Best Bow Saw For Cutting Trees With Minimal Spending.

There are several reasons why you need to use the best bow saw for cutting trees; they are the most comfortable saws to use for this operation.

If you’ve ever tried to saw across the trunk or branch of a tree by yourself, you’ll understand that it is a quite tedious and stressful task especially when you are using the wrong type of saw.

When there are lots of trees in your garden, it prevents a lot of things. However, with these bow saws listed in this article, you will be able to work on any type of tree without much stress.

Using a bow saw when cutting down trees makes the work easier. Most woodworkers and home gardeners prefer using bow saws for small and medium projects because they offer great comfortability and prove more effective.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Bow Saw for Cutting Trees

Since you have decided to get yourself a bow saw for woodworking or gardening activities, you definitely need to buy the very best.

This buying guide will help you to make a perfect choice when choosing the best bow saw for cutting trees, but before THAT WHY NOT CHECK OUT OUR REVIEW ON the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks

Length of Blade

Bow saws come with a variety of blades; while some have lengthy blades, some come with minimal blades, but in all, they are all good for a purpose.

There are bow saws with 14 to 18 inches blade; they are best for woodworkers or individuals who work indoors.

This is because, with such blades, you may not achieve perfection while working on outdoor tasks.

Whereas there are bow saws with very long blades ranging from 21 – 38 inches and they are the best for outdoor woodworking tasks.

What you are buying for

The purpose for which you are buying the saw matter a lot when choosing the best bow saw for cutting trees effectively.

Bow saws with short blades are best for cutting small tree trunks and branches while the ones with longer blades work effectively for heavy-duty tree cuts.


Surely you’ll need a tool that would last long, such that won’t get damaged anytime soon.

Durability is a basic factor to consider before paying to buy a particular bow saw.

It is almost very difficult to detect a bow saw that’ll last long but never to worry, we have carefully selected the best picks for you. These bow saws we listed out here will last for a very long time.

Knuckle Guard

Your safety is what matters most to you, so, you need to bow saw with a solid knuckle guard that will protect your hand from injury.

Normally, bow saws also come with an added grip that stops your hand from slipping accidentally while sawing.

The knuckle guard and grip helps a lot especially if you saw during wet weather.

Frame layout

The shape of the frame of a bow saw also plays a good role in its effectiveness.

The most likely shape you’ll see when browsing the store is the “oval tube” shape; this shape absorbs stress applied to the saw during a cutting process.

Also, there are bow saws with a“pointed nose” frame; they are best for woodworkers working in small spaced workshops or handling a small woodwork job that requires much precision.

Nevertheless, when you have a solid bow saw, it does not indicate how well it can handle tough trees but, with a good bow saw you will achieve good cutting results.

Follow other peoples reviews

This aspect includes reading online reviews about the product you wish to purchase. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the tool you are buying.

Normally, every tool must have a disadvantage because no tool is 100% without flaws.

Picking the best bow saw for cutting trees, you should carefully read every detail from the manufacturer and also customer reviews.

Online platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc are a few of the places you can read people’s honest reviews about a product.

Luckily, these bow saws we listed here have passed on these buying guides. You can comfortably pick from any of the 13.

The list appears in no particular order; so, irrespective of their positions, they are best bow saws for cutting trees.

Best bow saw for cutting trees

Bahco 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw – Best overall

Bahco 30-Inch Ergo Saw

This particular model is featured as the overall best on our list today. Bahco saws are known for their quality and durability. The 10-30-23 bow saw is a perfect bow saw to pick for use in cutting down trees.

It comes with 30-inch blade size and an oval tube frame shape; it can cut through any green wood easily than any other bow saw.

Bahco 10-30-23 weighs just 1.9 pounds even with the 30-inch blade; it is completely lightweight and easy to carry about in a Jobsite.

Your hand is well secured with the knuckle and handgrip added on this saw.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size30 inches
Blade MaterialToughened steel blade
Frame ShapeOval tube with a pointed nose
Weight1.9 lbs
Best forWet wood

Furthermore, this bow saw is engineered with an innovative tensioning mechanism for more precise straight cuts and high tensions.

The provided variety of blades usable on this bow saw feature triangular set teeth, well toughened for insistent cuts.

Although the manufacturer claims this bow saw is best for cutting green woods and lumber, it can also be used for cutting dry woods and any kind of tree.

This saw is easy to use, its versatile functions make it just the perfect pick for professionals and non-professionals alike.

You’ll use this saw for a very long period of time because it is certified durable.

  • Even with 30-inch blade size, this bow saw weighs just 1.9 lbs; very light to carry around easily.
  • The long blade is very useful for any type of though cutnIt comes with a variety of blades for exchanging the primary blade included in this model
  • For the optimum security of the user, this bow saw comes with an ergo handle with knuckle protector for comfortable usage and security of the user’s hand
  • Versatile and durable
  • The bow saw is claimed to work on both green and dry wood but it doesn’t perform excellently on either.

21-Inch Fiskars 7029 Bow Saw – Best runner-up

21-Inch Fiskars 7029 Bow Saw

Looking for a bow saw you can use with a lifetime warranty? Well, you’ve got what you are looking for here.

The Fiskars 7029 bow saw is backed with a full-time life warranty and is perfect ideal for clearing and cutting trees in thick bushes.

It features a severe solid, hardened steel blade expertly tightened to a well carve frame for accurate cuts while sawing down a tree on a Jobsite.

Weighing just 2.4 pounds, this bow saw can be carried around comfortably at ease because it is an extremely lightweight structure.

Also, it has a quite long blade of 21 inches long which is capable of sawing through any tree trunk or branches. You also get an extra replaceable blade on the purchase of this bow saw.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size21 inches
Blade MaterialToughened steel blade
Frame ShapeTubular frame steel
Weight2.4 lbs
Best forCutting trees
WarrantyLifetime warranty

The handle of this bow saw is not well guided but still, your hand is safe from being injured and you need to be careful using this tool.

This is a big miss for this bow saw, it probably might the reason why the price is reduced beyond what’s expected.

Professional woodworkers and gardeners can manage and use this saw efficiently not minding the handle miss but it’s not advisable for an inexperienced person to use it.

One thing that’s common among the bow saws we are listing here is that they are well coated to resist rust and they minimize tensions coming from the cuts.

The steel blade locker is firm and flexible for quick changing of blades while working on a project.

Considering the cheap price this tool is being sold out for, you’ll save yourself some dough and still achieve great results like you’d do with the other ones on this list too.

  • The blade is fully hardened and remains sharp even when used for heavy-duty tasks
  • It is backed by a solid lifetime warranty support
  • It comes with a safety tension lever for maximum control
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • The handle area is not well guided, the user can injure if he doesn’t handle with care

Filzer Buckster Bow Saw – Awkwardly designed bow sow

Filzer Buckster Bow Saw

Although with an awkward look, it is still good for the purpose. The Filzer Buckster bow saw does not look like what you’ll like but you need it to cut down stubborn trees.

This bow saw is best for people who frequently camp – when it not in use, the owner can easily fold it to look like a cylindrical tube.

It is very easy to store and move this bow around due to its folding design; you can just turn it to fit comfortably into your backpack when best you’re hitting a camp meeting.

With an all-aluminum frame, a solid stainless steel tensioning system, and an 18-inch sharp blade, this bow saw is actually designed for perfection and precise usage.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size18 inches
Blade MaterialSharp steel blade
Frame ShapeFlexible shape, it can be turned into a cylindrical tube
Weight1.3 lbs
Best forCutting trees

When you look at the Filzer Buckster bow saw, it looks heavy but it only weighs about 1.3 pounds. Now, that’s more like the type of bow saw you really need for handling tree cutting tasks.

The insulated improvised rubber handle helps to reduce tension coming from an ongoing cutting.

It also protects and safeguards your hand from slipping down the steel frame while working on a workpiece.

For the price offered, this is a flexible Bow Saw you should consider using in 2018; it is quite easy and comfortable to work with.

  • It is a flexible bow saw, best for camp woodworkers
  • The blade is extremely sharp, it will cut through any tree log
  • Weighing just 1.3 lbs, you can easily move the saw around
  • It is durable and includes rubber handles on both sides for comfortable usage
  • The design looks awkward
  • Even with the two rubber handles on both sides, it doesn’t look very safe using this bow saw unless for the expert and careful users.

Truper 30255 Bow Saw 21 Inches – best bow saw for gardeners

Truper 30255 Bow Saw

Truper is a top woodworking tools manufacturer with its headquarter situated in Mexico. The company is famous for manufacturing solid, long-lasting tools and this bow saw is not an exception.

The Truper 30255 bow saw is a classic tool designed for still precision; it can cut through any tree trunk or branch easily.

It comes with an ergo handle to allow you saw in comfort. Also, the handgrip and knuckle protect your hand very well so it does slip off when you’re working to avoid severe injuries.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size21 inches
Blade Materialhardened steel blade
Frame ShapeOval tube
Weight1.3 lbs
Best forCutting trees

This saw has a simple cam-lever tension mechanism that holds on to the blade very tight, it also allows for quick changing of the blades at any time.

Maintaining this tool is never going to cost you much; simply, clean the equipment immediately after each use and apply oil needed. By doing just this simple maintenance practice routinely, you can use this bow saw forever.

While the steel blade cuts through tree branches without hassle, you may need to be sharpening it often for effectiveness.

With the design and a hardened 21-inch steel saw blade, Truper 30255 can withstand heavy-duty cutting tasks.

It is suitable for everyone who works in the woods; gardeners, wood hobbyists, professional woodworkers, etc. You get to enjoy maximum comfort and accurate results using this excellent bow saw for cutting down trees.

Being confident that this tool will last very long, the company did not issue any warranty support. But it’s okay, the previous Truper tools I’ve used did not give me any reason to check for a warranty.

  • The 21-inch blade is perfect for cutting trees
  • Lightweight and flexible, easy to move about
  • It has a comfortable handle with knuckle protector
  • It has a cam and lever tension system
  • If the blade length gets increased a bot, this tool would just be perfect for all tasks

24-Inch Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw with Ergo Handle

 24-Inch Bahco 10-24-23 Saw with Ergo Handle

You’ll be seeing quite a lot of Bahco Bow Saws on this list; this is because they are extremely superb and perfect for the purpose stated in this article’s topic.

This particular bow saw from the reputable company features a 24-inch blade size; it is specially designed for tougher tasks and demanding applications on job sites, gardens or farms.

Almost the best choice for frequent camp goers and homeowners.

The Bahco 10-24-23 bow saw is packed with a knuckle protector and added grip that provides maximum comfort and safety for the user.

It has a light frame but is capable of handling heavy-duty tasks, with accurate tensioning and quick release changes.

You get an additional 3 frames on the purchase of this bow saw, the extra blade sizes 21 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size24 inches
Blade MaterialHigh-quality steel material
Frame ShapeOval tube with pointed noise
Frame materialSteel frame
Weight1.65 lbs
Best forWet woods, although works on other types of woods

These replacement blades can be used when cutting mature wood, dry wood, life, and greenwood.

This tool is quite versatile; the frame is pointed towards the end for easy cutting in tight areas, such as roofing and gardening.

The frame is crafted with high-quality steel material and coated with an enamel paint finish to help prevent the tool from corrosion and rust.

Accurate straight cuts and an excellent result is assured of when you use the Bahco 10-24-23 bow saw – thanks to the inventing tensioning mechanism.

For the price offered, this tool is the best bow saw for cutting trees. It has a total of 4.8/5 star ratings on Amazon.

  • Longer blade size assures of fast and accurate cuts
  • The tool is light and can be easily carried about
  • Comfortable knuckle and handgrip handle
  • Anti-rust enamel coating prevents the steel frame color from fading away
  • Few customers have complained the tool has hard settings (Amazon reviews)

Bond BS21 21-Inch Bow Saw – the best for gardeners

Bond BS21 21-Inch Saw

Here is a perfect choice for gardeners. The Bond BS21 is a professional bow saw for cutting down trees; it works perfectly in gardens and minor bushes.

Also, you can use this tool for other woodworking activities like cutting through a wood workpiece.

This bow saw comes with a tempered double-cut steel blade fixed to a strong heavy-duty tubular steel frame for handling tougher tasks.

You also get multiple replacement blades of various sizes to use if the need arises. Bond BS21 blades are built for push and pull cutting action for maximum efficiency when being applied to a workpiece.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size21 inches
Blade MaterialTempered double-cut steel material
Frame ShapeTubular with pointed noise
Weight1.23 lbs
Best forGardening

The design of this bow saw is unique, it can be comfortably held with two hands so that the user will gain total control over the tool and saw effectively.

Among the other bow saws we listed here, this one is almost the lightest unit weighing just 1.2 pounds.

You can move this saw around at ease and it can fit into any provided storage space. In other for this bow saw to last for a very long time, you need to be cleaning it after each use and oil the blades often.

  • Can be used with both hands comfortably
  • The steel frame is solid
  • Tempered double cut steel blade
  • Works perfectly for the pruning of trees
  • No knuckle guard and hand grip

Task Tools 24-Inch – best bow saw for tree pruning

Task Tools bow saw

Once in a while, a homeowner with gardens surrounding his house would have to go cut down the tree branches that have overgrown the required height.

This exercise cannot be achieved properly if not down with a good saw, preferably a good bow saw.

Task T22303 is best for cutting down overgrown tree branches at the backyard of your house or apartment. It is a rough and tough bow saw specially designed for the accuracy and handling of tough tasks.

This bow saw from Task Tools is crafted with a heavy-duty rectangular steel frame, solidly built to last over decades of use.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size/length24 inches
Blade MaterialHardened, tempered steel blade
Frame materialheavy-duty rectangular steel frame
Weight1.85 lbs
Best forCutting trees
Knuckle guardYes
Added hand gripYes

Its hardened steel frame assures of long-lasting use, hence, you may never seek to know if the tool comes with warranty coverage.

Also, it features a tempered steel blade well blended and extremely sharp to cut through any tree or wooden workpiece.

If you’re looking for the perfect bow saw for cutting through green and wet wood, then, this might saw be what you need to achieve your desired result.

Your uttermost safety is being considered by the manufacturer of this bow saw; it is blended with an ergo knuckle-protecting handguard and also an extra-thick non-slip Soft Touch handle.

This is to assure that your hand doesn’t slip down to the blade when sawing with this tool so as not to result in injuries or deep cuts.

Switching of saw blades on this bow saw is quite simple; you just click the quick release of the blade goes.

  • The 30 inches blade size is just perfect for heavy-duty tasks and assures of great precision
  • The overall saw design looks very good and nice; it is prettier than the others on this list
  • Can be held comfortably using two hands for faster and more accurate cuts
  • It comes with a knuckle protector at one end and a soft touch hand grip on the other
  • Reliable bow saw for use in construction sites, garden, and for home DIYs
  • It seems heavy at 1.85 pounds weight

Bahco Bow Saw #9 All Purpose Bow Saw

Bahco Bow Saw #9 All Purpose

If you need a tool to clean up thick brushes and clear small trees up to 6-inches with a few rare cuts, this Bahco saw is what you need.

It can serve for various purposes and is built with toughened materials for optimal durability and handling of though tasks.

The Bahco #9 general purpose saw features a very long blade. With a blade length of 36 inches, it is the bow saw with the longest blade in this article.

A lot of online reviewers have kept on praising this bow saw, telling how it helps them tackle tasks that they couldn’t achieve with other kinds of saws.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size/length36 inches
Blade MaterialHardened, tempered steel blade
Frame ShapeTubular
Frame materialExtremely though steel frame
Weight2.1 lbs
Best forGeneral purpose cutting tasks
Knuckle guardYes
Added hand grip

This tool comes with a solid tubular frame and a typical hardened steel blade for handling demanding tasks on a Jobsite.

Clearing the bushes around your house and cutting down of small tree branches is easier when done using this distinctive tool.

However, there are a few malfunctioning aspects of this tool. Well, no tool is 100% percent, but at times we may overlook the flaws if the benefit seems more.

The protective handle on this tool tends to fall off, but you can easily fix it by applying a little electrical tape at the top and bottom.

With the long 36-inch saw blade, you’ll saw across any tree at ease. The knuckle guard is there to protect your hand from slipping down the frame and colliding on the blade’s rear side; so you’ll not sustain any injury when working with this bow saw.

  • This bow saw is really tough and solid
  • It cuts through any tree log, branch or trunk
  • 36-inch blade; the longer, the better for heavy-duty tasks
  • The tool looks durable and would last for a long time
  • With the 36-inch blade, you may not achieve perfection when working on a small workpiece as a woodworker

BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw – best bow saw for a camp outing

BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw

Here is a revolutionary 21-inch by 53.3cm foldable bow saw built for portability and efficiency. It seamlessly unfolds in seconds to be used for high performance and precise cuts.

This is an excellent bow saw, you can easily install saw blades to it without hassles; it uses tiny clamps to hold on to the blade and the blade length is optimally sized for superior and effective sawing strokes.

This bow saw has a hinged trapezium-shaped frame that allows for full control over the tool by the user. The blade clip folds back into the frame when the saw is not in use so both you and your gear will be safe.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size/length21 inches
Blade MaterialHardened, tempered steel blade
Frame ShapeTubular
Frame materialSleek but tough steel frame
Weight1.2 lbs
Best forGeneral purpose cutting tasks
Knuckle guardYes
Added hand gripyes

Also, you can just fold the entire body of this saw till it becomes portable and fit into any storage space provided it.

Surprisingly, this saw is lightly weighted even with its sturdy design; you can carry it around with ease.

Although very expensive, the BOREAL21 Foldable bow Saw for cutting trees you can get for yourself in 2018. It is sleek, lite, fast, sturdy, and portable.

  • Lightweight design makes it much easier to move the bow saw around in a job site
  • The folding ability makes the saw compact and portable
  • Toughened steel blade cuts through any tree
  • Comfortable handle grip secures your hand firmly to the steel frame
  • Automatic blade tensioning mechanism
  • It is expensive

Mintcraft BW41-480 Bow Saw – Solid and versatile

Mintcraft BW41-480 Bow Saw

A simple bow saw for cutting trees and clearing of thick bushes around the house. When next you want to perform some tree cutting activities, this bow saw can help to ease up the stress.

It has a simple frame design but very tough and solid to stand the test of time. The blade of this bow saw is crafted from a hardened steel material; it can easily cut through any tree and wood in rare cuts with great precision.

Mintcraft BW41-780 Bow Saw features a 21-inch steel blade and a comfortable handgrip that secures your hand firmly to the carbon steel frame while sawing.

With this bow saw, you can saw across tree trunks, branches, logs, and any other woodwork workpiece.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size/length21 inches
Blade MaterialHardened, tempered steel blade
Frame ShapeOval tube
Frame materialCarbon steel material
Weight1.19 lbs
Best forDry wood and small trees
Knuckle guardNo
Added hand gripyes
  • The frame material is strong and reliable
  • Saws through small trees perfectly
  • Best at the price compared to other bow saws within its class
  • Extremely lightweight and flexible for swift mobility
  • The tool does not include a knuckle guard for the safety of the user’s hand

Gilmour Bow Saw 21-inch – Best Cheap Bow Saw for cutting trees

Gilmour Bow Saw 21-inch

Looking for a cheap bow saw that will still perform the functions of an expensive one? Here you go! The Gilmour Bow Saw is a cheap yet versatile and reliable bow saw for cutting trees.

It can also be used for working on a complex job site with demanding tasks.

The tubular frame is manufactured using hardened steel and fixed to it is an electro-induction-toughened raker-tooth blade from a reliable sharp steel material.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size/length21 inches
Blade MaterialHardened, tempered steel blade
Frame ShapeOval tube
Frame materialCarbon steel material
Weight1.19 lbs
Best forDry wood and small trees
Knuckle guardNo
Added hand gripyes

This 21-inch bow saw is perfect for pruning trees; it is a great pick for camping.

Unfortunately, this tool does not come with a knuckle guard but it does come with a comfortable handle grip that secures your hand firmly to the steel frame.

Like most other bow saws on this list, this tool features a tension lever that allows for quick blade changes.

  • Auto-adjusting blade tension lessens the need for manual adjustments
  • Comfortable handgrip secures your hand firmly to the steel frame
  • The whole tool is lightweight; weighing just 1.2 pounds
  • Very though and superior steel blade
  • Lacks knuckle guard
  • The design does not look very good

BAHCO 332-21-51 – Best Pointed Nose Bow Saw

21 Inch BAHCO 332-21-51 Pointed Nose Bow Saw

The BAHCO 332-21-51 is a 21-inch bow saw with a pointed nose steel frame specially designed to cut through lumbers and dry woods.

It is quite small and portable; it can be used for small tasks and equally big tasks.

This saw can also serve various purposes as it offers great precision and accurate straight cuts. It is simply a handy bow saw for all-around use.

The frame is sharply pointed towards the end to make it easier for the saw to be used in tight spaces.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size/length21 inches
Blade MaterialHardened, tempered steel blade
Frame ShapePointed Nose
Frame materialHardened steel material
Weight0.6 lbs
Best forPruning, cutting wet and green woods
Knuckle guardYes
Added hand gripyes

If you are going to prune some trees around or do roofing work, this bow saw is just the best tool you need – the ergo handles offer great comfort for your hand.

Weighing just .6 pounds, the Bahco 332-21-51 is the lightest high-performance saw you can get in the market.

  • Perfect for pruning and clearing of small bushes
  • The tool is portable and features an interesting design with a good finish
  • It comes with an ergo grip and comfortable handle, so, your hand is well guided during application to prevent you from sustaining injuries
  • Lightweight and versatile; it can be easily carried about in a job site
  • Perfect for pruning and cutting of wet woods. Still works perfectly on dry woods and lumber
  • Sometimes the saw slacks and the handles do fall off

Truper 30257 Bow Saw, 24-Inch Blade – Best Quality Bow Saw for Cutting Trees

Truper 30257 Steel Handle Saw

Although it appears last on our list, it is definitely not the least. The Truper 30257 is a professional bow saw with mechanized cam lever for quick changing of saw blades for different operations.

It is a 24-inch bow saw, good for cutting larger tree branches and it’s still handy.

Also, the cam lever tensioning system helps to keep the steel blade firm and tight while you’re putting this tool to work.

This is a solid tool for gardeners and homeowners who often clear the bushes around their surroundings or neighborhood.


Saw TypeBow saw
Blade size/length24 inches
Blade MaterialHardened, tempered steel blade
Frame ShapeOval tubular
Frame materialHardened steel material
Weight1.5 lbs
Best forPruning, cutting wet, green woods, general-purpose saw
Knuckle guardYes
Added Hand GripNot available

All Truper saws are typically durable and versatile. The company has been in the field for many decades; they make use of sophisticated solid steel materials to manufacture their products.

The blade of this bow saw is made from a hardened steel material and the frame is tubular.

  • Lightweight and portable; this tool can be easily carried about in a worksite
  • The blade remains firm and steady during use
  • This saw can serve various purposes; pruning, cutting through wet and dry woods
  • Built with hardened materials so it can last for a very long time
  • Does not require much maintenance practice; just clean the blades after each use and apply oil at intervals
  • The blade is not extremely sharp for accurate cuts

Final Words and Conclusion

You may have to ask yourself if you are good at working with saws. They are can cause you series of injuries if not applied well on a workpiece.

Cutting of trees requires you must know how to handle bow saws if you must achieve your desired result. If you must attempt to do yourself, then you need some coaching from a professional already in the field.

With these bow saws listed here, you can prune trees, cut tree logs, branches, and clear thick bushes at ease.

Why we chose to discuss bow saws as the best for cutting of trees is due to its body design and blade mechanism.

It appears to be the safest saw for the task of cutting trees. You comfortably hold on to the steel frame with your both hands and saw with accurate straight cuts.

The blades are crafted from hardened steel materials so it can be used on any type of wood workpiece.

Finally, before you use any bow saw for cutting down a tree, check to see if the handle and blade are steady and firm.

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