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Sierra Modern Home Purewave Wireless HiFi Speaker Review

There are various portable speakers out there that you can buy at affordable prices. Most of these speakers are packed with impressive drivers and components for high-quality sound reproduction.

Most times, people refer to these portable speakers as Bluetooth speakers.

Well, many portable speakers are often advertised as Bluetooth speakers, and they come with the latest Bluetooth wireless connectivity tech.

However, everyone virtually needs a portable wireless speaker, especially audiophiles and party lovers.  Thus, here is the Sierra Modern Home Purewave Wireless HiFi Speaker review.

Purewave is a distinctive wireless speaker that you should have; it flaunts a stylish design and is very portable to carry about.

Sierra Modern Home Purewave Wireless HiFi Speaker Review

Sometimes in the office, you may get bored and decide to playback some interesting files saved on your mobile device.

You may plug in your earphones or connect your earbuds/headphones to enjoy the playback personally.

But what happens when you’re two in the room or office, and you both are feeling bored?

You may result in playing out the sound from your mobile device speaker; arguably, your device may be singing out loud, but, obviously, you won’t get to enjoy the playback as you wished.

This is where you start thinking about owning a portable wireless speaker that can go with you to any place.

Also, if you’re planning on hanging out with your friends for a picnic or going afield from home, taking a portable speaker along won’t be a bad decision.

The portable speaker would be used to playback music, and everyone on the groove will feel lively and happy.

However, irrespective of the situation, the Purewave wireless speaker by Sierra Modern Home is a portable HiFi speaker that serves a lot of purposes.

It is fit for home use, office use, and hanging out or mini house parties. This portable speaker is specially designed for multipurpose and the sturdy materials used, assure of long durability of the speaker.

Looking at the specs and features of sierra modern home purewave wireless HiFi speaker, it is one of the best portable HiFi speakers you can have.

Technical Specifications

Weight2.5 pounds
Dimensions4 x 12 x 15 inches
Mobile appNo
Battery600mAh Li-Ion
Charging time1 hour
Runtime3 hours
Audio technologiesN/A
Wattage12 W
Impedance3 ohms

Design and Build

The design and build quality of this portable speaker is one of its selling points. It is a portable, lightweight speaker that can be easily moved from one place to another.

Sierra Modern has designed this speaker with sturdy and refined materials to assure its users of long durability.

Interestingly, the design looks modern and typical; it is not totally oval or square-shaped like most contemporary Bluetooth speakers you will find in the market right now.

However, the actual speaker is oval-shaped, but there is an extension at the back where you can access the power button, the 3.5mm jack input, as well as the charging port.

Also, it is this extension at the back the helps the speaker to stand on its own without being supported by any other object or surface; the PureWave speaker can be easily placed on any flat surface such as tabletops, floors, chairs, or just an even surface.

It is available in two similar finishes; there is a variant designed with light wood and another designed with dark wood.

The dark wood finish looks more vintage than the light wood finish; nevertheless, both designs are stunning and would match any modern décor.

The dark walnut finish option is the favorite of many (from users’ reviews online).

Most people have confessed that the Purewave HiFi speaker looks as good as it sounds, thanks to the refined metal grill and wood grain finish.

In terms of design and build, the Purewave HiFi speaker comes with the best possible design and body shape it would have ever had.

Furthermore, considering the dimensions of the Purewave wireless HiFi speaker, this speaker won’t take up much space on your work desk on any office table, if you’re using it in the office.

Yet, it delivers a high-level sound that has been proven to be HiFi quality. Simply, this is just a standing circular music player.

Features and Tech

Most portable, wireless Bluetooth speakers are packed with quite a lot of features and audio techs to ensure that they serve a variety of purposes.

Thus, you can see Bluetooth speakers that be paired with another to create a stereo.

Also, there are some brands that have made it possible that you can connect more than 50 portable Bluetooth speakers of the same model to generate room-filling sound for your needs.

Notwithstanding all those capabilities and tech features, the Purewave wireless speaker doesn’t come with much of it but offers a few handy audio techs.

However, the manufacturer claims that it designed this speaker with state-of-the-art audio technologies, which guarantees the speaker as a portable Hi-Fi speaker.

So, if you’re looking for a portable HiFi speaker to go along with you when getting on the go, Purewave wireless speaker can be your best companion; it will feed you with premium audio and sufficient bass.

Sierra Modern Home wireless speaker – Purewave has its drivers designed with a Clear Sense audio technology – the company’s patent audio tech that guarantees high-quality sound reproduction.

Also, the speaker conceals a refined amplifier structured to deliver quality sound with precise details (in co-operation with the speaker drivers).

Clear Sense audio technology powers the Purewave speaker to reproduce sounds with minimal distortion so that the listener can enjoy HiFi sound reproduction.

This speaker is designed to serve as a plug n play speaker system; it doesn’t require any initial setup or configuration – just connect your device and start playing back sounds from a source.

Nevertheless, this speaker doesn’t support any built-in streaming service; owners can launch the streaming service on their device, and then send the sound to Purewave speaker via Bluetooth wireless connection.

The two connectivity options supported by this wireless speaker are Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack input. You can connect mobile devices via Bluetooth or connect your iPod/MP3 players using a 3.5mm jack.

Interestingly, when you purchase this portable HiFi speaker, it includes an aux cable inside the box, alongside the USB charging cable.

In addition, this portable wireless speaker comes with a hi-tech DSP audio chip that powers this speaker to blast sound across 1000 sq/ft.; this implies the Purewave wireless HiFi speaker can serve most small rooms.

Furthermore, the passive radiators on this speaker deliver explicit sound with no distortion.

Drivers and Power Handling

What makes up a speaker system is the driver – whether it is a wireless speaker, portable speaker, bookshelf, soundbar, tower speaker, or any kind of speaker, the key characteristic of a speaker system is the driver.

Also, it is the driver that classifies a speaker as a HiFi speaker or an ordinary speaker. Well, the Purewave wireless speaker has tagged a HiFi speaker because it comes with HiFi-capable speaker drivers.

There are two-channel stereo drivers available on this portable speaker; the drivers are designed with Clear Sense audio technology, which fine-tunes the sound reproduction to what an audiophile would love to listen to.

PureWave wireless HiFi speaker comes with a built-in amplifier, and utilizing just 12W of power.

The power handling isn’t as encouraging as expected, but it is good enough for HiFi sound reproduction, thanks to the audio technology.


There is a way to arrive at the conclusion of a speaker’s performance. First of all, you have to consider the price of the speaker, as well as the drivers.

Now, coming to the Sierra Modern Home Purewave Wireless HiFi Speaker, it handles just 12W of power; however, the performance is really impressive, thanks to the various audio technologies used to design the drivers and the specially-crafted cabinet.

This pretty little speaker beats many other options within its price range. It releases high-quality sound, while the passive radiators help to deliver kicky bass to meet your audio needs.

You can use this speaker to listen to music playbacks, watch movies, or streams from different platforms, as well as game playback sounds.

It is easy to connect your mobile device, thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Also, this speaker can connect to devices up to 30ft. away; thus, you don’t necessarily have to sit close to the speaker.

The performance is commendable on various tests – indoor tests and outdoor tests. Purewave HiFi speaker could deliver sufficient sound that fills a small room with commensurable bass.

Interestingly, sound reproduction on Purewave wireless speaker is clean and precise with very minimal or no distortion.

It can be used for playing back sounds from your gameplay on mobile – all you need is to connect your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Generally, this speaker works great for various purposes, and you will definitely enjoy HiFi sound reproduction, thanks to the speaker drivers and audio technologies.

Also, the outdoor performance of this speaker is great; it is perfect for mini outdoor camping and other outdoor hangouts.

There are bookshelf HiFi speakers, but this one is a portable HiFi speaker that serves various personal audio needs.

Battery and Charging

What makes a speaker a portable unit is when the speaker can be powered on the go and is easy to carry from one place to another.

The Purewave wireless HiFi speaker comes with a 600mAh battery that doesn’t take a long time to charge.

Nevertheless, when the speaker is fully charged, it functions for up to 3 hours or more – depending on how you use the speaker.

Obviously, if you tuned the speaker to the highest volume, the battery tends to drain faster.

Well, this is the same for any device that is powered by a battery; even robot vacuums drain faster when working in high-suction modes.

So, the battery on the Purewave HiFi speaker is good, but not good enough. You can power this speaker using a power bank when you are on the go.

Also, you can use any other USB cable to charge the battery if the actual cable included in the box fails.

Sierra Modern Home Purewave Wireless HiFi Speaker Review and Summary

There are lots of portable speakers out there in the market – talking about the Bluetooth speakers from JBL, Anker, and many other audio brands.

Those wireless speakers from top brands perform very well – we have reviewed a few Bluetooth speakers to buy.

Our audio experts have considered quite a lot of factors when selecting those Bluetooth speakers, and from the list, you can get a perfect alternative to this speaker – Purewave HiFi speaker.

Also, considering that this speaker doesn’t support many inputs, such as SD card input and/or flash (USB) input, you may not find it so comfortable playing most of your files saved in external flash storage.

But in everything, this HiFi speaker isn’t costly – the price is very much affordable that you may decide to buy more than two of them.

More so, as a stereo speaker, you will enjoy audiophile-level sound at different volumes. The performance of this speaker is shockingly amazing.

You may have never thought a 12W speaker could perform as this speaker is doing.

To get this speaker to sound for a long time, you have to plug it into a power source and use it while’s charging.

Summarily, Sierra Modern Home Purewave Wireless HiFi Speaker comes with an acceptable design that would blend with any home décor.

The vintage aesthetics is one of the reasons a lot of people love this speaker. Plus, it delivers a loud, clean sound that serves different purposes.

At MHS, we rate this speaker as one of the best portable speakers for various needs.

Asides from being unable to accept SD card and USB inputs, the Bluetooth and aux connections work perfectly, and you will enjoy a seamless playback.

Purewave is sold below $50 on most stores – online or offline.

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