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The Best Apple HiFi Speakers

If you own an Apple device like; iPad, iPhone, or Mac Airplay speakers are the best way to stream wireless music.

So if you would like to keep your Apple Music experience solely on brand, we have compiled a list of the seven best apple HiFi speakers in the market today.

It is effective and simple, and while Bluetooth is a no-brainer, there are several benefits attached to opting for an Airplay speaker instead.

Apple’s streaming technology has the ability to stretch over a long distance.

AirPlay utilizes lossless compression as opposed to lossy Bluetooth, and the direct connection between the AirPlay speaker and iOS device gives you total control over both the volume of your device and the volume of your speaker.

In a welcome development, AirPlay 2 now has multi-room playback on the menu and not only Apple-branded products have access to it and there is an improved audio buffering and multi-control access across Apple devices.

If you are not prepared to forgo one technology for the other, then it will please you to know that virtually all AirPlay speakers have Bluetooth connectivity, so you will not be missing out on any functions and this also connotes that they can be used with none iOS source devices.

This list has been compiled based on product quality, performance, and customer preference.

Is AirPlay Better Than Bluetooth?

There are several unique advantages and disadvantages to both Bluetooth and AirPlay.

Regardless of the fact that both of them are constantly used for wireless streaming, AirPlay and Bluetooth actually function with the utilization of two separate technologies.

The most obvious difference between the two is that with AirPlay, you have the ability to stream video.

While this may be irrelevant for wireless music speakers, this is a widely known streaming method for YouTube or other videos onto devices like Smart TVs.

Unlike Bluetooth that can be directly connected between devices, Airplay establishes a connection by tapping from your home Wi-Fi network.

With AirPlay being an Apple patented tech, it can only be used from OSX devices, iOS devices, and Mac computers as opposed to Bluetooth that works across a more vast range of devices produced by different manufacturers.

What this means is that AirPlay supported devices are more expensive, but they are worth every penny due to their performance.

If we were to place both AirPlay and Bluetooth in a gladiator ring and let both of them fight it out till death, there may not be a distinct victor.

Like several things, it all boils down to an individual’s personal preference.

The Best Apple HiFi Speakers

The Naim Muso 2 wireless music speaker

We kick this list off with a speaker that is quite pricey to show you the breadth of choice when it comes to AirPlay speakers.

The Naim Muso 2 has an extensive feature set that includes all manner of wireless streaming techs like Chromecast and AirPlay 2.

The Naim Muso 2 also supports streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, it also supports high-resolution audio to the tune of 24-bit/88kHz.

The Naim Muso 2 goes beyond streaming as it comes with an HDMI ARC input that allows you to connect it to a TV and simultaneously boost its sound.

This Apple speaker looks and sounds like a premium speaker with a solid, bold sound, embedded with a lot of detail, and delivered with an immense rhythmic drive.

Bass is of high quality and plentiful. If you eventually go for this, then you will not be disappointed.

  • Sensational dynamics and detail
  • A copious amount of wireless and streaming features
  • Impressive bass
  • Quite expensive

The Audio Pro Addon C3 – Portable WiFi Wireless Multi-Room Speaker – Grey

The Audio Pro Addon C3 has the same minimalist appearance that the Scandinavian audio company is popular for, with embossed leather carry handle and textured surfaces but the Pro Addon’s wireless technology adds a whole new vibe to your listening.

It’s just a little bit sad that using the smartphone app to control it is not as efficient as it should have been.

Regardless of the minuscule smartphone hitch, the Audio Pro Addon C3 is a belter of a speaker, complete with over 12 hours of battery life which makes it a fine outdoor or home speaker.

  • It has a solid build
  • Boasts of a textured, tight bass
  • Impressive timing
  • The app leaves a lot to be desired

The Audio Pro Drumfire – Wireless WiFi Multiroom Speaker System

Audio Pro makes another consecutive appearance on our list of best apple HiFi speakers with The Audio Pro Drumfire.

Although we would like to verbally jab it for an aesthetic that neglects the trend of other speakers from Audio Pro, the Drumfire is brilliantly executed.

The big bottom area of the Audio Pro Drumfire has a 20cm subwoofer powered by a 200W class D amplifier to pump ample bass into your apartment and you cannot miss the sound.

If a seriously powerful sound is what you desire, then this Apple speaker is your final destination.

The Drumfire gives you a lot of weight and volume but does not think that it cannot be subtle.

Drumfire is a highly-accomplished wireless speaker regardless of what you throw at it.

Add in multi-room connectivity and the chance to broaden the Audio Pro-family and you get an attractive, impeccable high-end speaker.

  • Impressive design and build
  • Good space impression
  • Nice and loud
  • It is lacking in the app department

The Devialet Silver Phantom

Devialet is not known for being subtle, under-designed, or simple. The Silver Phantom is the best example of its wireless speaker design.

The phantom has a lot of power embedded in a sleek cabinet complete with side-firing drivers, it has the ability to be louder than the average motorbike but thankfully it does sound better on the ears.

The Devialet Silver Phantom is not just a visually appealing wireless device, it is well-specified with multi-room options, Spotify Connect, and AirPlay and delivers arguably the best sound you will get from an AirPlay speaker- bigger, bolder, and louder than a speaker for its size.

  • Comes with innovative technology
  • Rhythmically good fun
  • Sounds incredibly loud for a speaker its size
  • This may put you off if you like subtlety

The Apple HomePod: Smart Home System

Apple made everyone wait before eventually releasing their smart speaker, but the HomePod’s performance made every moment we waited worth it.

The Apple HomePod delivers in the sound department offering music with authority and weight that challenge some of the best sounding Wi-Fi speakers.

The fact that it is equipped with Siri voice assistant and wireless skills is the icing on the audio cake.

The Homepod is fully controlled by voice commands, a known bold move by Apple. The Apple HomePod is most suitable for dedicated Apple users as it will be hard to beat.

  • Impressive positional set-up
  • Solid, compact, and solid
  • It has an authoritative and weighty sound
  • Totally dependent on voice control
  • It has a muddled mid-range
  • Android users may feel left out with this one

The Sonos One (Gen 2) – Voice Controlled Smart Speaker

This second-generation Sonos One is essentially just a Sonos Play 1 with a facelift, but that is a good thing.

This rendition of the Sonos Play 1 comes with Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant for voice controls, and this feature improves it for the better.

The room permeating sound of the Sonos Play 1 makes it stand out amongst the glut of smart speakers that are mostly smart as opposed to being speakers.

Add in Apples’sAirPlay 2 technology and the fact that this speaker fits perfectly into a multi-room set-up, and you have got a gem for the money.

  • Sophisticated and solid sound
  • Unobtrusive and stylish
  • Alexa well integrated
  • Absence of high-resolution audio

The Naim Mu-so QB 2 wireless powered music speaker

At Home Speakers, we are aware of how revered our reviews are. Regardless of that, we were still taken aback when we found out that Naim made Wireless speakers with their 2nd generation of the MusoQbwi-fi speaker.

The company’s previous version was impeccable, this new rendition is truly exceptional.

You can select between a terracotta, olive, or peacock grille accompanied by the regular black, but the top new features included by the company take things up a notch.

Exempt the color grille you settled for and you will be gifted with an optimized and upgraded bass drive and midrange units all powered by amplification of 300W.  

The MusoQb 2nd generation is a top choice among a plethora of users and it has also been recommended by speaker enthusiasts and experts.

Indeed the 2nd generation MusoQb deserves to be on this list.

  • Expressive, open, and detailed
  • A plethora of streaming options
  • Multi-room ready
  • For its price, there is nothing

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