How To Replace Turntable Belt

If you know how to replace a turntable belt, it is an advantage for you. Just imagine one day and you wake up to discover that your turntable is not spinning. What are you going to do?

Go out to look for a repairer or probably go online searching to know what is likely wrong with your turntable.

I guess the problem may be from the turntable. However, you have to check first before concluding. But assuming the problem is actually from the belt. What will you do? 

So, in this article, I am going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to replace turntable belts.

You may wonder if you can replace it by yourself. Yes, it is possible if not simple.

Instruments You Need To Replace Your Turntable Belt

If you are planning to replace your turntable belt. The instruments below will be needed:

  • Tape measure: You will use a tape measure to get the length of the belt.
  • Flat-head screwdriver: You can use this tool to pry off the C-shaped clip if it is in your turntable.
  • A hammer: It is used on a design without a clip to resist removal.
  • A strobe disc: It is used to check the running speed.
  • A lint-free rag and alcohol: You use them to clean your record player. 

How To Replace Turntable Belt

Step 1: Check Your Turntable’s Belt

First of all, check to know if the problem is coming from the belt. The best way to know is to turn the turntable to know it will spin. So, if it does not spin, probably, you need to change it.

How To Replace Turntable Belt

There are other ways to check it:

  • The sounds of your record become deeper or lower-pitched.
  • When the needle hits your record, pay attention to the change of speed which doesn’t run as usual.

Step 2: Buy a Proper Belt for your Turntable

After checking your turntable, you discover that it is faulty. The next step is to buy a new belt for your turntable. 

Before you buy a new turntable belt, you have to put the following into considerations:

  • width of the belt
  • length of the belt
  • thickness of the belt 

While buying your belt, make sure to buy the same model as your old belt. However, if you can’t see your model, you can measure the circumference of the platter’s hub.

Step 3: Unplug The Power Source From your Record Player

It is time to unplug the power source from your record player. You do this to avoid any accident while replacing your turntable belt.

Although this rarely happens, you need to be very careful not to leave your turntable plugged in when changing the belt. We all know how powerful an electric shock can be.

It may not just damage the electric motor of your turntable, it may also have an effect on you. So, it is advisable to unplug your turntable from any power source. 

Step 4: Remove The Plastic Mat and Platter

The next step to take while replacing your turntable belt is to remove the plastic mat and platter

The plastic mat is a surface where your record will sit on. Usually, you can remove it from the center shaft easily by pushing it off. Set it aside and start the next step.

The platter is a plastic or metal circle installed under the plastic mat, and you must remove it also.

Normally, the platter arrives with 2 access ports and holes. You can see the motor through the platter using the 2 access ports and holes. Sometimes, it may become necessary that you have to remove it away from the center shaft.

However, don’t worry about how to remove it. It is relatively easy to remove no matter what way it is attached: 

  • If it is attached to a small C-shaped clip, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry it off. Or
  • Use a hammer if it is designed without a clip to resist removal. 

Step 5: Stretch The Belt Over The Center Hub

After removing the platter, the next step to take is to stretch the belt over the center hub.

However, you won’t need to stretch the belt if everything’s ok, that is if it fits onto the circle snugly. What this implies is that you can place the belt in the circle’s center if it’s straight without being twisted or kinked.

Step 6: Put the Platter Back on The Turntable

After stretching the belt, the next step is to put the platter back on the turntable.

While you are trying to put the platter you will have to flip the platter first. So that the platter will return to the turntable without replacing the C-clip.

While doing this, you must be sure that all access holes expose the record player’s motor. This is a small metal shaft in the turntable’s corner.

Doing this allows the belt to hook the platter to turn the turntable while the motor is also turning. You can touch the motor by lining one of the access holes.

However, if your turntable does not have an access port on the platter, you will have to align the post on the button with a motor spindle.

Then, put the platter down and spin about 3 to 4 full rotations: 2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise

Finally, grab and hook the belt around the motor by pushing it through the access hole and stretching over the motor spindle.

Moreover, the small cap on the top will keep the belt from slipping off. Thus, you must make sure that the belt is pulled over that and rest on the motor.

Step 7: Test by Spinning The Turntable in Both Directions

Finally, after everything, you will have to test it by spinning the turntable in both directions. You must make sure that it meets the standard you want.

Even though you don’t expect the platter to spin till eternity, it doesn’t have to stop abruptly. It has to spin at least for a moment.

Sometimes, you may have a problem with how to tighten the record player well. That is to say, you don’t know how to attach the belt correctly, it may either be too tight or loose. Just carefully adjust the belt.

So, if you can’t operate the record player manually, that means it is too tight. On the other hand, if it fails to spin with the motor, what it means is that your belt is too loose.

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With the above steps, you can comfortably replace your turntable belt. You don’t need to rush out. Because you have the right knowledge. And you know what to do. 

Another thing you must know is that. All the steps mentioned above are both significant and important. Therefore, you must not miss any of them.

Also, you must always remember to check your model. You must do this to avoid wasting both money and time.

Buying a suitable belt can influence how your model works. Besides, protecting yourself away from damage by unplugging the power source from the record player is extremely necessary.

Finally, it may become necessary to remove some parts. This will help you to put the turntable comfortably.

Also, remember to adjust the belt, this will help it to fit in well you just need to remove some parts to put the belt then let it all in the original positions.

Now, it’s time to enjoy (test) its amazing sounds

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