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The Best Wireless Floor Standing Speakers in 2023

Most or if not every individual in today’s world loves a little extra convenience when it comes to listening to music.

The problem is to ascertain the best wireless floor standing speakers that best suits you. There are a plethora of wireless speakers to select from in the category of WiFi and Bluetooth speakers.

This article has been curated to help you choose the most suitable wireless floor standing speaker for you according to your preference and listening habits.

WiFi Or Bluetooth Speakers: Which Of Them Are The Best For You?

One predominant trait in wireless floor standing speakers is whether you go for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

A popular choice amongst buyers is Bluetooth speakers because it gives you the ability to play audio from your mobile device without going online to use a streaming platform.

The only issue with Bluetooth speakers is that your music gets interrupted by your ringing tone whenever a call comes in and your movement is limited when you are connected to the wireless floor standing speaker because the range will be lost.

Wi-Fi-enabled wireless floor standing speakers on the other hand surpass these aforementioned limitations these Bluetooth speakers have.

For instance, only the music being played will be heard from your Wi-Fi speakers which means that you can use your mobile device whenever and wherever you are at your apartment without any interruption.

You can even exit your apartment and your music keeps playing until the playlist gets to its end.

The merit of Wi-Fi floor standing speakers is that without Wi-Fi you cannot listen to music which makes them not as convenient as Bluetooth speakers.

Getting Your Music Started On A Wireless Floor Standing Speaker

There are several ways you can start music on your wireless floor standing speaker. You have the option of the seamless Bluetooth method which means the speaker mimics whatever your mobile device is playing at the time of connectivity.

Some Bluetooth speakers have an automatic play when a Bluetooth connection is established with a mobile device.

In terms of Wi-Fi speakers, as streaming services have become a staple you can stream music instead of just playing them on your mobile device. This is especially handy when you want to listen to a song for the first time.

Once you have connected your wireless floor standing speaker to your Wi-Fi, you can carry on with your streaming void of any interruption.

The Spotify music streaming platform has a feature that allows users to cast audio directly from the Spotify App to their wireless speakers. This feature is referred to as Spotify Connect.

Will A Wireless Floor Standing Speaker Give Me Audiophile Performance?

Wired speakers may seem like the best option when it comes to getting top-notch audio performance but this has changed because more top brands have started producing more wireless speakers.

It has become less stressful to locate a wireless floor standing speaker with impeccable sound performance.

As an individual, if you will take nothing less than the best sound performance but still want the convenience streaming services to offer then one of the two floor standing speakers mentioned at the end of this article will be great for you.

If you have one of the speakers mentioned beneath then your music performance is covered entirely, you can also enjoy their multi-room feature.

Users who have utilized these products had good things to say about them and the pricing is okay depending on your budget and how much you are willing to part with.

These speakers are reserved for music listeners who relish the idea and reality of listening to music just the way the manufacturer intended.

All you need to do is plug the speaker into the mains power and connect it wirelessly and you can start controlling your music via Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay2, Ron, or Bluetooth. And the most convenient of all is that the music can be controlled with your mobile device.

Can TV Audio Be Played Via My Wireless Floor Standing Speaker?

The answer to this question may seem obvious to some, but for the benefit of those who are not certain, we have decided to tackle it.

Some top wireless speaker brands utilize soundbars in their range that can connect to your TV directly to enhance your TV experience.

A subwoofer can even be added, you can also add a rear speaker for a complete home entertainment experience if you like that sort of thing.

Do We Have Wireless Ceiling Speakers?

This question is here to satisfy the curiosity of those who would like to know. If you seek the most aesthetic and discreet approach to audio but would love to control what you listen to wirelessly, then you can do that with ceiling speakers.

Having these speakers built and installed into the ceiling are great. Apart from the fact that they do not take up much of your space on walls or shelves, you can position them wherever you want in the ceiling to get audio wherever you please.

Ceiling speakers are passive by nature, they need a separate amplifier to give them power with the use of a speaker cable.

Any amplifier of your choice can be used to power them and give you the best sound performance.

If you need a complete home of ceiling speakers, then a Wi-Fi-enabled amp-like Sonos is one of the best you can opt for.

If you want to get sound in just one or two rooms, then you should opt for Bluetooth speakers.

These speakers offer convenience taking away the worry of speaker cable and a separate amplifier.

The Two Best Wireless Floor Standing Speakers In The Market Today

Having a home theater experience in the comfort of your apartment is probably your dream.

If you intend to bring the movie theater to your sitting room, a huge TV paired with an impeccable audio system to give you the experience of an actual movie theater.

Wireless Floor Standing speakers are quite different from every other floor standing speaker. You get total freedom from these wireless speakers void of annoying cables.

To enjoy a complete surround sound, you may have to include a pair of bookshelf and a center speaker to position on the left and right side of your TV.

If you want that extra oomph and bass, adding a subwoofer is no bad idea either especially if the speakers you end up with do not have one.

For an impressive movie theater experience to be realized you may need to go for wireless floor standing speakers with impeccable sound performance in movies and songs.

Other vital speaker features you should look out for are impedance, sensitivity, extended battery life, and frequency response.

These features will ensure you get the best overall sound performance.

There are several wireless floor standing speakers available on the market today which makes it difficult to get the best performing floor standing speakers.

Well, if you are not the selective type of person, one of these speakers is a surefire choice for you.

Best Wireless Floor Standing Speakers in 2022

Wireless Sykik Pro SP2551BT Powered Monitor Speakers

This wireless floor standing speaker has a convenient control panel, up to 100W of music, and a large subwoofer.

This speaker gives you a wireless connection to any audio source with the utilization of its seamless Bluetooth Connectivity.

Wireless Sykik Pro SP2551BT Powered Monitor Speakers The Best Wireless Floor Standing Speakers in 2023

Wireless Sykik Pro SP2551BT Powered Monitor Speakers

  • Powerful 50W RMS in a small package with 4” woofer and 0.75” tweeter in each speaker
  • Magnetically shielded, specially designed to perform with today’s Turntable systems
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • High definition sound with RCA audio-in, separate bass, and terrible
  • Eliminate the need for an external a/V receiver. Connects directly to your audio source.

The Sykik Pro TSM38BT also has a remote control that gives you the ability to manage audio settings while you enjoy a nice glass of juice on the couch.

This speaker has a docking station placed atop it for your smartphone or tablet. The USB port and SD memory card slot are positioned on the sides of the sound system’s control panel.

This amazing feature gives users the freedom to enjoy movies and music from any other available audio gadgets.

There is a designer base on this floor standing speaker to protect it and a visually appealing wood composite that fits any room décor seamlessly.

This floor-standing speaker may not be what an audiophile would go for but it has an impressive sound performance.

Frisby FS-6600BT 5.1 Channel Stereo Home Theater System Speakers

This speaker may have wire connectivity options but it is a great device that has several features.

The Frisby FS-6600BT comes with a 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity that provides seamless and clear sound transmission from all of its included satellite speakers from a distance of thirty feet.

The subwoofer of this floor-standing speaker features an LCD screen, remote control, and front panel audio control buttons.

This wireless floor standing speaker has other connectivity options like SD card ports and USB ports that allow users to relish their best tracks.

Each of the included speakers of this wireless floor standing speaker comes with an innovative magnetic shield that protects it against image distortion from other electronic audio devices.

With this floor-standing speaker, you have ensured an immersive audio experience. Apart from the immersive sound performance, the audio performance when watching movies gives you a feeling of a cinematic experience.

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