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Save More This Year Black Friday Sale

We have this year Black Friday sales just before the Christmas season.

It can never be better to shop for the best-selling product at stupidly low prices.

Imagine buying products for a 30% discount. #happy

Most of us buy products all year round and sometimes the products are just too expensive to pay for or they come without little or no discount. Well, it’s time for shoppers to buy (save more) after the year of shopping.

PS: this post will keep updating with new cool products to buy this year black Friday so bookmark this page as not to miss out on our updates

The Christmas season is around the corner and we can’t wait for it to come as we will have to hang out with friends and relatives.

Some of the problems we face this period will be

  1. What do I need to buy for this year’s Black Friday?
  2. Will I be needing these products after the Christmas season?
  3. Are they necessary for my daily needs?

Well if your answers are YES to the above questions then you need to read further as this article is for you

black friday countdown

Products to watch out for which will be selling (HIGH discount) on black Friday day

1. Creative Sound BlasterX Katana – Best Soundbar for PC Gaming

BlasterX Katana

The Creative Sound BlasterX Katana is a multi-channel surround PC gaming soundbar that comes along with a powerful subwoofer for very deep bass outputs.

This soundbar is Bluetooth enabled, and as such, it is quite easy to connect it to your PC wirelessly. See out a detailed review of the speaker

Reasons to like the Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbar

  • The design is definitely sleek and compatible
  • It is a reliable 7.1 sound system
  • 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio system
  • Supports a variety of inputs as well as Bluetooth connectivity technology
  • Aurora Reactive lighting system (up to 49 programmable LED lights from edge to edge).

2. MIFA A10 Wireless Portable

MIFA A10 Wireless Portable TWS Speaker

Here is another premium, sturdy, multi-featured wireless portable speaker with Bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary output support.

The Mifa A10 portable speaker is rechargeable and can go on for a long couple of hours, thanks to its reliable battery.

This speaker may be portable, but what it hides inside is quite numerous and superior.

It is capable of reproducing room-filling sound with stunning stereo and bass. Read our article where we review the speaker in details

3. iFinity Wireless Audio Transmitter

iFinity Wireless Audio Transmitter

This audio equipment comes with a transmitter, as well as a receiver; however, it doesn’t work for passive speakers.

Connecting the receiver unit to a physical amplifier is possible. Both units (the transmitter and the receiver) look alike and weigh the same. See our review on how to use this device

Buy from amazon

4. TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

The TaoTronics Bluetooth transmitter and receiver is a compact unit that allows you to turn most non-Bluetooth media players to become Bluetooth media players.

It is very portable and acts as a transmitter or a receiver. More so, you can pair this adapter with two headphones at the same time.

It supports Bluetooth v5.0 and stays connected to your device up to 100ft (unobstructed) distance. See our intensive review of the product

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5. OontZ Angle 3 Wireless Speaker

OontZ Angle 3 Wireless Speaker

OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker flaunts a triangular-shaped body with solid ends made from strong rubber material and the rest of the body occupied by the speakers.

Sounds from the OontZ Angle 3 speakers are high-quality compared to other Bluetooth speakers of its caliber.

The maximum volume of this speaker is enough to cover a whole room, kitchen, office, bathroom, car, or even a mini party!. I’m sure you want to see our solid review of the speaker

Buy from amazon

6. KEF Q550 Floor standing Speaker

KEF Q550 Floorstanding Speaker

The look of the Q550 is modern and more contemporary but maintains a traditional feel.

The floor-standing speaker has a plastic film finish and you can get these speakers either in white or black.

The texture has a brushed feel and look and it is quite appealing visually.

The hidden screws and recessed tweeters give it a clean look which makes it a perfect fit for many living rooms.

The Bottom of the KEF Q550 is fitted with plinths with spikes that are adjustable by height. These spikes allow you to adjust the level of uneven floors. See our review of this speaker

Buy from amazon

7. Polk Audio TSi500 High Performance

Polk Audio TSi500

The Polk Audio TSi500 speakers are a pair of tower speakers that promise high audio performance, and you can easily forget these speakers at any corner of the room.

These speakers are designed with rigid components and drivers; however, the price is quite surprising.

You can get this pair of speakers in black or cherry color. It is a high-performance speaker that doesn’t utilize a ton of power. See our full review of Polk Audio TSi500 speakers here

8. Razer Leviathan

Razer Leviathan: Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

This is the first and only soundbar on this list and it comes with a dedicated bass-hungry subwoofer.

The combination of this soundbar and its subwoofer delivers unimaginable outputs at any volume level.

This is perfect for both gamers and playback lovers.

Razer Leviathan is stylishly designed to fit into any available space, and its color will match most home décor.

We love the Razer Leviathan Surround SoundBarbecause it performs very well across systems/devices. See our full review of Razer Leviathan

Buy from amazon

9. TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Computer Speaker

TaoTronics Computer Speakers

This soundbar is one of the best low-priced computer speakers in the market.

It is a USB-powered soundbar that works on any system with support for 3.5mm jack input.

Fortunately, Samsung monitors support headphones, and as such, they feature the 3.5mm output port which is required for this soundbar to work.

However, this is not a wireless soundbar as it does not support any wireless technology (You can check this article to see how to make the works wireless).

The sound and bass are pretty okay for basic computer users, and not for gamers or an audiophile. See full review of TaoTronics Soundbar

Buy from amazon

10. ELEGIANT USB computer speakers for desktop

ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar

Elegiant soundbars and speakers are remarkably low-priced, yet, they offer great outputs for both sound and bass.

Interestingly, this Elegiant wireless soundbar can work with Samsung monitors via an aux cable connection.

The soundbar does not support HDMI; however, since it supports quite a bunch of other connectivity means, you can use an aux cable to connect it with your Samsung monitor; plug in the aux cable to the jack input port (headphone port) on your Samsung monitor and connect the other end to this soundbar. You should see a complete review of the speaker.

Buy from amazon

11. Samsung Bluetooth Smart Sound Soundbar

Samsung HW-MS550

Here’s another impressive soundbar to connect with your Samsung monitor.

We have not included this soundbar because it is a Samsung product, but, it is here on our list because it is compatible with Samsung monitors, and its performance is quite commendable.

This soundbar comes on its own without including a physical subwoofer.

However, it is an intuitive soundbar that works in a very smart way. Plus, it comes along with a remote controller, making things easier for the user. The complete review of Samsung Smart Soundbar

12. Sony UBP-X800M2 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player

Sony UBP-X800M2 4K UHD Home Theater Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player

This Blu-ray player is a bit pricier and more capable than most budget players.

Although it does not feature a display on the player, its feature set does more than compensate for that fact.

What’s more, is that this player is even equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio to your desired headphones; a haven for late-night music and movie lovers. The full review can be gotten HERE


BLUETOOTH EARPHONE: With the recent release of the iPhone series (that come without a headphone jack) one will have to start looking for Bluetooth earphones for serving the purpose

How do the Bluetooth earphones work
This enables you to talk on the phone or listen to music without the bother of wires or cords like the traditional old ones.

Smartwatches: smartwatches are effectively wearable computers. Many run mobile apps, using a mobile operating system.

With Apple, Sony, Samsung, and Motorola introducing their smartwatch models, 15% of tech consumers use wearable technologies. Some watches can serve as full GPS watches and a lot more.

Cameras: like there say Images Speak Louder Than Words. You will not like to miss out on any memory of this Chrismas Season. Go get a digital camera NOW

HOME SPEAKERS: it’s all about celebration/entertainment and you will not like to stay in a dull house/environment without music in the background this festive period RIGHT? So go get yourself a nice Speaker for your pleasure. We have tons of reviews HERE on best home speakers

Gaming consoles: why not invite your buddy or relative for some gaming time. Like we said it’s the festive season.

Coffee machines: are you planning to open a coffee store after the festive season but on a low budget? coffee machines cost over $200 why not order this year black Friday as this will be the best time to buy the coffee machine as most machines will be for a high discount.

Bamboo sunglasses: give yourself that classic look this festive period with low priced sunglass

Sweaters: The winter period is just around the corner and this will be the best time to buy good sweaters

Travel backpacks: some of us will be traveling to visit our loved ones. Then I ask do we hold our clothes, shoes, etc in our hands?
That’s why it will be wise to buy on Black Friday for some discount to save more for the festive period ahead.

Shapewear: it’s all about celebration why not buy some SHAPEWEAR.
Just in case you don’t know what shapewear is: women’s tight-fitting underwear is intended to control and shape the figure.

Eyelashes: Hello ladies let give our man some classic look this Christmas season.

 Men’s Watches: BUY some Rolex watches this black Friday for some high discount.

Men’s shoes: If you spend more on shoes this will be the right time to get some discount.

Women Necklaces: Most necklaces are very expensive, but trust us we have found cheap but solid necklaces you can buy this Black Friday.

Babycare: As a parent nothing gives joy than seeing your kids happy, these products will help make them feel safe and comfortable.

iPhone repair kit: On the off chance that you own any hardware, you ought to have a fix pack around for little fix occupations. It’ll set aside your cash, and you can gain proficiency with your way around the phone.

Teeth Whitening: keep it clean it’s Christmas season, you will not like to close your mouth when listening to some funny movie or when your buddy cracks some nice jokes.

Thanks for checking out this year’s Black Friday product recommendation. #Peace

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