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How to Connect Google Home to External Speakers

Google Home is an amazing invention that can be trusted to always help you find whatever music you are interested in listening to at every point in time.

While it is a great device for helping you get the song you crave at the moment, it just might not do justice to playing these songs.

This is why we have made this guide to help on how to connect Google Home to external speakers, as you will learn how to connect it with Bluetooth-enabled devices with wired speakers.

This might sound funny. However, it is a statement of fact. Google Home is indeed smart. However, its sound is small and muddled and just might not be very pleasing to your ears.

Google is very much aware of the fact that lots of people are not so comfortable with the sound produced by Google Home.

Due to this, they have made allowances for owners of Google Home to enjoy quality music by simply linking the Google Home to external speakers.

At the moment, when looking to connect your Google Home to external speakers, you do not need to buy a Different Chrome book dongle.

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All you have to do is get external speakers that are Bluetooth enabled and you are on your way to enjoying quality sound with your Google Home.

How to Connect Google Home to External Speakers

What Happens when you connect Your Google Home to External Speakers

The Google Home’s name is displayed at the top of the screen. If you are looking to switch between homes, you simply have to hit the arrow just after the home name.

At this point, after successfully connecting your Google Home to external speakers, you have no business trying to control the sound from the external speakers.

Google home

The reason for this is the pair of external speakers are simply for amplified output and nothing more.

The implication of this is you can comfortably control the sound coming out of the external speakers during streaming by speaking to your Google Home’s Google Assistant.

Now that you know you can enjoy your Google Home with external speakers, let’s walk through the process of connecting your Google Home to eternal speakers.

Pair Your Google Home with the Bluetooth Speaker

This step is essential and might be a little complicated for the first time. However, it is not as complex as lots of people might want you to believe.

To link your Google home to a pair of Bluetooth speakers, the first thing you should do is put on your Bluetooth speaker.

You should also ensure that it is in its pairing mode. This can be achieved very easily. You simply need to click on the pairing button that comes with the speaker.

After clicking on the pairing button that comes with the speaker, you will need to get the Google Home app open.

For this move to be effective, you must be at the right home. This is easy to decipher as you will need to give your device a slight tap.

When trying to get your device ready, you need to click on settings which are located at the top right end of your screen. This should be followed by clicking on audio.

Are you making use of the Bluetooth on your Google Home? If yes, simply click on paired Bluetooth devices.

This should be followed by clicking on enable pairing modes. Once you are done with this, heed back to audio.

This is the point where you click on the Default music speaker. After doing this, go on and pair Bluetooth speakers. At this point, your Google Home will automatically carry out a scan for available devices.

As soon as the Bluetooth device pops up on the screen, you will need to go on and click on it. Once you do right, you will successfully pair your Bluetooth device with your Google Home.

Dish out Commands

 With your Google Home and your Bluetooth device paired, you are ready to enjoy some music. At this point, you can listen to music by taking advantage of advanced, as well as primary music commands.

With your Bluetooth speakers connected to your Google Home, you can enjoy music by making use of speaker groups.

Although music is used majorly in all illustrations, you are not limited to just using this connection in listening to music. You can listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

When looking to make use of this connection in listening to music from several speakers at once, you do not need to alter any connection.

All you need to do is make the Google Home that is already connected a part of whatever speaker group that you are looking to connect to.

How Do I stop my Google Home from Playing from a Music Speaker?

If for any reason, you want to temporarily stop your google Home from playing from a set of external speakers, all you need to do is disconnect your Google Home from the Bluetooth speaker.

After doing this, you do not have to cancel the already established pairing. This way, when next you want to listen to music from external speakers, you simply need to reconnect and you can start enjoying your music.

Connecting Your Google Home to Wired Speakers

When looking to connect Google Home to external speakers, lots of people seem more conversant with making use of Bluetooth speakers.

This is good and convenient. However, you do not have to connect your Google Home to Bluetooth Speakers. You can always make use of external speakers that are connected to your Google Home with wires.

google home speaker

If by chance, you have a speaker that possesses a three and a half millimeter (3.5) jack, you simply need the right cable to link this speaker to your Google Home.

If you are simply making use of a wireless speaker that has an analog input, you might not have any need for a Chromecast.

On the other hand, if you are working with a home theater receiver, you might want to get a chrome cast.

Furthermore, to be successful at this, you will need to make use of an HDMI input. This might not seem necessary.

However, the average Chromecast is expected to come with only an HDMI connection. This means you might struggle to enjoy hour music this way in the absence of an HDMI cord.

This process might seem unnecessarily complex. Nonetheless, it has a major advantage. This advantage is you are not just limited to playing music. You can enjoy videos as well.

What to do if Google Home is struggling to Locate Your Speaker

All things being equal, it is expected that Google Home finds your speaker very easily. While this is what is expected, it is not always obtainable. So, what do you do when Google Home is unable to locate your speaker?

If you are faced with a situation in which Google Home is unable to locate your speaker, you do not have to be worried. Others have faced this situation and there is always a way out.

The first thing you just do when Google Home is unable to find your speaker ensures the speaker is in its pairing mode.

If you discover it is not in its pairing mode, you simply need to put it in its pairing mode and Google Home will locate it easily.

Beyond just ensuring that your speaker is in its pairing mode, look out for a physical switch and put it on if it is turned off.

If you are presented with “No devices were found” click on rescan. You might need to do this a couple of times before finally making headway.

After pairing Google Home and your external speaker, you might still have issues playing music. This could stem from the fact that Google Home is unable to pick your voice notes.

In situations like this, you just might be speaking to the Bluetooth speaker and not Google Home. So, if this is what the case is, ensure you are speaking to the microphone that comes with Google Chrome.

Does Google Home work with Sound Bars?

Yes, Google Home works with soundbars. For this to happen, the soundbar has to be Bluetooth enabled. You simply need to follow basic steps in connecting the sounder to Google Home.


By itself, the Google home is a great device. However, like quite a several good devices, it is not without a flaw.

Although not everyone will consider this a flaw. However, Google home does not have an audio delivery that can be described as strong.

The truth is some Google Home devices can be trusted to provide you with a good sound. However, more often than not, you will have to deepen on a secondary system for improved sound.

If your Google Home is not as loud as you might want, you do not need to worry as you can always pair it with a louder speaker.

As a matter of fact, you do not need a complicated speaker to get the best sound when using your Google Home device. 

Something as small as a pair of Bluetooth speakers will go a long way in helping you get the best sound when you make use of the Google Home device.

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