How To Play A Record Without A Record Player

Many wonder whether it is possible to play a record without a record player. This may sound absurd but the truth is that it is possible. If you are interested in learning how to play a record without a record player, then, this post is for you.

Truly, using a receiver always improves sound quality. However, you can still play your record without a receiver.

In addition to quality sound, a receiver allows you to connect to multiple sources like TV, CD player, and so on.

Consequently, many people prefer to connect their records to receivers.

But if you prefer to keep things as simple as possible, or if you would rather spend your money on a better record player or more vinyl records, losing the receiver could make sense.

Reasons People Prefer Receivers

  • To get quality sound
  • To connect your record to multiple sources like TV, CD, DVD etc
  • To get the best of their records

What A Standard Setup Looks Like

Before talking about how to play a record without a record player, it will be important to know how to set up a standard turntable for a record player.

The standard setup for your record is to use a receiver to connect various video and audio components to a speaker.

Marantz PM7000N Integrated Stereo Hi Fi Amplifier How To Play A Record Without A Record Player

Fortunately, many receivers have inputs for the various devices as well as an output for the speakers. In addition to that, they normally have amps to boost the sound. This allows it to be played by the speakers.

One major advantage of using a receiver is that you will not always disconnect and connect the speakers to the different audio sources anytime you want to switch.

This is because, with your receiver, you can connect to multiple sources. Hence, you can connect your turntable, record player, CD player, TV at the same time.

Thus, if you want to switch from TV to audio, you will simply switch the receiver from TV to audio and it is done.

Unlike when you are using a receiver, it is more complicated to switch between sources when you are not using a receiver.

Rather, you would manually rewire everything. Or you may prefer to have separate sets of speakers for different sources. You may require the following while setting up your standard record with a receiver:

the turntable receiver itself
a preamplifier
an amplifier
cables and wires

Components of a Standard Setup of Receivers

Many receivers come with built-in amps. In addition to that, older models also have built-in preamps.

While many record players have an internal preamp, some have external preamps which are always better. So, when trying to buy your receiver, buy one with an external preamp.

Following from the above points, a standard turntable setup has three main components which include:

  • the record player,
  • the receiver
  • the speakers.
  • The turntable connects to the receiver.

How To Use A Receiver in Your Setup

The first step in setting up your receiver is to determine where to place all components. All things being equal, you should place the turntable on top because actually, nothing should be on top of it.

Then, it is good to place the receiver below other components. The reason is that it is heavier and larger than other audio sources.

record player

You can place the CD player in between the turntable and receiver. However, there is no particular order to arrange the setup. All you need is to have your devices connected.

Since a receiver can receive various kinds of sounds. You must match the inputs to the receiver’s ports for various inputs. For instance, the record player must be plugged into the receiver’s phono input.

In certain situations, both the device and turntable may not have a phono stage, then, you may need to connect the turntable to an external preamp before connecting it to the receiver.

Lastly, you can now your speakers to the receiver. And it is done. Simple, I guess. 

From what you see, it is quite simple to set up your receiver on your device. So, why do some people prefer to remove the receiver and play their record without a record player?

How To Play a Record Without a Record Player

If you are interested in knowing how to play a record without a record player, then you must know about Minimalism.

This allows you to remove the receiver from your device. Thus, you can directly connect your turntables to speakers without the use of a receiver. This simply reduces your setup by removing its largest component.

However, whenever you remove the receiver, you will also lose the amp it contains. Thus, you may need an external amplifier or simply use active speakers.

These active speakers are also known as powered speakers have internal amps, so you do not need external amps to use them. 

The next alternative to powered speakers is to use a record player with an internal speaker. This can replace the minimalistic setup but it has an advantage.

The disadvantage is that the internal speakers are always small. Thus, it does not produce the best sound in terms of volume like external speakers. This means that the quality of sound it produces is going to below.

Hence, you can use these devices to play your record without a record player, they are: LOVE vinyl record players and The RokBlok

LOVE vinyl record player

The device which is regarded as “the intimacy of vinyl with modern-day convenience,”  reads your record using a stylus.

It, in turn, connects to any Bluetooth audio device as well as Wi-Fi multi-room systems to transmit the sound to other devices.

In case you don’t have a Bluetooth-enabled speaker system, LOVE also has a 3.5mm or RCA Bluetooth adapter which you can also use with your device.

The RokBlok

The RokBlok is completely different from other record players because you don’t spin it. The record stays stationary and the RokBlok spins around the record. Your only job is to place the record on a flat surface and voila.

The RokBlok has some special features: a built-in rechargeable battery and speaker. Thus, you don’t need any outside equipment to use it.

However, you can still pair it wirelessly with any Bluetooth speaker to get better sound. The RokBlok is only 2 inches by 4 inches which makes it the smallest record player in the world.

Reasons You Need A Record Player

Even though you now know how to play a record without a record player, do you think it is the right thing to do? 

First of all, the receiver does the work of a CPU because it is the command center. Without the receiver, you cannot control the audio and electronic features of your system.

It not only connects to your TV but also synchronizes your home stereo system. Thus, it must be very beneficial. 

In addition to that, the combination of the receiver with its remote gives you the comfort of controlling your audio setup with the touch of a button.

Furthermore, the multiple-input that the receiver has, allows you to plug in different devices.

Besides playing audio, some modern receivers also have access to your home theater and TV. Thus, you can use the receiver’s remote control to switch over to any device of your choice.

Thus, you do not need to reconnect anytime you feel like changing from one device to the other. You can as well use the remote control of the receiver to change channels and adjust the volume.

Finally, older models also have speaker hookups that allow you to connect two pairs of speakers. The modern receivers may not have speaker hookups, rather, they come with center, rear, and front hookups.

Moreover, these modern models also have features that allow you to hook up video sound.

Best Record Player To Buy

We have handpicked these record players for your audio need. we’re sure you will not go wrong buying any of them


In conclusion, the receiver cannot do everything for you. This is the case when you have the intention of growing your record collection. Or when you just want to keep your setup as low as possible. 

Connecting your turntable to speakers without a receiver is both a simple and simple and straightforward task. However, if you choose to do that, you will surely do that at the expense of quality sound.

So, if you don’t care about sound quality and you want a simple connection, then, all you require is a pair of powered speakers. 

If you are fortunate to get a device with a built-in speaker, it becomes a lot easier. So, I may advise you to get either a LOVE vinyl record player or RokBlok.

Finally, if you care about quality sound, then, you must use a receiver to play your record. Thus, you must use a receiver to play your record. Consequently,  you will purchase a device that has these three components:

  • a turntable
  • a receiver and
  • a good set of speakers.

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