How To Use Selfie Stick With Aux Cable: The Complete Guide

Selfie sticks are designed differently, and they typically support auxiliary connections. Just as the mane implies, selfie sticks are meant to assist smartphone owners in taking selfie photos and pictures.

At some time, selfie sticks were the “craze” of the moment, and even though the trend has dropped drastically, many people still use them.

If you love taking wide-range selfies, then you probably need a selfie stick; it makes things easier.

But without saying much, this article tries to detail, extensively, how to use selfie stick With Aux Cable to take photos It’s going to be an interesting read.

How To Use Selfie Stick With Aux Cable?

Selfie sticks are designed to work with aux cables; yes, you’d notice that your selfie stick comes with an integrated 3.5mm jack cable – that’s the cable for aux connection.

ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod

More so, for models that do not come with this integrated cable, you’d find a 3.4mm jack input port on the stick’s body.

This is to tell you that selfie sticks are naturally designed to function with aux cables. But what is the aux cable going to do on the stick?

Selfie sticks are not media players that you connect via auxiliary to play a sound or any similar activity. So, what exactly do you need aux connection on selfie sticks?

The Function Of Aux Cables On Selfie Sticks?

Most inexpensive selfie sticks come with a 3.5mm headphone cable, which is also known as an aux cable. The cable is meant to be connected to the earphone jack of your device. Once that connection is made, here’s what happens.

Oldboytech Auxiliary Cable

Wired selfie sticks (that is, selfie sticks with aux cables) also do have a button on the stick region. After you have connected the aux cable to your phone, you need to press the button on the stick for you to capture photos using the selfie stick.

Well, the technology is quite easy to understand; the explanation is made in the next section of this article.

The function of the aux cable in wired selfie sticks is to connect your phone to the stick so you can take photos with the press of a button.

If the cable is not plugged into your phone’s headphone jack, pressing the capture button on the selfie stick won’t perform any action.

There are wireless selfie sticks anyways; they function wirelessly via Bluetooth. This type of stick is typically more expensive than the wired models.

What Happens When You Press The Capture Button On Selfie Sticks?

Are you curious to know how a selfie stick can record a photo when you press the capture button on the stick? It’s quite simple, and here’s what goes on.

Most smartphones can capture photos using their volume buttons (you may need to especially activate the “Volume Capture” feature on some phones).

Bluehorn selfie stick

This implies to say that when you press the volume up or down button (depending on the device), the camera of the device would record a photo.

Now, what selfie sticks do is synchronize your device’s volume button with the stick itself. So, when you press the “Capture” button on the stick, it triggers the volume button on your device, and then a photo is captured.

This happens on both wired and wireless selfie sticks. Yes, there are two types of selfie sticks.

Hence, in simple words, the “Button” on selfie sticks acts like the volume button on smartphones; thus, pressing it down would trigger the connected device to capture a photo.

It’s not a complicated process, as you can see, it’s all about syncing your device’s volume key with the button on the stick.

Types of Selfie Sticks

There are just two major types of selfie sticks; wired and wireless. The wired models are the ones that come with integrated 3.5mm jack (aux) cables, while the wireless models use Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone.

Either way, the mechanism for capturing photos with selfie sticks is the same for both types.

In essence, whether your selfie stick is wired or wireless, once connected to your phone, it syncs the volume key with the button on the stick so you can take phones from any angle or length (by extending the selfie stick) with the touch of a button.

Benefits of Using Selfie Sticks With Aux Cable?

Unless your Bluetooth connection never fumbles, it is best to go with wired selfie sticks. The connection of wired selfie sticks remains stable as long as the aux cable is connected to the phone.

Wireless connections have lapses, especially when the stick is too long; your Bluetooth connection may be affected and you will find yourself pressing the capture button many times before it can finally connect to your device and take the photo.

Are Selfie Sticks Still a “Thing?”

Selfie sticks are not going to retire any time soon; they are pretty innovative and help to take wide-angle photos.

If you’re with a group of persons on a tour, there’s probably no way to enjoy a perfect group photo without a selfie stick. Well, unless you’re going to call on someone else to capture you guys.

Also, there are just scenarios where you need to take selfies from a height; the human hand is not all that tall, so a selfie stick helps you achieve the exact length and angle you want for any photograph.

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What More?

So, if you were looking for how to use a selfie stick with an aux cable, it’s pretty simple; connect the aux cable to your phone’s headphone/earphone jack and use the button on the stick to capture exciting moments all through your adventures.

Selfie sticks are cool, handy, and still relevant for taking wide-angle photographs.

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