How To Use Aux Cable In Fiat 500: The Ultimate Guide.

How to use aux cable in Fiat 500? There have been a lot of complaints by owners of the Fiat 500, regardless of the model and year.

The complaints have always been about how to connect their phones to the car’s stereo via auxiliary input (3.5mm cable).

Well, Fiat 500 has a unique car stereo design; you probably need a proprietary adapter to connect your cell phone to the stereo, and the adapter isn’t really cheap.

Also, if the aux port on your Fiat 500 isn’t working, it could be due to a lack of power or the port is dirty.

Where’s The Aux Port on Fiat 500?

Actually, the position of the port differs in different models. However, if your Fiat 500 comes with the Blue&Me (talking about the mid-spec models), a USB port and a 3.5mm aux port are available on the Blue&Me console.

If yours is an older model, depending on the actual model year, the media player is window-based, and there’s a USB socket for USB connections.

You can connect to the USB port using your lead. But, if your Fiat 500 doesn’t come with the Blue&Me console fitted in (by default), it is advisable to find a way to get it on the car.

That way, you can enjoy the car’s USB and Aux (3.5mm jack) connections. This also allows you to play music from your phone (Android or iPhone).

You can always refer to your owner’s manual to know the exact location to find the AUX port on your Fiat 500 model.

It’s just not appealing how Fiat doesn’t see it wise to solve this issue at once; many people have complained about this, and yet, with every new model, the stereo setup seems more complex.

How To Use Aux Cable In Fiat 500?

There are pretty different ways to get an aux connection on your Fiat 500 model. These methods are not too technical to achieve.

1. Get the Blue&Me Console to Your Car

While most Fiat 500 models come with Blue&Me pre-fitted into them, some models lack the console.

Blue&Me Console

If your model comes with the Blue&Me console, simply look out for the Aux ports (it is usually beside the USB port by the front cup holders),

However, if you still can’t find the aux port on the Blue&Me console on your Fiat 500, you should check the manual to know the exact port.

Practically, all Fiat 500 with Blue&Me has aux and USB ports. In contrast, if your Fiat 500 doesn’t come with this console, you’ve got to install it yourself.

2. Look Into The Glove Box

Another place to find a USB or aux connection port on a Fiat 500 model is the glove box. If you’ve checked everywhere and can’t find the aux connection port, the last place to check is the glove box.

The Fiat 2012 Pop and 2014 Abarth have an aux box hidden in the glove box.

You can connect your device, which supports 3.5mm connections using an aux audio cable. There’s no need to be stumped here; check the glove box first.

Actually, there are different places to find the aux port on your Fiat 500. It’s best to mention the model and year to a technician, and you’d get the answer on where to find the port.

3. Use The Cigarette Port

There’s a cigarette port in your Fiat 500 vehicle. While you cannot connect aux cables directly to the cigarette port, there’s a way to get around the setup.

For this method, you’d purchase an aftermarket car MP3 adapter/charger supporting aux connections.

UNBREAKcable Bluetooth FM Transmitter
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Most car MP3 adapters are designed to plug into the cigarette port and come with different features.

For example, you can get the UNBREAK Bluetooth FM Transmitter, a modern car MP3 adapter with cutting-edge features such as Bluetooth, auxiliary, USB, and remote controller. 

This adapter lets you play music from your phone to your Fiat 500 stereo via Bluetooth, aux, or USB. It is a multi-function adapter plugs directly into your car’s cigarette port.

So, when you cannot find the aux port naturally in your Fiat 500, spare some $20 – $50 and get a car MP3 adapter with aux input support.

4. Use USB to Aux Adapters

If you can find a USB port on your Fiat 500’s stereo or console, but you need to play music via aux, you should get a USB to Aux adapter.

AkoaDa USB to Audio Jack Adapter
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They are pretty cheap on Amazon; the AkoaDa USB to Audio Jack adapter is just an ideal buy, and it’s below 10 bucks.

With the help of these adapters, you can play music from your phone to your Fiat 500 stock stereo. There are many variants of USB to Aux adapters; you have to choose carefully.

Some are designed for USB-C ports, but there are pretty many of them with USB-A interfaces.

How To Use Blue&Me on Fiat 500?

It’s pretty simple; you should pair up your device with the system by following the simple steps below:

  • Press the main button on the Blue&Me console
  • Go to the settings menu and select user pairing
  • Then, go over to your phone and Enable Bluetooth
  • Search for new Bluetooth devices; when the Blue&ME appears, tap on it and pair
  • You will need to enter the PIN displayed on your Fiat’s Blue&Me dashboard.
  • Once the code is entered, your device will be paired with the system, and you can play music wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Troubleshooting Fiat 500 AUX Not Working

The AUX port allows you to play your favorite music or audio content directly from your smartphone, MP3 player, or any other compatible device. However, like any technology, issues can sometimes arise. In this blog section, we will delve into troubleshooting tips to address the common problem of the Fiat 500 AUX not working.

  1. Check the Cable Connection
  2. Inspect the Cable
  3. Try Different Audio Sources and Devices
  4. Verify the Volume and Audio Settings
  5. Restart and Update Your Devices
  6. Consult an Authorized Service Center

While the Fiat 500 is equipped with a convenient AUX input for connecting external audio devices, issues can sometimes occur that prevent it from functioning correctly. By following the troubleshooting tips outlined above, you can effectively address the problem of the Fiat 500 AUX not working. Whether it’s a loose cable connection, a faulty audio device, incorrect settings, or a more significant issue, these steps should help you regain the joy of listening to your favorite tunes while driving your Fiat 500.

What More?

Bothered on how to use aux cable in Fiat 500? simple resort to the four methods explained above USB to Aux adapter, car MP3 adapter, install aftermarket Blue&Me console or check the glove box.

Most definitely, these tips would help you navigate the problem you’re facing so you can stream music from your phone to your car’s stock stereo or radio.

However, if this doesn’t help, check your owner’s manual and send a complaint to the manufacturer.

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