What Are Smart Home Speakers

What Are Smart Home Speakers
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In this article, we talked about What Are Smart Home Speakers, and How do Smart Home Speakers Work with the best smart home speakers available in the market. So we encourage you to read this post to the end and you will not regret it.

Over time, smart speakers have become insanely famous and there is a plethora of them from many manufacturers in the market.

These speakers allow us to carry out various things like; listening to music, listening to the news, weather reports, ordering products online, and controlling wireless-enabled lights and so many more.

They even can stream music to other speakers as well, in summary they are the perfect virtual assistants.

What Are Smart Home Speakers?

A smart home speaker is a sort of speaker with a virtual assistant that has hands-free activation and interactive actions with the use of a programmed “hot word” (some of them have more than one hot word).

Most smart speakers also function as a smart device or gadget that makes use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other wireless connectivity options to transcend usage beyond audio playback to fully control the automation devices in your home.

How Do Smart Home Speakers Work?

The epicenter of smart speakers is their voice recognition technology. With voice recognition, a smart speaker can comprehend what its user says and do accordingly.

A plethora of manufacturers utilize different voice recognition systems: Microsoft uses Cortana, Apple makes use of Siri, Amazon Echo speakers and Google Home series make use of their voice recognition system for their speakers.

Although, every smart system has little differences, when you take a closer look at how they operate, you can say they are virtually the same in the concept and execution.

Generally, the speaker listens to what you say and awaits the hot word. Usually, these speakers all have a default hot word or wake word: For amazon speakers, the Alexa system responds to the wake word “Alexa”.

This wake word is susceptible to change. Different smart speaker systems make use of other wake words.

The system is activated by the wake word; it records what the user says and sends it to the system’s voice recognition service: for Amazon, the word is sent to their Alexa Voice Services (AVS).

The speech is deciphered by the voice recognition and it sends a response to the speaker and ultimately the user.

There are a series of algorithms used by the voice recognition system that helps it become familiar with how you use your words and your speech patterns.

In this manner, it learns how you speak to enable the system to give you impeccable service.

Speech Recognition Process In Smart Speakers

Over the years, the technology responsible for speech recognition has gone through immense development.

Merely a few years back, speech recognition was just a pipe dream, but now it is widely utilized in several areas as well as in smart speakers.

Although, we pay attention to other people and study their speech patterns, it is no walk in the park when computers do it.

Sections of words know as phones have been set by programmers for computers to recognize.

These words are then connected with other “phones” so that “phonemes” are formed which are inadvertently different words.

Most of these speech recognition systems have differences in their basic theme, but their concepts are identical.

Three Of The Best Smart Speakers

These three best smart speakers of 2020 have been carefully selected to give you the best smart speaker experience in the case that you need to get one.

They help you control your smart home devices, they play music, and are all equipped with virtual assistants prepared to answer every of your question.

These voice assistants which include; Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, have become a staple of many homes.

This is because of how much they can do; they can play music, tell you the news, tell you about the weather, and control your smart home gadgets.

Regardless of this array of features, it seems that most users do not use these smart speakers to their full potential, and this is why you must go for the perfect and most suitable smart speaker for you to fully enjoy these brilliant innovations.

Sonos One (Gen 2) – Voice Controlled Smart Speaker

The first Alexa speaker from Sonos is a beautifully designed, great-sounding, and feature-rich device that boasts of the best of both ecosystems.

The Sonos One has the steadily improving Alexa and the multi-room smarts of the Sonos brand and most of all the one of a kind sound performance.

This speaker also has a new feature that changes the tone of the conversation which is the AirPlay 2.

With the AiPlay 2, the Sonos One can interact with Siri and create a multi-room pairing with the Apple Homepod.

The Sonos One additionally supports Google Assistant which makes it the most all-encompassing speaker in this shortlist of three.

  • Best of both worlds in Alexa and Sonos
  • Impeccable sound performance
  • Music can be played while Alexa is on mute
  • It is quite expensive

Pure Discover Bluetooth Wireless Portable Alexa Smart Speaker

The Pure DiscovR successfully combines all of Alexa’s smarts with top-notch audio, and the intuitive touch controls to ensure you derive pleasure when you use it by voice or hand. The DiscovR has an invaluable ability to save voice commands as presets.

The Pure DiscovR has a visually appealing design with its rounded cube shape and elevated speaker which can be pressed down to mute the mic of Alexa.

This innovation has a very unique appeal in such a congested market; the speaker also has flashing colors around the rim of the LED for a light display.

If you seek a top-class smart speaker that delivers on sound quality, innovative design, and voice control then the Pure DiscovR is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Alexa voice control
  • Impeccable detailed and expansive sound
  • It is quite expensive
  • The rubber case leaves a lot to be desired

Echo Studio – High-fidelity smart speaker with 3D audio

Probably fed up with Sonos outshining it in the market, Amazon emerged with its premium smart speaker.

The Echo Studio by Amazon emanates the best sound any Amazon smart speaker can boast of, thanks to a 1-inch tweeter, a 5.3-inch woofer, and three 2-inch midrange speakers.

This speaker can be paired to another Echo studio for stereo sound and it can be used for your Amazon Fire TV device and your HDTV.

This smart speaker delivers impeccable room-permeating audio and intuitive, earth-shaking bass, but in sound-for-sound battles, the Sonos One still outperforms the Echo studio with more defined mids.

But this smart speaker has something the Sonos One does not which is a 3.5mm input jack.

A turntable can be directly plugged into the Echo studio which makes it both an output record collection and a streaming speaker in one device.

  • Impeccable sound performance
  • Incredible bass
  • Has the ability to adjust audio automatically
  • Can be paired with another Echo Studio
  • Vocal and mids tend to get lost
  • Quite large for a smart speaker

How To Select The Best Smart Speaker

Before you buy any of the aforementioned smart speakers, decide how you intend to make use of it.

If it will be the sole device in your living room playing music, which means you should opt for the one with impeccable audio quality.

But as imperative as the sound is, it cannot be the sole deciding factor of your choice.

For example, the Echo Studio does not sound as impeccable as the Sonos One, but it’s huge size may be something that works for you and besides it still sounds great and it is affordable compared to the other two.

The Echo studio can also be paired to another which means that you can even get two of these to form a stereo.

When you want to evaluate a smart speaker, as mentioned in the first paragraph of this section, the first thing you ought to look out for is audio quality.

If it sounds horrible then it is useless right? You also have to consider the price of the speaker, if it is a cheap device, you cannot expect it so sound so hot as a more expensive alternative.

And because it is a smart speaker, you should also consider what you can do with its voice assistant.

While smart speakers manufactured by Google and Amazon have all the features of Google Assistant and Alexa, both brands remove some features like; the ability to carry out voice calls from other manufacturers.

So if an Amazon-produced speaker has the same sound with a speaker made by a different company, but it lacks all of Alexa’s functions, then the higher rating will go to Amazon’s device.

Finally, when going for a smart speaker, you should look out for its design. How visually appealing is it?

Is it equipped with audio inputs, so thinks like TVs and turntables can be connected?

All of these and more need to be put into consideration before you eventually pick the best smart speaker to purchase.