Cheap electric guitars under $50

Since there are lots of people who want to purchase this sound instrument mostly for little kids, we have carried out thorough research resulting in the compilation of these best cheap electric guitars under $50.

Music is a soul healer and many are deeply in love with it. Having musical instruments around you can help to kill boredom as you would use it (them) to generate good sounds and lit up your day, by the way, check out our review on Quality Bluetooth speaker under $75.

Electric guitars are one of the cheapest musical instruments you can get for yourself or a kid. While there are expensive units of this instrument, there are some you can get for as low as $25.

This article contains the best guitars you can confidently buy on a budget below $50; they are though, elegant, and quite versatile.

If you’re going to use the guitar in big halls or church auditoriums, these ones listed here may not deliver efficiently.

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However, for personal usage, any of these would be a perfect choice.

Also, we have provided an extensive buying guide that is available just below.

You can get any of these instruments on Amazon, eBay, and/or any other reputable e-commerce platform, online store, etc.

We put a lot of things into consideration before picking up an item to feature in any of our listing as the “best” or “top pick” for consumers.

Also note, our list is not arranged in any specific format or order; irrespective of the item’s position, they are all equal except for some minor differences and price offer.

All the guitars on this list are backed by the manufacturer warranty support and certain, limited money-back guarantee.

Be assured you are about to read about the best cheap electric guitars under $50 and don’t forget to share with friends if you found the article helpful, needful, or interesting.

Cheap electric guitars under $50 – buyer’s guide

Here’s a reliable buyer’s guide to buying the best cheap electric guitar under 50$.

Size of the guitar

This should possibly be your first consideration. The size of the guitar really matters as it has totally with the supposed user.

For example, if you are buying the guitar for a kid, then, you must not buy an electric guitar more than a 28-inch size. This is so that the kid will comfortably carry it without any stress.

But if the guitar is to be used personally by an adult, the minimum considerable size is 30 inches. So, the size of a guitar you should buy is determined by the end-user.

Weight and flexibility

Definitely, you won’t want a heavy instrument; it will inconvenience you while playing sweet sounds. In the same way, the kid that will use the mini electric guitars does not need a heavy one.

Maybe 2.0 lbs weight is acceptable, but the best should be below that weight.

When the guitar is lightweight, it can be carried around easily and by anyone. Also, a light electric guitar will offer great comfort to the player so he/she can play sounds that everyone around will accommodate.


These cheap electric guitars under $50 are not as versatile as supposed; probably because of the price, you should expect much even. However, a few of them still offer good versatility and can serve for more than one purpose.

Currently, there are not many electric guitars for grownups that retails at a price under $50; few that are available for such budget do not pack impressive features but still serve pretty good.

The expensive electric guitars are monsters; they are widely versatile and pack a lot of amazing features. If you have a budget above $50, you’ll end up with a great electric guitar.


A good number of end-users buy products backed by their manufacturer’s warranty support. A product without a warranty is as good as a fake!

If a company is confident about what it is offering, it must back it up with some support (warranty, guarantee, etc).

We advise you to ensure the guitar you’re about buying has a warranty coverage which should not be less than a year.

Within the warranty duration, you can return the product to the manufacturer and request a refund if it does not work as advertised.

Cheap electric guitars under $50

Here are the very best guitars you have; they all deliver good sound and versatile.

Hinkler EBB Electric Blues Guitar Kit – Best for the “Blues” lover

Hinkler EBB Electric Blues Guitar Kit

This particular guitar can serve for many purposes but does not look as attractive as supposed.

Nevertheless, some people would prefer its design to the usual famous design. It can be used by adults and kids alike; designed for everyone.

With this guitar instrument, anyone can be a sophisticated blues guitar player; it includes an Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar kit!

This kit contains all the necessary things you will need to become a professional blues guitar aficionado.

Specifications Overview

TypeElectric guitar
SideRighthand side
Weight2.3 lbs
Dimension25.6 x 8.4 x 2 inches
No. of string

Unlike it appears, the Hinkler EBB Electric Guitar is lightweight and it is a right-hand guitar.

The whole body is made of wood, so, it is certain that this instrument will stand the test of time and no many maintenance practices are required.

  • It is very light to carry
  • Produces quality sound
  • Best for the price
  • Very easy to set up and play
  • Best for “blues” lovers
  • The design looks so awkward
  • The low number of strings is another factor to consider

Bottom Line: Although the design is not very attractive as you may want your guitar to look, this instrument is the best for the price it retails at.

ZENY 30” Electric Guitar Set – Best for beginners

ZENY 30” Electric Guitar Set

For people who do not know how to handle or play a guitar, this unit is quite a very good choice to pick out from the list. It appears sleek and with a sturdy built, just the way you’d love your first guitar to be.

Unlike the EBB guitar specially designed for a particular music genre lovers, this one is versatile and is about 30” tall.

Specifications Overview

TypeElectric guitar
SideRight-hand side
MaterialHardwood, Maple
Weight7.5 lbs
Dimension30 x 10.4 x 3.5 inches
No. of string
Misc.Well-polished finishing, audio out

This mini electric guitar comes with a complete set of needed accessories and is available in different colors, so, you can then pick the one coated with your favorite color.

The whole body is made from a toughened and refined hardwood rosewood fretboard; the design is super classic and top-notch.

Also, it is packed some freebies which include a cable cord, guitar picks, convenient amp strap, and a mini amp (5 watts); you can easily clip this instrument to your cloth. Finally, you also get a free guitar case for easy carriage and storage.

  • Cheap at the price offered
  • Attractive design
  • Durable, solid material build
  • The guitar is quite heavy
  • It cannot be used for professional purposes

Bottom line: For the beginner or amateur who hasn’t perfected himself/herself with guitars, this is a good one to start learning with. T

he design looks good and is made with solid material so it would last longer.

LAGRIMA 38-inch Acoustic-Electric Guitar

LAGRIMA 38-inch Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Here’s a very good and flexible guitar you should consider buying for your kid. It is a perfect present to give a young music lover; the child will definitely love it and it very light to carry.

Also, this instrument features the following; an open torsional chord, selected steel material, hard wear/resistant gears, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, and a sturdy build.

Specifications Overview

Brand MecorDirect
Model LARGRIMA 38”
Type Electric guitar
Side Right-hand side
Material basswood
Dimension 38.6×2.4×15.4inches
No. of string Six (6)
Warranty Yes
Misc. Well-polished finishing, audio out, 1 x nylon case, 1 x tuner, 1 x picks, 1 x strap, 1 x set of strings

The body is designed from a high-quality limewood panel, it has steel strings, and coated with a glossy smooth finish.

Using this guitar is very easy; even though you may be buying it for a kid, he/she can learn with it and master how to use the instrument effectively within a short time frame.

  • Comfortable design
  • The guitar is made with strong body material, it will last quite long
  • Comes with complete accessories and kit
  • Additional string set and a carrying bag
  • It appears very childish like a toy guitar
  • The string is not very strong

Bottom line: Looking at this guitar, it looks attractive and durable. However, the price attached to it is quite on the high side considering it doesn’t have much to offer.

RuiyiF Kids Guitar for Beginners

RuiyiF Kids Guitar

Got a kid who loves music and you’re thinking of which musical instrument you could get for the kid that won’t cost you much? The RuiyiF Kids Guitar for Beginners is sold at a price below $50 and can be a perfect gift for the young lad.

It looks sleek and with a shiny finish meant to attract kids and youngees.

Specifications Overview

TypeElectric guitar
SideRight-hand side
Weight1.64 lbs
Dimension26 x 8.9 x 1.8 inches
No. of stringSix (6)
Misc.Well-polished finishing, audio out

This electric guitar is specially made for kids and cannot be used by grown-ups; its size is just 26-inches and it cannot serve for professional purposes.

It is very easy for kids to operate this instrument; the body is made of plastic, making the tool appear very light and fancy.

  • Best for kids
  • The plastic body makes the instrument very light to carry
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • It looks so much like a toy guitar

Bottom line: If you are looking for a good electric guitar to use and teach a kid how to use guitars to produce good musical sounds, this might just be the instrument you need.

PeleusTech Children Simulation Music Guitar

PeleusTech Children Simulation Music Guitar

This kid’s guitar is more like a toy guitar although the body and everything look so much like a real guitar. It is perfect for use in teaching little kids how to operate or use a standard guitar.

The PeleusTech Children Simulation Music Guitar features 3 spin buttons for changing the sound effect, it can be played normally after tuning up.

Also, the size is great for kids (on a ratio of 1:1), kids up to 10 years of age can use this instrument comfortably.

Specifications Overview

TypeElectric guitar
SideRight-hand side
Weight0.4 lbs
Dimension3.54 x 3.15 x 0.79 in
No. of stringSix (6)
Misc.Well-polished finishing, audio out

Since it is designed for kids mainly, the manufacturer made this guitar appear very light and with a fancy design to draw any kid’s attention to the instrument.

This is an effective beginner’s guitar you should buy for a music-loving kid as a birthday gift or just a present.

Unfortunately, there are no freebies added to this gadget on the purchase, unlike the others. B

ut anyway, you can buy the kit and accessories alongside with this gadget and still would not spend more than $50.

  • It is very light, I bet the kid won’t notice he/she is carrying something
  • Fancy and attractive design, just the way kids love it
  • 6 string
  • The size is just suitable for kids up to 10 years of age
  • We could just call this a toy

Bottom line: you can buy this as a birthday gift or present for a music-loving kid.


Finally, these cheap electric guitars under $50 are best for little kids and teenagers who are still trying to perfect themselves with playing guitars.

You can confidently pick anyone from this list and be assured you’ll get a great value for your money.

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