Why We Love Electrical Power Tools And Their Uses (And You Should, Too!)

Before I move on to discuss electrical power tools and their uses. I’d like to briefly introduce the meaning of power tools for those hearing it for the first time.

There are lots of different types of power tools and they all vary in their uses. Every power tool is developed to serve a specific purpose hence; there are lots of them because there are lots of purposes to be met. When you apply the rightful power tool to work on a project, the result is always satisfying.

A power tool is simply any tool that is triggered to work/perform by connecting its end to a power source or by the use of batteries. In short, any tool that does not require manual labor to perform is a power tool.

There are many types of power tools. We have the ones powered by electric motors and they are the most common ones you’ll see around.

Other types include the ones powered by combustion engines and compressed air, steam engines, and propellants.

Electrical Power Tools

In this article, we are considering electrical power tools and their uses. These sets of power tools are mostly used for industry, construction or job sites, in the garden, in the home, workshops, and many other places. Like I said earlier – they are the most common power tools around us.

These electrical power tools are classified into two; the mobile/portable electrical power tools and stationary electrical power tools. Mobile/portable electrical power tools are those ones you can be moved around – i.e you can take them from one place to the other.

On the other hand, stationary electrical power tools cannot be moved easily; they are stationed at a particular provided space.

These immobile electrical power tools can be actually moved from one location to another but not so easily; most times you’ll need a lever or truck to do this.

Stationary power tools are often metalworking tools and so they are also referred to as machine tools.

Electrical power tools and their uses



The first we’ll be discussing is the nailgun electrical power tool; it is a superior power tool with versatile functions. Nailguns have compact designs for easy mobility and they almost look the same. They are packed with strong HP motors for the persistent firing of power into any type of material.

Nailguns are mostly seen in complex work sites or in a standard woodworking workshop. They are mobile electrical power tools, which means they can be moved from one place to the other.

Actually, you can classify nailguns as hand tools because they are held by hand when being applied on a workpiece or surface.

Most nailguns we know are cordless; they are being powered by strong rechargeable batteries because they work with electronic motors.

Uses of nailguns

From the name alone, one can easily guess the uses of this electrical power tool. A NAIL + GUN what is its work?

All nailguns work for a specific purpose which is, pushing or firing nails into a surface or workpiece. Inputting a nail manually into a workpiece is very stressful and causes quick fatigue on the work person.

Imagine trying to drive a nail across a solid wall or hardwood, you may spend the whole day without achieving a reasonable result. This is why nailguns are very important.

Simply charge the battery and switch the tool on – at the pressing of a button or pulling a trigger, this power tool will drive you the desired number of nails into a surface or workpiece.

More about nailguns

Because these sets of electrical power tools are held by hand while in function, the manufacturers tend to make the body of the machine as very light as they can.

Nailguns are designed with an ergonomic comfortable handle grip, so the users can hold on to the tool firmly when it’s functioning.

Nailguns are not drilling machines although they look alike.

Food Blenders

food blender

Like I said in the introduction, there are various types of electrical power tools; there are those used by woodworkers or workmen in construction sites and workshops while others are used at home as kitchen appliances, cleaners, cutters, etc.

The food blenders fall into the kitchen appliances group. They are specially designed to look sweet and interesting so as to match perfectly with your current kitchen décor. A food blender is usually extremely light, lighter than 2.2lbs in most cases.

They are made this light because they are likely to be handled by everyone in the house including the kids.

Hardly will you see a modern home without a food blender in its kitchen. Below are the common uses of this electrical power tool.

Uses of food blenders

The most common use of blenders is to blend fruits for juice making. Other uses of blenders include; cutting of onions, okra, pepper, and other food spices.

Blenders help to ease cooking stress, making it faster and seem easy. With a blender available in your kitchen, you’ll not have to cut many ingredients manually and this reduces accidents in the kitchen.

Most times when you cut manually, you may mistakenly have one of your fingers caught up with the knife you’re using leading to a cut accident. This is not healthy because the blood from your cut might just mix up with other ingredients getting them contaminated.

Blenders play a big role in our kitchens and they add beauty to the existing kitchen décor. Getting a good one makes cooking easy and simple.

A typical blender can also serve as a quick food maker. It can contain and grind different kinds of fruits together to make tasty fruit juice.

They are not mostly rechargeable, you’ll have to plug them into a power source (usually a wall socket) whenever you need its services.

There are manual blenders but they are more stressful to use, the electrical-powered counterparts are the best you should use.

Drillers and Drivers

Drill with 2 Batteries - Electric Screw Driver

These two sets of electrical power tools kind of works hand in hand. They are mostly found in the hands of woodworkers and some homeowners who love practicing DIY when faced with minor home challenging tasks.

Drillers are Drivers are both cordless tools powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and solid HP motors.

A driver can serve as a driller and vice versa; this is possible because most manufacturers of these tools include sub tools for both functions.

A close look at the design of drillers/drivers, they appear to look so much like the nailguns but they are not totally different. Yes, they are handheld while being applied on a workpiece just like nailguns, but the functions differ.

Uses of Compact Drivers/Drillers

Both are used for creating deep holes on walls, floors, wood or any other type of surface. Usually, when you buy a hand drilling machine, it comes with a toolkit bag that contains various input types for various types of drilling.

Depending on the manufacturer of your drilling tool or driver, the effectiveness may differ from another manufactured by a different brand. But in all, they still serve for the primary purpose of creating holes on surfaces and materials.

More about drillers/drivers

Whether you are a homeowner, a woodworker or a constant job man, you will need this tool on certain occasions. They are lite and portable, plus, they are designed with ergonomic handles for maximum comfort of the user.

One good aspect of these electrical power tools is this; they can be used anywhere independently. The user does not require any power source to put on the tool.

Simply recharge the battery and use it for a very long time before recharging again.

Orbital Sanders

Orbital Sanders

This is another useful electrical power tool; it is of great importance to every woodworker. Sanding manually using sandpapers or your bare hands can be really tough especially when working on a big task.

In a professional woodworking workshop, there is always a powerful tool for each woodwork task. Random orbital sanders are one of those important tools that shouldn’t be found missing in a standard/professional woodworking workshop; it makes sanding works seem easy and faster.

These random orbital sanders are available in two types – corded-electric and battery-powered. The most used ones are the corded-electric models because they seem more effective and versatile.

Uses of random orbital sanders

Random orbital sanders are used by woodworkers to smoothen the surface of a wood workpiece before the final finishing coating. They are very useful in woodworking workshops because the woodworker works with various types of woods often.

You cannot apply finishing coating on a rough wood workpiece; you need to ensure the wood surface is perfectly smooth so that the finish will lap comfortably when applied.

When you use manual sandpapers for sanding, you’ll definitely get exhausted without achieving a presentable result.

More about random orbital sanders

They are very much portable, can be easily moved about. But you’ll need a model with a long cable so that you can cover much space at intervals when working on big tasks.

Electric Pressure Washer

Electric Pressure Washer

When the house or workshop gets very dirty, you find it quite difficult to clean up the environment manually. This is where you need the help of electrical power tools; they will help to reduce the stress of cleaning manually.

Electric pressure washers are solid power tools that should be found in a classic home. They play a very good role in cleaning the house.

A perfect example of these electrical power tools is the Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer and AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Cleaner. Read the uses below.

Uses of electric pressure washers

An electric pressure simply means an electric-powered cleaner that propels water through a provided host or nozzle to a dirty surface. It is usually corded and so has a limited space to cover. But if your model comes with a long nozzle host pipe then, you can still cover a reasonable space before moving the tool around again.

This power tool works much better than using a garden hose to wet your floors before cleaning them. Electric pressure washers come with a lot of accessories and feature a variety of useful options.

They can simultaneously store two different types of detergent so you can quickly select the exact one of your choice.

With the presence of an electric pressure washer in your home, you’ll often love to clean your floors.

Electric Chainsaws

Electric Chainsaws

We have two types of chainsaws: the gas chainsaws and Cordless electric chainsaws.

The cordless electric chainsaws are lighter and more easy to use than the gas counterparts. Electric chainsaws are portable and compact with sturdy designs.

They do not generate fumes when being applied on a workpiece and they promote neatness in a woodworking workshop.

They are built with solid materials, powered by rechargeable batteries so you can easily use them to work anywhere without limits. Because these electrical chainsaws do not come with cords, a lot of woodworkers and some homeowners prefer it to other saw types.

Uses of electrical chainsaw

They are the perfect ideal for pruning, minor cutting exercise, and backyard cleaning tasks. The batteries last quite long so you can work more after a single full charge.

Working with electric chainsaws promotes environmental health, unlike the gas saws that produce fumes that are not safe for human health.

Why choose electric power tools over the rest?

We decided to write this extensive article on electrical power tools and their uses because, for every power tool, their electrical-powered counterpart requires lesser maintenance practices.

They (electric-powered) are portable and versatile; they are more effective than gas or air-powered power tools.

This is because, once they are fully charged or plugged into a power source, the system functions non-stop with a great driving force until power is disconnected or runs off.

Also in most cases, the electric-powered are cheaper, more good-looking, and pack compact designs that complement your home decor.

In short, electrical power tools are simply the best type of power tools you should own. Everybody can use these tools, both professionals and home DIY practitioners.

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