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Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker Under 200 Dollars

The best budget Bluetooth speaker under 200 can be found in the Bose portable speaker family or other brands. If you care to know which is the best for your budget, here’s our experts’ attested review.

The truth remains that you can easily get a Bluetooth speaker on any budget. There are low-budget portable speakers that work with Bluetooth technology; similarly, there are high-priced Bluetooth speakers.

However, in this article today, we are reviewing the best budget speakers you can get for your need.

These speakers are priced below 200 bucks and they are reliable; plus, they serve for a lot of purposes, and also they are practically waterproofed.

Our team of audio enthusiasts carefully tested these speakers to verify that they are really what you need. Thus, below are the best Bluetooth portable speakers under $200.

Best Budget Speakers Under 200 Dollars

1. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

carbon Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bose is a popular Bluetooth speaker manufacturer; there are lots of portable speakers from this manufacturer available in the market. However, this particular model is spectacular and functions impressively.

It supports Bluetooth connection and also features some other connectivity options such as aux input for connecting non-Bluetooth devices.

The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II can last for long hours after it is fully charged. Plus, it can be used by the seaside as it is structured with sturdy waterproof materials.

Also, this speaker is available in different colors and can be paired with your PC, desktop, mobile phone, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

You will enjoy excellent sound quality from this speaker; its bass production is deep. The more enticing feature of this Bluetooth speaker by Bose is the built-in speakerphone which allows for hands-free calls.

  • It is lightweight and quite portable
  • The bass quality is impressive
  • Good design, intuitive physical control buttons
  • Available in different colors
  • Very few users complained of poor battery and charging issues
  • Some users said the speaker didn’t last long

2. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Blue Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Here’s another impressive speaker from Bose; this speaker performed very well in our tests and is worthy of its position in this list.

The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker is available in different beautiful colors, and its ultra-portable design makes it a perfect choice for most people looking for a versatile, everyday speaker that won’t cost much.

Firstly, the sound output of this speaker is decent and the bass is quite deep enough for a mobile gamer.

You could pair this speaker with a lot of compatible devices and enjoy seamless playback streaming.

Inside this speaker hides a couple of sturdy drivers, which are fortified for optimal performance. Plus, the battery runtime is quite satisfying.

All the controls you need to get the best from this speaker are arranged at the top panel. You can connect your devices that do not have Bluetooth support via the aux input option.

Our experts assure you that this is an ideal portable Bluetooth speaker for everyone.

  • The speaker is available in different beautiful colors
  • Impressive sound and bass output quality
  • It is quite a versatile portable speakers
  • Fancy, attractive, and lightweight design
  • A lot of users loved this speaker
  • A few users complained that the speaker didn’t last over a long time
  • It is waterproofed

3. OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen)

OontZ Angle 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

When an audiophile talks about the best portable speakers to buy, the audiophile is most likely to include the OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) Bluetooth speaker.

This is arguably the best speaker you can buy in the market right now. It is the most popular/sort-after speaker in most online eCommerce sites like Amazon.

The OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) speaker is a sophisticated speaker you can use to satisfy all your audio needs.

Surprisingly, this speaker goes out for a price under 50 bucks, yet, it obtained an IPX5 rating to prove that it can be used anywhere, and at any time.

This Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in microphone and remains connected to your device even at a distance of 100 feet away (no obstruction).

You can pair/connect this speaker with a lot of devices, including TVs.

OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) is a perfect option for many people. While it’s the low price, one of the main reasons for its popularity, our team of experts believes that this speaker yet outperforms some highly-priced Bluetooth speakers in the market.

  • The volume is surprisingly louder
  • Can be connected to compatible TVs, and virtually any device with Bluetooth connection technology
  • Intuitive, functional design
  • Impressive performance
  • IPX5 rating; this speaker is good for the shower or beach party!
  • Some complains about charging

4. House of Marley Speaker

House of Marley speaker

You may have not heard about this speaker before now. It is a great portable speaker, stocked with robust drivers, stylishly designed, and structured for best performance.

It looks more like a vintage speaker and it is very beautiful. This speaker was able to deliver room-filling sound with impressive highs and mids.

It’s quite funny to say that Sammy (a member of our audio expert team) fell in love with the vintage design of this speaker while testing it out.

All the controls you need to use this speaker are nicely arranged on the top. One of the best features of this speaker is its ability to automatically reconnect to the last used Bluetooth device.

The battery runtime depends on how you use the speaker; however, it lasts pretty long. Your hands may fall a bit when you hold up this speaker because it is a Lil bit heavy.

  • Produces crystal clear sounds
  • Automatic reconnection to the last used Bluetooth device
  • Many people that use this speaker are happy and satisfied with its performance
  • Flaunts an attractive design that almost everyone would want to stare
  • A few complaints as regards to charging this speaker

5. Ion Explorer Outback 2 Bluetooth Speaker System

Ion Explorer Outback 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Some people love rugged stuff, if you’re one of such, this is a sturdy speaker system to check out. It is priced below $200 and integrates a PA system with a microphone.

This Bluetooth speaker serves for a lot of purposes and obtained IPX5 rating to assure users of its resistance to moisture, water, splashes, and rain.

Interestingly, you’re getting the microphone and its cable alongside with this speaker in the box.

For a basic user, the buttons on this system may seem confusing; however, they’re quite intuitive and handy.

There is just one color design for this speaker available in the market. Its construction is satisfying, and if you’ve been in a situation where you need a Public Address system, this may just be what you need.

  • It can be easily carried with the draw-handle at the back
  • The design looks sturdy and it serves for a lot of needs
  • Certified waterproof, splashproof, and rainproof
  • Integrates PA system with mic and cable
  • Intuitive controls
  • It is not portable
  • A user said the Bluetooth connection range is not up to 17ft, which is very poor

6. Waterproof JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Now, here comes the favorite of many of us at MHS. This Bluetooth speaker is ultra-portable and it is fully waterproofed.

The first thing that will get you attracted to this speaker is its sleek design and finish.

JBL has carefully streamlined this speaker to appear attractive to the eyes. However, far from its physical beauty, this portable speaker performs very well and delivers very clean sound.

You can control this JBL speaker from the official app – JBL Connect App. More so, it is possible to sync more than 100 units of this speaker to function as one.

Furthermore, the speaker goes on to support noise and echo canceling speakerphone so that you can enjoy making calls with the speaker.

You can as well customize the 360° light show sets to enjoy your playbacks better.

  • The IPX7 rating means that the speaker is fully waterproof and can submerge in water for long minutes
  • It can be pair with over 100 other units (same model) to perform as one
  • Flaunts a stylish, fancy, and attractive design
  • Great sound and bass outputs
  • A user said the JBL mobile app to use and control this speaker is quite buggy
  • Some users complain about the battery

7. Waterproof Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Portable speaker

Waterproof Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Portable speaker

Ultimate Ears has managed to make it ways into the home of most audiophiles with a wide range of portable Bluetooth speakers, which of no doubt very impressive in their performance.

This particular Bluetooth speaker model from the infamous manufacturer retails at a very affordable price and it is a real deal for most mobile gamers and audio/sound lovers.

This speaker may appear very long in pictures but in the real sense, its length is comfortable.

There are different color options for this Bluetooth speaker and they are all waterproofed (certified IPX7).

You can use this speaker for mini home parties, beach parties, and other activities. Similarly like the JBL Pulse 3, you can connect multiple units of this speaker for more intense sound.

Also, the battery on this speaker lasts for quite a long time; however, the runtime depends on how you use the speaker.

The features of this speaker what you would expect from a Bluetooth speaker under 200.

  • Many units of this model can be paired together to function as one
  • The design is sleek, yet sturdy
  • It is fully waterproofed
  • Different color options available
  • Some users complained about the lack of bass

8. Black Wireless Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Bluetooth Speaker

Black Wireless Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Bluetooth Speaker

Maybe it’s time to get smarter by choosing a Bluetooth speaker that is also smart. The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 hooks you up with Google now or Siri with just the tap of a button.

Nevertheless, this action needs to be configured from the mobile app – HK Connect app. Our experts were satisfied with the length of hours the battery could run after a full charge.

More interestingly, the sound quality got from this speaker is quite impressive and suitable for a lot of needs.

For more intense sound, it is possible to add up and pair tons of this speaker model. Also, you can possibly connect dual smartphones or any two Bluetooth-enabled devices at a go.

The fabric used in designing this speaker creates an impression when you see the speaker.

  • A lot of users love the design and sound quality they get
  • You can connect two devices at once
  • Different color options
  • The battery doesn’t last long
  • Some users said there’s no difference between this model and its predecessor

9. Voice Controlled Sonos One (Gen 1) – Smart Speaker

Voice Controlled Sonos One (Gen 1) - Smart Speaker

With inbuilt Alexa voice assistant support and a variety of connectivity options, this portable Bluetooth speaker is one of the best you can get for personal use.

It is a portable speaker system you can easily carry around from one place to another.

This speaker is available in a black or white finish variant; plus, it works with Alexa to stream media from various supported platforms such as TuneIn, Spotify, Amazon Music, and others.

Interestingly, you can pair this speaker with Sonos Home Sound System speakers (if you’re using any) to enjoy more intense sound and deeper bass.

It can produce room-filling sound and can be mountable on the wall if you wish.

While the built-in Alexa support has been one of the key factors why people go for this speaker, our experts confirm that its performance was up to the par.

  • Functional and compact design
  • Produces room-filling sound with deep bass
  • A user said it can stream local radio stations
  • Built-in Alexa support
  • Connecting/setting up this speaker is a daunting process

10. JBL Charge 3 speaker

JBL Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker

Lastly on our list is another good speaker from JBL. This budget Bluetooth speaker is fairly priced and there are many color options to choose from.

Well, it is very important to know that this speaker can be used anywhere and also at any time; it is a waterproofed speaker designed with elastic, patented materials for reassured reliability and durability.

According to results from our experts’ tests, the JBL charge 3 speaker is one of the best budget Bluetooth speaker under 200 with as it pulled some unimagined performances.

You can connect more than two devices at once to this speaker (maximum of 3 devices).

In addition, up to 100 or more of this speaker model and be synchronized to act as one. In all, the JBL Charge 3 is a versatile speaker for everyone.

  • Can submerge in water for long and still function very well
  • The bass quality is satisfying
  • A cute design you’d love
  • Many users loved it
  • Users complain of charging issues and non-durability

Wrap Up:

These are the best budget Bluetooth speakers under 200 as submitted by our experts. All speakers listed out here are highly recommended by MHS and they are durable.

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