaker users to buy this carrying case.


The Devialet Cocoon is a sturdy carrying case designed with a thick-skinned and water-repellent material that is yet ultra-soft and feels comfortable.

The second-skin interior is fortified for optimal protection on the go; this is the best accessory for travelers who own the specified speaker models.

More so, there’s a padded inlay design on this accessory; it acts as a protective barrier around your phantom reactor.

Interestingly, this gear isn’t heavy; it won’t actually cause your speaker to be heavy to carry about. This gear is lightweight and has resistant Aluminum handles, which are there to assure the durability of this protector case.

Why buy this accessory?

It has a waterproof, non-slip shoulder strap; just in case you want to hang your speaker as you move.

There are different colors available, so you can make a perfect choice that would blend with your everyday fashion outfit.

Most especially, if you should get caught up in a heavy downpour, if your Phantom Reactor Speaker is stored in this protective case, then, you have nothing to worry about. That’s because this case is designed to repel water.

Furthermore, this case is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and it is sold separately.

Also, this accessory is for Devialet Phantom Reactor Speaker users; quite another unfortunate time to own a Devialet Classic Phantom speaker.

3. Treepod or Tripod for your Devialet speakers

This is certainly one of the core accessories you should buy; with Devialet’s tripod, or rather treepod as codenamed by the manufacturer, you can easily set up your speaker at any place and enjoy HiFi sound playback.

These tripods are sturdily designed to hold up your speakers for as long as possible.

Also, you can adjust the tripod to different levels. More interestingly, the manufacturer assures that this treepod system comes with a patented security mechanism to firmly hold on to your speaker even at its highest volume.

It’s available in different colors and designs; there’s a design for high-end Devialet speakers, and also there’s a design for Phantom Reactors series.

We really advise you to buy this accessory and save yourself the stress of looking for a perfect place to install your new speaker.

4. Devialet wireless speaker control

All Devialet speakers are wireless speakers and they are compatible with several sources, devices, and systems.

The Devialet wireless speaker control is an accessory that aids to control how your speaker functions.

With this gear, you can easily control the volume of your Gold Phantom speaker with precision.

Also, it helps you to connect your speaker with Bluetooth devices.

Unfortunately, this accessory works only with the following Devialet speakers; Phantom Premier: Phantom Gold (4500W), Phantom Silver (3000W), and Classic Phantom (1200W).

If you’re using the Phantom Reactor models, then, this is not for you; however, you can unlock most features of your speaker using the mobile app for smartphones.


Devialet HiFi Speakers are good ones you should consider when looking for high-quality speakers that are very much flexible and sturdy.

These Devialet speakers we have reviewed in this article are among the best ones you can buy in the market.

Also, we recommend you buy the necessary accessories for each of the speakers you decide to buy.

The wireless connectivity support, as well as the various connectivity options offered by Devialet HiFi Speakers, is among the reasons to choose them over their alternatives.

We understand that these speakers are a bit pricey, but their features are pretty impressive; plus, their sleek design would take away your focus on the price tag.

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