How To Sleep With Headphones?

Some people love playing cool songs until they sleep off; if you’re such a person, and you listen to songs using headphones, then here are some tips you need to know.

Well, some people may play the music out – using a portable speaker, but if you’re in the room with someone who doesn’t love sleeping with music on, you need sleeping headphones.

Sleep With Headphone

How to sleep with headphones? You should get a headphone that matches your sleeping style. Headbands match all sleeping styles anyway.

There are headphones specifically designed to be worn when sleeping; they are light, stretchy, and very comfortable to wear all night long.

Notwithstanding, you could still wear regular headphones to bed – you just have to be cautious, and probably change your sleeping style.

How To Sleep With Headphones? Best Recommended Practices

There are two most recommended practices for people who want to sleep with headphones. These two practices would help to prevent potential ear injuries that can be caused by sleeping with headphones.

1. Learn a New Sleeping Style

Most people side sleepers, which means that they lay sideways on the bed while going to sleep.

This sleeping posture is quite enjoyable, but if you would like to sleep with headphones, it’s a bad posture that could cause ear damage in the long run.

how to sleep with headphones

You could also break your headphone if you’re a side sleeper.

So, the best way to lie on the bed if you’re going to wear a headphone to sleep is to lie with your back.

Yes, sleep on your back; this is the best sleeping posture for podcast/music lovers who wouldn’t sleep without listening to audio.

When you sleep on your back, the headphone would remain intact and steady, so you can enjoy your audio until you finally fall deeply asleep.

This applies when you’re using regular headphones (over-ear headphones and other regular designs).

Well, it can be difficult for some people to sleep on their back, and that’s where the second most-recommended suggestion comes into play.

If you’re already back sleep, oh! That’s pretty good, you have nothing to worry about, but ensure to keep the volume very low.

2. Get Headphones for Sleeping

Yes, there are headphones specifically designed for people who love to sleep with headphones on.

Sleep Headphones

These types of headphones are not like the typical ones everyone wears out – to the gym, school, studio, or around the home. They are designed differently and appear in different forms.

Mostly, sleep-friendly headphones come in the form of headbands that wrap around your head (covering your ears); the speakers are strategically designed to situate your ear region, and they come in different sizes.

So, you have to pick the size that is the best fit for you.

Well, not only headbands are designed to be sleep-friendly headphones, there are on-ear headphones too.

With on-ear headphones, your sleeping posture does not matter because you can sleep on any side, and anyhow you want.

They are designed to sit comfortably on your ear and not move – even when you turn from one side to another.

There are different designs and colors of these headphones available, so you can make the perfect choice when buying from any store.

Also, while sleeping with these headphones, ensure to keep the volume low to avoid ear damage.

Other Ways To Sleep With Headphones

There are other ways to sleep with headphones or have your favorite album play while you fall asleep.

These practices explained below are also safe and recommended for everyone, regardless of their sleeping style.

3. Get Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds (or AirPods for Apple users) are a perfect alternative to regular headphones; yes, earbuds may not produce the same quality sound as most headphones, but they produce decent quality audio that would interest an audiophile.

Beats Studio Buds

More interestingly, most earbuds are wireless, which makes them a perfect option for people who listen to audio (podcasts or music) while sleeping.

When choosing earbuds, pick the one that has a long-lasting battery and supports different connectivity technologies.

Also, it is important to choose earbuds with noise-canceling support and other patented audio technologies that can improve the quality of the sound you hear.

The LG Tone Free FP9 is a good buy at the price, but if you need a smaller, yet powerful pair of earbuds, the Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 is a great deal.

With wireless earbuds, you can enjoy music for the whole night, your sleeping style notwithstanding, and even all day.

4. Smart Sleep Pillows

In today’s world, everything is getting redesigned, and that includes the pillows we use for sleeping.

Today, there are travel pillows that come in different designs, and with different features.

Some modern pillows, which are specifically designed for people who love listening to audio while sleeping, feature holes or mesh, where you can insert a pillow speaker.

You simply need to put the pillow speaker into the specific hole where it ought to be installed, then connect the speaker to your device using whatever supported connection method.

Some of them support wireless connection via Bluetooth, while there are some you can connect via 3.5mm or USB.

If you choose this method, your sleeping position doesn’t matter; so, you’re not going to train yourself to learn a new sleeping style.

However, pillow speakers are not typically loud, and they cannot serve other purposes.


What again? These are recommended practices on how to sleep with headphones. You should always keep the volume low, and choose a headphone/earbud that fits perfectly with your sleeping style.

However, of all these recommendations, headbands seem the best; you have nothing to worry about with headbands, and they are very comfortable to sleep with.

Tiny earbuds are still a good option, and pillow speakers are good too. Unless you’re a back sleeper, don’t wear regular headphones to sleep.

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