How To Make A Record Player Spin

Has your record player ever stopped spinning and you wonder how to make it spin again? Or maybe, you don’t know the reason it stopped working.

Have you wonder how to make a record player spin, you do not need to worry because that does not mean you have to buy a new record player.

In case you wonder what the cause may be. You have to know that many possible causes can make your turntable stop spinning. However, no matter what the problem is, there must be a way to fix it.   

Most times, it is simply because you don’t know how to play your record. Though, sometimes, it could be caused by a technical fault.

Fortunately, for most problems, technical skills may not be needed to fix them. All you may need is a screwdriver. Sometimes, you may not even need a screwdriver. That’s how easy it is to fix.

Types of Record Players and How They Work

If you care to know how to make a record player spin. Then, it is also necessary that you know the types of the record player and how they work.

While all record players are driven by a motor, the type of the drive can vary. There are two types of record players: belt drives and direct drives.

Belt Drives

The first type of record player is those with an electric motor that is mounted in it. This electric motor is connected to the turntable using a rubber belt.

This belt in turn transmits the rotation of the motor to the platter. Thus, causing it to spin. 

Belt drive record players have one advantage. The belt acts as a vibration damper. Thus, it does not transmit vibrations from the electric motor to the turntable.

This reduces the occurrence of skipping caused by internal vibrations.

Direct Drives

Another type of record player is the ones with their electric motor directly connected to the turntable. This makes the speed of the record consistent for the platter. However, there will be vibration.

This vibration in turn breaks the sound produced and can as well make the record player skip part of the grooves.

Direct drive record players are good for record reversing since they do not depend much on external tools like the belt.

Why Do Record Players Stop Spinning?

There are many reasons why a record player can stop spinning. So, for you to dictate the problem, you have to know how a record player works. 

record player

Consequently, whether you are using a record player with a direct drive turntable or one with a belt-drive turntable, the case is the same.

For you to know how to make a record player spin, you must as well know the basics of the working mechanism of record players. This will help you to dictate the fault easily and be able to solve it. 

Arm Is Not Reset

One of the first reasons why your record player may not spin is that you have not reset the tonearm. You feel uncomfortable when your record player suddenly stops working. You may feel like something worse has happened. 

Many even feel like something’s broken inside the record player and that you may not be able to repair your favorite device. But when it comes to a record player failing to spin, that’s not usually the case.

However, the problem may simply be that the arm has not been reset. And thankfully, it is very easy to fix.

Usually, most manual record players need their tonearms to be pushed back into the reset position to function properly. So, if it has not been reset properly, it will not spin. 

To fix this problem, all you need to do is simply lift the tonearm and shift it a little towards the right. When you do this, you will hear a clicking sound indicating it had been reset.

Unfortunately, this common problem has always left many wondering what has gone wrong. Nothing is wrong with your record player.

Just that you have not reset it before playing. So, to avoid this issue, make sure to reset your record player before starting a new record.

Problems With The Belt

Your platter may stop spinning when the belt has become loose or crumbled. So, if you are using a belt-drive model, this may be the reason your record player may not spin.

Before you solve this problem, you must consider two things. One is whether the belt is just loose or simply out of position. In this case, you will fix this problem by either tightening the belt or repositioning it.

But by chance, the belt has completely withered away. You will have no option but to buy a new one.

Problem With The Direct Drive

While it is easy to figure out the problem with belt drive record players, it is rather a bit harder to do that in a direct drive record player.

One potential cause for a platter that has stopped spinning could be problems with the internal mechanism of the direct-drive motor.

With direct drive record players, several reasons may cause the record player to malfunction. They include: debris and dirt stuck in the motor components and shaft, a jammed platter, or a faulty on and off switch.

There is also the probability that the power to the motor is cut off or the player simply isn’t plugged in.

Even though it is not very difficult to fix any of these problems by yourself. But it is rather difficult to discover the problem.

In this case, you will need an expert to help you locate the problem. An expert will help you figure out the parts that need replacement as well as the appropriate replacement parts.

But with regular maintenance, you can prevent these issues.

Keeping the appliance clean and free from debris.  Regular upkeep and oiling.

How to Fix a Record Player That’s Not Spinning

Since you have known what may cause your record player to stop spinning, it is time to know how to make your record player spin when it stops spinning.

Make Sure the Power Is On

The number one thing to do is to make sure that there is a power supply to the record player. This is so because, without power, the record player won’t work at all.

Reset the Tonearm

If you are using a manual record player, you must reset the tonearm after reaching the end of a record. This is easy to do.


To reset the tonearm, simply push it to the right, a little past its resting place until you hear a clicking sound is heard. This sound is a confirmation that it has been reset.

If eventually, the tonearm is the issue, the record player should start working correctly after doing this.

Adjust the Belt

Sometimes, you may need to adjust the belt of your record player for it to function properly. When you have used your record player too often, the belt can get a bit slack or loose. In such a case, what you need to do is to adjust the belt.

You can fix this problem by boiling your belt, this can help it to shrink and fit into place. However,  for belts with just a slight bit of slack, you can simply rub some calcium on the belt and shaft. This will help restore friction.

Replace the Belt

Finally, you may need to replace the belt if the belt is worn out, too slack, tight, cut, or missing. In situations like this, it becomes necessary to change the belt entirely.

If you plan to replace the belt, you must make sure to purchase a belt that matches the record player model.

How To Replace The Belt Of Your Record Player

  • Step 1: Disconnect from any power source and remove the plastic covering protecting the platter
  • Step 2: Gently unscrew and pry away this circlip to free the platter.
  • Step 3: Remove the belt with a pencil if it is attached to the platter.
  • Step 4: Carefully stretch the belt to fit into the groove hub.
  • Step 5: Clean the motor while the turntable is still open. Then, oil the shaft.
  • Step 6: After fitting the belt on the platter and cleaning the motor, flip the platter back over onto the record player, but don’t clip it in place yet.
  • Step 7:Carefully extend the belt and wrap it around the motor shaft.
  • Step 8: When the belt is on the shaft, spin the platter clockwise and counter-clockwise. Look out for any resistance to the spin. 
  • Step 9: The next step is to place the circlip back on the center shaft above the platter, lock it in place, and then tighten it with a screwdriver.
  • Step 10: Finally, replace the plastic covering on the platter and test out the record player.

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