Polk Audio TSi100 Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio TSi100

The Polk Audio TSi100 bookshelf speaker is right in the middle of the Polk loudspeaker lineup. This means it offers a number of advanced technologies but still doesn’t come with the high end price tag.

This bookshelf speaker is among the best bookshelf speakers you will find for purchase and comes pretty close to the best.

Its outer appearance has a black top plate and you can choose from two finishes; either cherry wood grain or ebony. It will blend well with homes that have primarily wooden furniture and other decorative pieces.

They are great for creating that home theatre that is the envy of your friends and neighbors without putting a dent in your bank account.


The Polk Audio TSi100 bookshelf speakers feature entry level pricing with top of the line components. You will find wide-dispersion woofers and tweeters that come together in a very efficient design.

These are easily driven and provide great quality if you are looking to create a surround sound environment. They are designed to integrate well with the most technologically advanced electronic components and televisions.

  • Technology – these speakers offer flared ports, dynamic balance drivers and narrow baffle design. Featuring two dynamic balance drivers and a 1 inch silk dome tweeter with 5.25 inch Bi-Laminate organic fiber cone woofer. All of this is crossed over with a 2nd order filter and 2.5 kHz power.
  • Connections – On the back of the speaker you can find one firing port and a keyhole mounting bracket so you can mount the device on a wall. It also has a single set of five way binding posts.
  • Sound Quality – the Polk Audio TSi100 offers an efficiency of 89dB and impedance of 8 Ohms. The speaker is also easy to drive. The technology used ensures a crisp and rich sound when listening to music and vocals.
  • Integrations – designed so it can be coupled for use with any good quality amplifier or receiver.


  • Mountable – the Polk Audio TSi100 are mountable speakers and easily so, thanks to the hook area in the back that allows you to mount them to the wall.
  • Sound quality – these provide good sound quality providing rich and clear sounds. There is no noise from the port or none that is noticeable enough to interfere with your listening experience.
  • Affordable – these are mid-range speakers when it comes to price ranges at Polk Audio. For what is included, it is average compared with other speakers on the market.

The compact design of these mean that you won’t be getting phenomenal bass from these speakers, for that you can check out higher end speakers at a higher price point.

The Bottom Line

Right smack in the middle for budget and audio quality the Polk Audio TSi100 is a good buy.

Customers who own the product note that it does provide adequate sound quality for its price range and has technology that is usually found in higher end bookshelf speaker models. This is definitely a recommended bookshelf speaker purchase.

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