M-Audio AV32 10-Watt Professional Studio Monitor Speakers

M-Audio AV32

The AV32 speakers from M-Audio are just a step up from your laptop speakers.

They are made with MDF cabinets that enhance the bass reflex design so that the speakers can provide a rich sound.

They are good for use if you are enjoying some music or creating some and for general media use on your desktop when you don’t need a ton of volume. These desktop speakers will provide just what you need desktop speakers to provide and come at an affordable price.


The AV32 from M-Audio is a simple desktop speaker. It features stereo RCA and 1/8” stereo inputs and are capable of accommodating a wide array of gear. They are also compatible with stereo headphone output. Inside you will find 1” silk dome tweeters and 3” woofers to offer coverage of a wide range of frequencies. All essential cables are included with your purchase of this speaker.

  • Connection – the M-Audio AV32 comes with the necessary cables for you to connect the speaker to your desktop. It also accommodates a wide array of gear via RCA stereo inputs as well as 1/8” stereo inputs and stereo headphone output if you want to keep the sound to yourself.
  • Sound Quality – sound quality is good provided by a 1” silk dome tweeter which gives a nice touch and a smooth top end sound. There are also the 3” woofers for lower frequency sounds which provide rich sound.
  • Construction – with a cabinet made of MDF this speaker allows for ported bass-reflex which helps to provide you with a full range of sound for better listening pleasure.
  • Aesthetics – the M-Audio AV32 speaker is nicely designed. It features a black finish with a nice vinyl laminate look. This makes it sleek and easy to blend it with most black desktops and other electronic equipment.


  • Great clarity – the sound quality emitted from this speaker is great thanks to the MDF cabinet construction. This disallows clarity robbing resonances thus providing crisper and clearer sounds.
  • Compatibility – thanks to the inputs on this speaker it can be connected to all your gear including your tablet, gaming systems, DJ gear, computer and your mobile phone. If you want to work in private then you can always attach a headphone to the speaker so you are the only person hearing the sound.
  • Affordable – these are so affordable you don’t even have to need them to get them. You could just walk into a store and pick them up casually – they are that affordable.

This is a desktop speaker and is good for providing good quality sounds but not at high volumes. You may want to check out one of our other reviews if you are looking for a bookshelf speaker that can provide clear audio at high volumes.

The Bottom Line

The M-Audio AV 32 is a good option if you’re just listening to music in your room or creating music or playing games. It will help to enhance the sounds coming from your laptop so that you can enjoy your listening experience better. It provides good quality sound, is affordable and has great reviews.

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