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The Best JBL Floor Standing Speakers

JBL is one of the few speaker brands that have a certain quality about it. There were early in terms of state-of-the-art technology, sound, and design for both home and cinema audio, but as time went on they seemed to change their style to cater to the needs of the audience and lost their uniqueness in the process.

A sad development because they produced several speakers that lacked the JBL charisma and sound philosophy.

However, the company decided to revamp the JBL brand. And users accepted the new development with exciting open arms.

Users are quite surprised by some of the speakers the company has manufactured since their revamp, although some of the ones they had before then still boast impeccable sound performance and quality they did not really stand out.

In this review, some of the best JBL floor-standing speakers will be discussed. You can trust our team of experts.

The Best JBL Floor Standing Speakers

JBL Arena Black 2-Way (7-Inch) Floor Standing Loudspeaker

The JBL Arena 170 HD waveguide tech is borrowed from the brand’s infamous JBL M2 Master Reference Monitor.

This speaker is equipped with network integration and a computer-optimized driver which results in top performance and natural soundstage imaging.

The JBL Arena 170 floor standing speakers offer a true home theater experience. The speakers’ 1-inch dome tweeter, High Definition imaging, and a 7-inch polycellulose woofer driver ensure precision and sensational power that produces accurate lows and highs.

JBL is well aware of how revered their M2 Master Reference Monitor is by users so they utilized it as inspiration for the Arena 170 and the result is appealing.

This floor-standing speaker will not disappoint you when it comes to delivering dynamic, smooth, clear, accurate, and affordable sound.

If you intend to transform your small living room into your home entertainment area, then you need efficient, powerful, and compact speakers.

The JBL Arena is one of the company’s smallest floor standing speakers but it fits the bill.

The JBL Arena 170 is made up of two-floor standing models, a center speaker, a pair of stand mounters, and a subwoofer.

This floor-standing speaker has a complete 5.1 speaker package that fits a small living room area seamlessly.

They will give you a pleasurable sound that is impossible to overpower in a small room.

This speaker has a contemporary feel but with its High Definition Imaging and impeccable balance, this floor standing speaker gives you that amazing sound in the serenity and privacy of your apartment.

The large 7-inch polycellulose woofer and bass port allow for an amazing bass sound that is perfect for enjoying the best movies, TV shows, music, and games.

The design of the JBL Arena 170 is contemporary and quirky. It is equipped with wood veneer side panels and slightly slanted top panels finished in a grainy-effect plastic.

This may seem like JBL is trying to cut costs, but it still gives the speaker a simple and classy look. 

The speaker has a clean top-half grille. Take the grille off and you will notice that the drivers seem like targets in a gun practice range.

The screw holes are very visible as you remove the covers. The dome tweeter sports an abnormal waveguide design that looks like JBL’s professional speaker models.

This speaker may not be the most powerful JBL speaker in the market but they are undoubtedly fun, efficient, and entertaining.

The JBL Arena 170 can ameliorate the audio in your home entertainment system and undoubtedly will work perfectly if it were to be used together with its 5.1 counterparts.

JBL Studio 270 6.5-Inch 3-Way Floor Standing speaker

The JBL Studio 270 is the company’s smallest floor-standing speaker in their studio 2 low-cost series.

This is not the first time JBL is naming their speaker series JBL. Unlike the first studio series, which had a pretty unique design at the front, studio 2 is quite hands-on with its glossy top, magnetic front frames, and rounded corners.

For most users who may not like vinyl finish, the execution of this particular one will catch their fancy.

This JBL series has ten-speaker models that are tuned sonically to be able to build an efficient home theater sound system of the different models.

This pair of floor standing speakers is a three-way bass reflex speaker that is about 3 feet above the ground. The tweeter is JBL’s special CMMD waveguide tech with a geometry revamped from their M2 series.

The speakers’ midrange and bass drivers are manufactured of PolyPlas, which is another of the company’s patented features.

The speaker sports an internally braced cabinet which the company says that work has been done on it when music is played as opposed to the previous model, the studio 270 cabinet plays along as little as possible at least within the realms of logic.

The JBL Studio 270 is equipped with spikes, but it has a pair of rubber feet placed that several clients are likely to make use of.

Not all producers will have so much sense of reality to envision how the speakers would look like in the homes of clients, that from the beginning consider how things are used for real.

The speaker’s bass reflex port is positioned behind and the terminals are directly under it. It is a basic bi-wiring terminal with the normal copper sheets that link both speakers when running with a single wire.

However, this feature seems totally unnecessary and the copper sheets can just be substituted for high-quality cable.

This is a really good speaker for the money. It is of little surprise that JBL is one of the best speaker producers out there, they know how to fix the appropriate products targeted at the right category clients.

And when they returned to making use of the Company’s classic sound signature which is a fund drive, and power, it always almost definitely comes out perfect.

This speaker is a workhorse, it does a really great job for the client base the company had in mind when it was produced.

These are users who desire an engaging and playful speaker that is able to do everything and have no need for high-end detail. For those who play music just for entertainment purposes.

JBL Studio 280 Dual 6.5-Inch 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker

The JBL Studio 280 is an incredible floor standing speaker designed for fantastic sound production. This sound system has a three-way design that includes a 4-inch PolyPas midrange, two PolyPas woofers, and a 1-inch CMMD Lite dome tweeter.

The JBL Studio 280 is highly compatible with a plethora of music types and amplifiers (with a power handling of around 20-200W). The power handling of the speaker also adds to its overall dynamic range.

The speaker is equipped with a rear-firing bass port with a slipstream built enclosure to ensure delineated port distortion and noise. To ensure the speaker is upright and sturdy, four carpet spikes are added.

The JBL studio is equipped with gold-plated binding spots that provide top-class connections between the speaker and your other connected home theater equipment.

These floor standers are also bi-wire with the ability to simultaneously power two amplifier sources for high and low frequencies separately.

The speakers’ CCMD lite high-frequency tweeter collaborates with the High Definition Imaging horn design of the speaker to take advantage of high-frequency detail, balance, and sound imaging.

These optimizations aid the speakers deliver full-spectrum audio for movies and music. The JBL Studio 280 is capable of handling a wide variety of music with its frequency response of 40 Hz- 22 kHz.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, when it comes to the best floor-standing speakers and home entertainment equipment, JBL has consistently had one of the most recurring reputations.

Since JBL emerged in the audio equipment production industry they have retained a spot amongst the top.

Their previous and initial models have been so fantastic that they barely get knocked out of place instead they come back with something better and crispier, and all the models on this list are no different.

While we lick our chops and wait for what the company has up next in their sleeves, we bring you the best floor-standing speakers out of their collection in the market today, these speakers are high quality, offer incredible sound performance, and are highly recommended by reviewers.

So if you do not own a floor-standing speaker and you intend to get one, any of the aforementioned would suffice.

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