The best hand saw for cutting tree trunks In 2022

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Using the wrong saw to perform a woodworking activity is the worst you can do to yourself because you will be wearied off. 

In light of this, we have come up with a well-scrutinized article on the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks.

Every New Year, lots of equipment dies off due to the inability to meet up with the expectations of its user.

On the other hand, when you are using the rightful saw to cut off tree trunks, you’ll discover it is very easy and smooth, besides we talked about Best Bow Saw For Cutting Trees the last time

Plus, you also obtain a satiable result and do more within an estimated time frame.

This is because every aspect of human life, technology, and nature advances often.

So, for the woodworker or homeowners who are faced with tree trunk cutting tasks, any of these handsaws listed in this article will be of great help.

They are durable and pocket-friendly, plus, their maintenance practices are not much stress.

Best hand saw for cutting tree trunks – buying guide


This should be your first consideration when looking out for the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks. Surely you wouldn’t want to buy a tool today and the next week it breaks down, that can be very annoying and heartbreaking.

But how do you know a hand saw will be durable? This is why posts like this one are created, to help to spot the very best tools for your woodworking activities.

We have gathered the 10 best hand saws that are durable and meet with the expectations of all woodworkers.


A handsaw you can easily move about and use flexibly is such you probably desire for. Because working with a heavy saw will result in quick fatigue of the user and this will critically affect the expected output/result.

So, it is advisable to go for light hand saws if you wish to obtain an effective and precise result.

We also considered this factor before coming up with these hand saws.

Tension Adjuster

Before you we call a hand saw the best for cutting tree trunks, it should support tension adjustments; this feature allows the user to conveniently change the blade tension.

Safe to use

Your safety is the foremost thing you should consider before paying for a hand saw.

The hand saw should have a strong grip; without an exception grip/handle you can get hurt while using the handsaw.

Best Hand Saw for Cutting Tree Trunks

Great Neck 26 Inch Saw – Best Pick

Great Neck 26 Inch Saw

The best things are not always costly. GreatNeck N2610 hand saw is a very strong and reliable hand saw for cutting tree trunks. Its frame handle is very strong holding on to the steel blade firmly to assure a precise cut.

This hand saw has a 26-Inch 10TPI cross-cut blade built with high carbon; with this high carbon blade, GreatNeck N2610 can handle rough and aggressive cuts.

Features and Specifications
TypeHand Saw
Blade materialHigh-Carbon Steel
Handle/Grip MaterialHardwood
Warranty durationLifetime
  • Lifetime warranty support from the manufacturernLightweight and flexiblenHigh-Carbon steel blade
  • Gap set on the blade is quite much

15-Inch Stanley Fat Max Hand Saw

15-Inch Stanley Fat Max Hand Saw

With a 15% thicker blade and an induction hardened teeth, Stanley 20-045 is a superior hand saw for cutting down tree trunks. The back of the saw blade can serve for marking 45o and 90o angles.

This handsaw can precisely cut through tree trunks faster than most conventional saws with the help of its Sharptooth Saw technology.

The 20-015 hand saw is quite versatile, reliable, and designed for efficiency and high-performance.

It is convenient to work with this saw; its flexible and lightweight build makes it a perfect ideal for the professional and non-professional woodworker.

Features and Specs
TypeHand Saw
Blade materialSteel – induction hardened teeth
Handle/Grip MaterialHardwood
Warranty durationlimited lifetime warranty
  • Comes with induction-hardened teeth
  • Strong and ergonomic handle grip
  • 15-inch long blade, 9TPI
  • The blade is considered short, may not be effective when used on a large tree trunk

MK Morse Master McCoy Hack Saw

MK Morse Master McCoy Hack Saw

Here is a hacksaw that can be considered as the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks. It is the finest high-performance hacksaw you can get in the market at this moment.

This hacksaw strong and assures precise and straight cuts. It is also comfortable to use and the blade lasts for a long period of time.

If you’re looking out for a flexible and versatile hand saw for woodworking tasks then, the MK Morse HHBF02 is a perfect ideal for you.

Features and specifications
ManufacturerMASTER McCoy
TypeHand Saw (hacksaw)
Blade materialSteel
Handle/Grip MaterialAlloy Steel
Warranty duration
  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip
  • Comes with tensioning handle that provided extra torque for precise cuts
  • Locking screw feature allows storage for more blades and secures them for “jab” sawing
  • The Overall design doesn’t look much appealing

IRWIN Universal Handsaw

IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw

Equipped with triple-ground teeth, this hand saw cuts up to 3x faster than traditional hand saws. It uses a universal tooth grind to get rid of materials quickly.

Also, the tapered-pitch nose enhances allowance and improves the stability of the blade.

This universal hand saw comes with a superior thick steel blade and comfort grip engineered with a high-density resin.

Irrespective of which work this hand saw will handle, it will meet up with the expectations on the job site.

The IRWIN universal hand saw is a typical tool professional and non-professional tradesman will ever need.

Feature and Specifications
TypeHand Saw
Blade materialSteel with triple grind teeth
Handle/Grip MaterialHigh-Density Resin
Warranty duration
  • Very light and portable
  • The steel blade is designed with triple grind teeth technology
  • Delivers precise cuts and comfortable to handle
  • 15-inch blade size may not work efficiency when used on big tree trunks

Fiskars 7029 Bow Saw

21-Inch Fiskars Bow Saw

This 21-inch bow saw is considered among the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks because of its sleek and lightweight design.

It features a rugged carbon-steel blade with rust interception coupled into a tubular steel frame and backed with an ergonomic grip handle.

Fiskars 7029 Bow Saw comes with a lifetime warranty support and also features a safety tension lever for advanced control.

Features and Specifications
TypeHand Saw (Bow saw)
Blade materialrugged carbon-steel blade
Handle/Grip MaterialTubular-steel frame
Warranty durationLifetime warranty
  • The Tool is backed with a lifetime warranty support
  • Delivers more accurate cuts than most hand saws
  • The blade features a rust-resistant technology
  • The handle part is not so comfortable
  • The rivets don’t seem like they are durable

24-Inch Bahco Bow Saw with Ergo Handle

  24-Inch Bahco Bow Saw with Ergo Handle
24-Inch Bahco Bow Saw with Ergo Handle

Here comes the actual best hand saw for cutting tree trunks – the Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw is a top-class hand saw that offers accurate cuts and packs a very comfortable handle.

This hand saw is specially designed to be used for tough jobs and the demanding applications of construction sites.

It is equipped with high-quality steel and the blade finished with orange enamel paint to protect the blade from rust and corrosion.

Features and specifications
TypeHand Saw (Bow saw)
Blade materialHardened steel
Handle/Grip MaterialMetal
Warranty duration
  • Precise cutting
  • Handle grip is very comfortable
  • The lightweight frame with an advanced tensioning mechanism
  • The handle is only made of plastic, may not last long

Bahco #9 All-Purpose Bow Saw

Bahco Bow Saw #9 All Purpose

You may never need to re-sharpen the blades of this typical hand saw. This is an all-purpose hand saw that is capable of cutting down tree trunks with great accuracy.

Designed with a tubular steel frame and still maintained a lightweight frame body for flexible usage, Bahco #9 uses its 36-inch steel blade to cut through any workpiece comfortably.

Features and Specifications
TypeHand Saw (Bow saw)
Blade materialHardened steel
Handle/Grip MaterialMetal
Warranty duration
  • The 30-inch blade size assures of more accurate and faster cuts than other hand saws
  • The frame tension lever is integrated
  • The cutting blade should be made thicker
  • The handle is not so comfortable

Truper 30255 hand saw

30-Inch Blade Truper Steel Handle Bow Saw

Packed with a cam lever quick-change blade release knob, Truper 30261 is a classic hand saw for cutting tree trunks.

The cam-lever tension mechanism helps to firmly hold the blade in position while the saw is being used.

With the 30-inch toughened steel blade, this hand saw will cut through any tree trunk with accurate cuts more than most other hand saws.

You’ve just gotten the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks when you have this tool around.

Features and specifications
TypeHand Saw (Bow saw)
Blade materialToughened steel blade
Handle/Grip MaterialMetal
Warranty duration
  • Backed with a warranty from the manufacturer
  • Comes with a 30-inch hardened steel blade
  • Nice and comfortable handle
  • The overall design looks a bit awkward
  • Slightly flumps on tougher tasks

Stanley Yellow Fatmax Bow Saw with Removable Steel Blade

Stanley Yellow Fatmax Bow Saw with Removable Steel Blade

The best hand saw for cutting tree trunks should be comfortable when held by the user and the blades extremely sharp.

This bow saw is a super toughened hand saw you can use for cutting tree trunks; it comes with a rugged and durable steel blade.

Also, this bow saw features a high-tension knob that holds the blade firmly while a user is working with the tool.

It is further equipped with a soft but durable hand grip guard for optimum protection and comfort for the user.

Stanley Fatmax Hand Saw is very light and flexible; you’ll feel very comfortable cutting through a workpiece using this tool.

Features and Specifications
TypeHand Saw (Bow saw)
Blade materialRugged steel blade
Handle/Grip MaterialMetal
Warranty durationLimited lifetime warranty
  • The tool is comfortable to work with and looks durable
  • Flexible and versatile
  • The Handgrip is packed with a soft and comfortable mechanism
  • The tool looks very heavy at 6 pounds weight

WilFiks 16-inch Pro Hand Saw

WilFiks 16-inch Pro Hand Saw

This professional tool appears last on our list today but it is definitely not the least. We have created this list in no special order.

So, the WilFiks 16-inch Pro Hand Saw is also among the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks.

It flaunts a unique and interesting design and packed with a comfortable ergonomic handle so the user can relax and do his duties while whistling his favorite song.  

WilFiks 16-inch Pro Hand Saw has a thick blade built with high-carbon steel and cuts up to 50% faster than traditional handsaws.

Looking at the features of this hand saw, it appears to be the best option for every woodworker.

With WilFiks Pro Hand Saw, you’ll effortlessly cut through plywood, tree trunks, drywall, branches, etc.

Features and Specification
ModelPro hand saw
TypeHand Saw
Blade materialSteel – thick body blade, induction-hardened teeth
Handle/Grip Material
Warranty duration
  • Induction-hardened teeth and a thick steel blade
  • The tool looks attractive in its sleek/simple design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Quick and precise cuts
  • Requires a little touch on tool’s blade aspect

Wrap Up and Final Words:

We have just simplified or probably ended your search for the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks. You can confidently pick one from these ten (10) we listed and be assured you are up with the best.

These hand saws will offer great value for your money; they are durable, versatile, and backed by their respective company warranty.

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