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The best USB based speakers available to buy now

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A USB speaker is simply a speaker that can be directly connected to a computer system via any of the available USB ports.

Another name for USB speakers is computer speakers, as a computer/laptop user, there may be a time you’ll want to connect a speaker to your system in order to playback sounds. The default speaker on computers is typically not loud enough, and you won’t hear the sound playing on a computer if you’re some distances away.

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However, when you connect a USB speaker to your computer, you’ll listen to purer sounds and depending on the level of speaker you have connected to the PC, the sound output quality differs.

Here are the best USB based speakers you can buy right now. They are durable, reliable, and very intuitive.

USB based speakers to buy

1. Logitech S150 USB SpeakersLogitech S150 USB Speakers

Speaker type: USB speaker (pair)

Frequency: 90Hz – 20kHz

Power output: 0.6 Watts

We like:  the price is cheap, and the sound output is applaudable

We dislike: it flaunts a not-so-good design

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Logitech is a popular audio equipment manufacturer, and this pair of USB speakers from the brand is seamlessly compatible with all computer systems (desktop and laptops). One of the speakers come with volume control buttons on its body so you can easily adjust sound volume.

The speaker is available as a pair with black color finish. Unfortunately, there is no other finish option for this speaker rather than black. This pair of speakers features a frequency rate of 90Hz – 20kHz, and the cable length is about 1.2m.

You will get this pair of USB speakers at a very cheap price, and it reproduced a stunning digital sound with great clarity. They are lightweight and portable; thus, where you will keep the speaker won’t be a problem.

Logitech’s S150 USB speakers come with a LED power indicator which you’ll find to be useful. In all, this is one of the best USB based speakers available in the market for all kinds of PC users.


  • The price tag is suitable
  • It delivers good sound output
  • Portable design and physical controls
  • Easy to install on desktops and laptops


  • The volume is not too loud

2. Creative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered SpeakersCreative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered Speakers

Speaker type: USB speaker (pair)

We like:  the white color variant was the real deal for us

We dislike: they didn’t offer the best sound we expected

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This pair of speakers deliver good sound when connected to desktop or laptop computer systems. It supports USB 2.0, and both are connected to the computer with a single USB cable. There is no power adapter needed before these speakers can function; they function right out of the box.

The creative pebble speakers are designed with far-field drivers coupled with passive radiators to deliver the best clear sound possible. Actually, the drivers are elevated at 45o for improved sound projection.

You’ll love this pair of speakers because the design is stylish with modern finishing. Unlike the Logitech S150 above, this pair of USB speakers have a white color finish option.

You can easily control the sound volume with the conveniently placed front-facing controls on one of the speakers.


  • There is a white color finish option and also a black color finish option
  • Sleek design
  • Portable and eco-friendly
  • Suitable for office use


  • Only the bass output was great; the sound wasn’t as good as expected.

3. Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBarDell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar

Speaker type: USB speaker (single)

We like: no cable/cord, interesting design

We dislike: it is not compatible with laptops, only compatible with (mostly) Dell monitors

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The Dell USB Soundbar is a USB based speaker system that can give you the high-quality sound you wish to hear. It is quite portable, and there is no cable to inconvenience you at all. This USB speaker is compatible with all new Dell monitors.

When using this speaker to play sounds on PC, you’ll listen to crisp, pure sounds. It is suitable for watching movies, playing games, playing music or other sound files that are saved on your system.

Interestingly, and unlike most other ones in this list, the Dell soundbar speaker features a comfortable headphone jack for private listening. You don’t need extra software to make use of this speaker; it works expressly.


  • The design looks good and unique
  • There is no cable or cord to discomfort you
  • You can plug in a headphone to this speaker
  • Good price


  • It is exclusively meant for Dell monitor users
  • The sound quality lacks a lot

4. TaoTronics Computer Speakers

TaoTronics Computer Speakers

Speaker type: USB speaker (single)

We like: the outstanding design, cross-compatibility, and the physical controls

We dislike: price is somewhat expensive for no necessary reason

Not everyone would want to spend much to get a compatible USB speaker for PC. However, if you really wish for the best and you’re on a budget, you may need to step up your budget and get this single USB speaker.

More interestingly, this speaker works with all devices which feature a 3.5mm jack input; now you know that this speaker can be connected to your smartphone, tablets, projects, and of course your PC.

The audio output quality is quite impressive; however, we didn’t expect anything less than that for a speaker of this price and level.

TaoTronics has carefully designed this speaker to look sleek and modern with LED accents that set up the ambiance. Also, you can use this speaker with your TV if there is a USB or jack input port available on the panel.


  • Fancy, attractive design
  • Compatible with smartphones, TVs and portable devices
  • Intuitive volume controls
  • Suitable for movies, games, etc.


  • The price is unnecessarily high

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5. Earise AL Mini Computer Speakers

Earise AL Mini Computer Speakers

Speaker type: USB speaker (pair)

Frequency: 90Hz – 20kHz

Power output: 1.25 (x2) Watts

We like: fancy design, good sound quality

We dislike: the cable length is too long

With a very simple, minimalistic, straight forward design, this pair of USB computer speakers is something you definitely want to own. The pair is not costly, and it features an attractive design which we believe will be loved by most PC users.

There aren’t color options for this speaker; it’s just the black color finish option which has a touch of yellow.

Earise AL-101 speakers deliver good stereo sound when you’re playing games, watching movies, or listening to music.

You can adjust the volume from the crafted control box attached to the lengthy USB/3.5mm connector cable. The long length cable lets you keep these speakers, each, at a distance up to 55 inches away from your PC.

This speaker is intuitive to use; you won’t find it difficult to connect with your PC so you can start listening to good sound output.


  • Best price for a USB speaker
  • Swift setup/installation process
  • Compatible design
  • Serves for various purposes


  • The cable is too lengthy
  • They are not stable on surfaces

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6. GOgroove 2MX LED Computer Speakers with Powered Subwoofer

GOgroove 2MX LED Computer Speakers with Powered Subwoofer

Speaker type: USB speaker (pair)

Frequency: 150 Hz – 20 KHz

Power output: 2.4w x 2

We like: rests very comfortable on surfaces, immersive sound, and full bass output

We dislike: high-frequency buzz

Here comes a pair of premium speakers powered by USB and compatible with all computer systems (desktops and laptops). The pair comes with built-in subwoofers, respectively, as well as glowing lights on the base unit.

Gogroove has backed these USB speakers (pair) with limited 3-year warranty support. You’ll enjoy full bass output and pure sound reproduced by the patented drivers’ unconcealed on this speaker. Depending on your preference, you may get the GoGroove 2MX Led speakers with blue, red, or greenLED glowing base.

The volume controls are available on the speakers’ body for quick volume adjustments. You can use this speaker with any multimedia device with 3.5mm jack input support.


  • The glowing lights are awesome in low-light
  • Quality bass output
  • Stands firm on any surface you drop it


  • High-frequency buzz

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7. Altec Lansing BXR1220 2-Piece Desktop Speaker

Altec Lansing BXR1220 2-Piece Desktop Speaker

Speaker type: USB speaker (pair)

Frequency: 180 Hz – 20 KHz

We like: stunning pure sound and bass output

We dislike: the design is not convenient

When searching for the best USB based speakers to use on a desktop, this pair is a great option. It is a pair of compact stereo speakers which can be used on various computer systems.

This speaker looks different from the other in terms of its design and aesthetics. You can connect this speaker to compatible devices via USB or the 3.5mm headphone jack for sound playback. Also, you can power on/off this speaker, as well as adjust the sound volume using the physical buttons you see on the speakers’ body.

A patented sound enhancement technology is available on this app to assure effective audio alignment. The concealed drivers on these speakers (pair) are dual 2-inch full-range drivers which powers them to reproduce great sound.


  • Patented Audio Alignment tech
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Easy volume controls
  • Fast installation process


  • The body design looks awkward

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8. ELEGANT USB Powered Sound Bar

ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar

Speaker type: USB sound bar (single)

Power output: 3W (x2)

We like: output quality and design

We dislike: the set up isn’t flexible

This USB speaker will work perfectly on any computer system (desktops and laptops). However, if you’re looking to also use on your this speaker for TV, ensure your TV also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack; it won’t work on your TV if both the USB connector cable and the 3.5mm headphone jack are not connected into the TV at the same time.

The ELEGIANTSound Baris a sturdy USB-powered speaker which produces quite an amazing sound accompanied by good bass. With an output power of 3W (x2), you will enjoy crisp, clear stereo sound with the speaker.

Also, its low profile design made the speaker portable and compatible with a lot of devices.


  • This soundbar has a good length (16-inch)
  • Compatible with many devices including game consoles
  • Quite an interesting design
  • Intuitive volume controls


  • Setting up this soundbar to work on some devices is quite an issue

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9. AmazonBasics USB-Powered Computer Speakers

AmazonBasics USB-Powered Computer Speakers

Speaker type: USB speaker (pair)

Frequency: 103 Hz – 20 KHz

Power output: 2.2w (both)

We like: good sound, lightweight and compatible design

We dislike: the LED light is just not convenient

The limited one-year warranty attached to this speaker is feasible, just in case you want to hear about that. Well, AmazonBasics is an official brand known for quality.

This pair of USB-powered speakers is handy when you want to listen to the local music, movies, or play games on PC without using a complex speaker system. It delivers much sound that can fill a small or medium room.

Both speakers that make up this pair output 1.1 RMS power respectively with a convenient frequency range.


  • Convenient, accessible volume control
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Works instantly without any configurations


  • The LED light is too shiny and distracts the listener

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10. ARVICKA USB-Powered Speakers

ARVICKA Computer Speaker

Speaker type: USB speaker (pair)

Frequency: 103 Hz – 20 KHz

Power output: 5w

We like: good sound and easy integration

We dislike: high price

Lastly, this pair of portable speakers occupy the last slot for our best picks on USB based speaker. It is not the least speaker on this list, anyway. You will listen to good sounds from this pair of speakers, and they come with glowing LED accents.

The Arvicka USB speakers do not require any special software installation before anyone can use them on a computer system; they are simply plugged play speakers.

However, this pair of speakers is quite more expensive than other similar ones on this list. You can connect this speaker to any device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, etc.) with 3.5mm jack input/USB support.


  • Fancy design
  • Excellent customer service support
  • Feasible warranty
  • Good sound quality


  • The price is slightly high, and we can’t see the reason

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What more

These are the best USB powered speakers you can use across various devices. We have carefully researched and got out these products; thus, we recommend you consider shopping for one of them if you need such a speaker for movie/music playback or gaming.

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